1897 J. BEAN DIARY, copied Nov. 10,1998

by Tom M. King of San Jose, CA. Quaker Meeting (College Park).


            Joel Bean (1825-1914) moved to San Jose, California, in 1882 and kept 36 “Engagement Calendars” from 1883 to 1913, 30 years.  A few years have  “extra” diaries and 1886 is missing. 

            This 1897 diary is typical of Joel’s  diaries, a  black leather bound volume about  5  X 3  inches cover, about an inch thick, with three dates pre-printed on each page .  The title of  the volume is  PACIFIC  COAST DIARY 1897, from Cambridgeport Diary Co.  The  first about 30 pages are useful references, charts, and a 1897 calendar, but no mention of place of publication..


            Only dates with hand written entries are listed. 


======================  1897  =============================


Jan. 1, 1897 Fri.:  We dined at C.E.C’s

Jan. 9, 1897 Sat:  I started for Pasadena.  Chas. & Catharine went to S. F.

Jan. 10, 1897 Sun:  I arrived at Los Angelos at 7:30 and at Pasadena to T. D. S. & Meeting.  Here to C. E. Tebbett's.   James Townsend & Mary Cooper called here in the p.m.

Jan. 11, 1897 Mon.: I called on Zeno Taber.  He is over 80.    Jas. Townsend was 85 the 13th of 9. Mo. Last.  Samuel & Rebecca Abbott near 79.  Martha Doland? 90 on 2 mo. 2. 97.

Jan. 12, 1897 Tues.:  Albert Tebbetts & I called at Saml Abbot’s and on Jas. Townsend (at J. R. T’s) & I called at Dr. Grennell’s.  A. & M. & I drove to Altadena & called at Danl. Lewis:

Jan. 13, 1897 Wed:  Very rainy at Pasadena.

Jan. 14, 1897 Thurs:  Rainy at Pasadena

Jan. 15. 1897 Fri.:  I called at Dr. Wm Nicholson’s & Albert & Mary & I drove out to Margaret Gregory’s to see Aunt Martha Dorland.  Took our dinner there & called at Lawson Hollingsworth on our return.  He is near 73.  {Pliney ? Gregory lives with his Mother}

Jan. 16, 1897 Sat:  Dr. Emlin Lewis called on me.  I attended the Conservative Friends’ Mo. Mtg. At Pasadena,   Dined at Dr. Lindley Williams’s     Took train in the Evening for Tulare.

Jan. 17, 1897 Sun:  Arrived at Tulare at 6:50 a.m.  Isaac & Cathie & the children met me at Meeting time.  Cathie & Anna & I staid to the Congregational Church.  Benja  & Ella & Alvin Cox called at Isaac’s in the p.m.

Jan. 20, 1897 Wed:  Isaac’s family & I dined at Benjamin Cox’s.

Jan. 21, 1897 Thurs:  Anna and   returned home from Tulare.

Jan. 23, 1897 Sat:  J. Burett Davy staid at Chas. E. Cox’s.

Jan. 24, 1897 Sun:  J. Burett Davy was at meeting and ministered with golden words.

Jan. 25, 1897 Mon.>  J. B. Davy took Breakfast with us.

Jan. 26, 1897 Tues.:  Sowed Beets & Carrots Seeds & onions.

Jan. 28, 1897  D. L. Stewart here building Fire Place in the Library.

Jan. 29, 1897 Fri.:  Martha Albright graduated at the Normal School.

Feb. 7, 1897 Sun:  Rainy.   James Dorland of Gilroy was at Meeting.

Feb. 9  1897 Tues.:  Planted corn.  Sweet Corn.

Feb. 16, Tues.:  Ole Tan  & Thos. Strand? Jr. here to dinner.

Levi Gregory & Benja  Coppock called here.

Feb. 22, 1897 Mon.:  Dr. Duncan of the Metlakahtla Mission in Alaska called with Dr. Wakefield.  He is on his way to Washington.

Feb. 24, 1897, Wed:  Aug. & Anna Taber called.

Feb. 25,  1897 Thurs:  We dined at Geo. Hammond’s

Mar 9, 1897 Tues.:   Cleaning house.  Took up Carpets in front chamber. Wm Oreutt??  Preutt??   helped us.

Mar 11, 1897 Thurs:  House Cleaning.  Took up Carpet in Mother’s room, etc.

Mar. 15, 1897 Mon.:  Children having measles.

Mar 16, 1897 Tues.:  New Carpet laid in Library by Rucker Bros.

Mar 21, 1897 Sun:  Pliny Goddard (on his way to the Hoopa Indian Mission) was at Mtg. And spoke. Thos. Scattergood & wife from Phili & Clarence G. Hoag were at Mtg. & here to dinner.

Mar 23, 1897, Tues.:  Pliny Goddard was here to dinner.

Heard of the death of Isaac Sharp on 1st day the 21st in his 91st year.

Mar 24, 1897 Wed:  We attended a Reception of the Indian Aid Assn. for Pliny Goddard & wife at Mrs. Crites. 220 So. 9th St.

Mar 26, 1897 Fri.:  The Funeral of Isaac Sharp today, at Elkington, England.

April 6, 1897 Tues.:  Cathie & children came here from Tulare.

April 13, 1897 Tues.:  Mother, H.E.B.  Cathie & her children went to lunch at Severt Shelley’s.

April 23, 1897 Fri.:  Cathie went to Berkeley & met Isaac who returned with her.

April 26, 1897 Mon.:  Isaac Cox returned to Tulare. I went to Pacific Grove.

April 30, 1897 Fri.:  I returned home from Pacific Grove.


May 1, 1897 Sat:  Semi Annual Meeting. Papers on Isaac Sharp by Murray & wife & others from Stanford.  Anna Sherman & Sister & Anna Fally? from Oakland.  Ransome Bransby & Carange?? G. Hoag from Belmont & others present.  Walter Hart & C. G. Hoag staid here.  Anna Sherman & sister took tea here.

May 2, 1897 Sun:  A full meeting.  Clarence G. Hoag & Ransome Bransby dined at C.E.C’s.

May 16, 1897 Sun:  Dr. R. E. Pierce here to open a carbuncle on my neck.

Mary Hammond called with Susan Roberts of Minnesota, in the Evening.

May 18, 1897 Tues.:  Mary H. Field & Eloise Davidson called here.

May 19, 1897 Wed.   Called on Dr. Pierce.

May 26, 1897 Wed:  H.E.B. went to Commencement at Stanford.

May 27, Thurs:  L. S. B. Cox went to San Francisco to hold the Bryn

Mawr Examination.

I attended Commencement at College Park.

June 2, 1897 Wed:  Had hay hauled.  L. S. B. Cox returned from S. F.

June 5, 1897 Sat:  Joseph Burtt Davey and Sarah & Alice Bolton came here.

Amos?? Hunnicut called with Wm. E. Ward.

June 6, 1897 Sun:  Joseph Burtt Davy and Alice Bolton were married at our Mtg.   The wedding Party dined at C. E. Cox’s (with us).  Sarah Bolton returned home.   Ransome Bransby & Thos. J. Allen & wife from S. F. were at the marriage & dined at P. Brun’s

June 7, 1897 Mon.:  J. B. Davy & wife left for the Foothills to spend a week at G. N. Jones’s Ranch.  Paul Brun took them.

June 8, 1897 Tues.:  Mother, H.E.B. & I went to P. Grove.

June 13, 1897 Sun: Attended Episcopal Meeting at P. Grove.

J. B. Davy & wife staid here.

June 20,  1897 Sun:  Attended Methodist Mtg. at P. Grove.  An Earthquake shook at little after 12.

June 26,  1897 Sat:  We came home from P. Grove.

Harriet Green from England & Sadie Carter from Kansas here.

June 27, 1897 Sun:  Harriet Green & Sadie Carter at Meeting.

H.E.B. & I took tea with them at Mary Hammond’s.   Jas. B & Cathie went with them to Stockton Ave. Mtg. in the Eveng.

June 28, 1897 Mon.  H. Green & S. Carter went with Elizabeth Shelley to spend a night.

June 29, 1897 Tues.:  H. Green & S. Carter came back having lunched at Jane Ledyard’s.

June 30, 1897 Wed:  H. Green & S. Carter at Meeting.  They dined at Felice Brun’s with Anna Valley etc.    And went to Florence Wright Mission in the Evening & to Wm Ward’s to stay.

July 1, 1897 Thurs:  Chas. & Imelda Tebbetts & Edith & Clara came.   C. E. T. went with James to Stockton Ave Mtg. in the Evening & brot H. Green & S. Carter.

July 2, 1897 Fri.:  H. Green & S. Carter left for the Big Trees, & then to Berkeley.   Lydia Oliphank & Ada Griswall came here.

July 3, 1897 Sat:   Taistram & Sarah & Alice Coggeshall came here.

L. Oliphant & A. G. staid at Mary Hammond’s.

July 4, 1897 Sun:  Chas. Tebbetts & family & the West Branch Frds  At Mtg. Also Rasome Bransby & Allen & wife from S. F. who are spending a week or two in the Foothills.   C. E. T. went to C End caron?? In the p.m. & to Stockton Ave in the Eveng.


Jul. 5, 1897 Mon.:  All the Friends here to dinner.  T. Coggeshall & family staid at M. Hammond’s.

July 6,  1897 Tues.:  H.E.B. & Jas. went with all the Visitors to Alum Rock.

Lena Lawrence arrived in the Eveng. & Morris Cox came to C’s

July 7, 1897 Wed:  C. E. Tebbetts & family left for the C. E.. Convention in S. F.   The West Branch Frds. Went after mtg. to a cousin in S. J.   Cathie & children & L. Lawrence & Morris Cox & Annie & Catharine M. went to P. Grove in the p.m.

July 9, 1897 Fri.:    L. S. B. Cox went to P. Grove.

July 10, 1897 Sat:  E. Morris Cox came from P. Grove to C. E. C’s.

July 11, 1897 Sun:  Jas. M. Woodhead from Liverpool, Eng. And David Crosbie from Oregon were at Meeting and here to dinner with Chas. & Morris Cox.

July 12, 1897 Mon.:  E. Morris Cox started  for Worcester, Mass. For a Summer School etc. The Christian Endeavor Convention in S. F. closed.

July 13, 1897 Tues.:  Pres.  Thos. Newlin of Pacific College, Newberg, Oregon, here to dinner & went to P  Grove in the p.m.

July 14, 1897 Wed:  We had a short call from Robt. B. Warder of Washington, D. C.   Pres. Newlin returned from P. Grove & staid here.

July 15, 1897 Thurs:  Mary Green from S. Islands, and Jennie Pogue & her Mother here to  tea.

July 18, 1897 Sun:  Harriet Green at Mtg. And some 20 Race St Friends from Vendome  Dr. Nicholson & wife, Palmiss?  Comforts’ etc.

July 19, 1897 Mon.:  Harriet Green came to Stay------.

July 20,1897 Tues.: ---------? and went with Chas. in the morning to Stanford Univ.   We went with James to S. Shelley’s to tea, with a party to meet H. Green.

July 21, 1897 Wed:  Harriet Green and Eliza H. Shelley started for Oregon.

July 23, 1897 Fri.:  Summer School at Stanford closed.

July 24, 1897 Sat:  Chas. E. Cox went to P. Grove.

July 28, 1897 Wed:  Chas. E. Cox returned from P. Grove.

July 31, 1897 Sat:  Cathie & children & Lena Lawrence came from P. Grove.


Aug. 2, 1897 Mon.:  Cathie & children went to Tulare.  Lena Lawrence left for San Francisco & -------

Aug. 3, 1897 Tues.:  H. E. B. went to P. Grove.

Aug.  5, 1897 Thurs:  Mary Hammond here to dinner

                        She went to the Foothill ranch to live.

Aug. 7, 1897 Sat:  Chas. E. Cox went to the Grove.

Aug. 9, 1897 Mon.:  C. E. Cox returned from P. Grove.

Aug. 21, 1897 Sat:  C. E. Cox went to P. Grove.

Aug. 23, 1897 Mon.:  C. E. Cox returned from the Grove.

Aug. 28, 1897 Sat:  Hattie H. Miles came here from Oregon.   Alvin Cox came to C. E. C’s to enter Stanford.

Aug. 29, 1897 Sun:   Elma Bean here to dinner with Hattie Miles & Chas. & Alvin Cox.

Aug. 31, 1897 Tues.:  I went to P. Grove.     Called in the Eveng with Lize on Aug. Tabor’s family at the Brown Cottage.


Sept. 1, 1897 Wed:  Augustus Taber’s family returned home from P. Grove.

Sept. 5, 1897 Sun:  Attended St. Mary’s by the Sea “ church at P. Grove with Lily and the children.

Sept. 7, 1897 Tues.:  Lily & Anna & Catharine M. returned home from P. Grove.

Sept. 12, 1897 Sun:  I attended meeting at the Christian Church (P. Grove)

Sept. 15, 1897 Wed:   The M. E. Conference opened at P. Grove.   Biship Newman presiding.

Sept. 17, 1897 Fri.:  Geo. & Mary Hammond went to P. Grove, & staid with me in our Cottage.

SEPT 16, 17, 18,  1897 THURS, FRI, SAT, written across outer edge of page. 

I attended the morning Sessions of the M. E. Conference at P. Grove.


Sept. 19, 1897 Sun: I attended the M. E. Church at P. Grove.   Sermon by Bishop Newman on Self Mastery.   Text “He that ruleth is Spirit is better than he that taketh a city.:

Sept. 20, 1897 Mon.:  Geo. &  Mary Hammond joined Frances Rogers in the Wise Cottage Sept. 22, Wed:  I closed our Cottage and returned home.   Dr. Tomlinson died in the Evening.

Sept. 24, 1897 Fri.:  Attended the Funeral of Dr. Tomlinson at 21/2 p.m.

Sept. 26  1897 Sun:  Elizabeth H. Shelley here to dinner.

Sept. 30, 1897 Thurs:  Elisa Bean ( of Benicia) here.

Oct. 3, 1897 Sun: Elisa Bean left. Elvira & Lucretia Tomlinson here to tea.

Oct. 9, 1897 Sat:  Lewis & Sallie Cowgill came on Bicycles from S. Francisco, and dined here (They came from San Mateo today).

Oct. 10, 1897 Sun:  Francis Clayton of Birmingham, England was at Meeting and here to dinner.

Oct. 15, 1897 Fri.:  H. E. B.  attended Indian Aid Assn. in San Jose.

Oct. 16, 1897 Sat:  Alvin & I went to E. San Jose and to Ozier’s Ranch etc. to look for a Cow.

Oct.  19, 1897 Tues.:  I went with James to Fontenosa.

Oct. 23, 1897 Sat:  Bot a Cow.

Oct. 27, 1897 Wed:  H. E. B. went with Stephen Griffin, from Mtg. To dinner & to Sewing Circle at Mary Coffin’s.

Nov. 5, 1897 Friday:  I attended Court in the morning on account of Guardianship of L. G. Tomlinson.     Hannah S. Neall came here.

Nov. 6, 1897 Sat:  Annual Meeting   Isabella C. De Velling, J. B. Davy, Prof.  Murray, Samuel Brun & wife, Mrs. McMillan (a daughter of Barnabas Hobbs) & other present, House well filled.   J. Burntt Davy staid here.

Nov. 7, 1897 Sun:  Isabella de Velling & J. B. Davy had service in meeting.   We dined at C. E. Cox’s with Aug. & Anna Taber & Cordelia, & H. L. Neall.   J. B. Davy returned home.

Nov. 8, 1897 Mon.:  Hannah L. Neall returned home.

Nov. 10, 1897 Wed:  Isabella De Velling and Dr. Mansfield & wife at Mtg.

Nov. 11, 1897 Thurs:  Isabella C. DeVelling took tea here & Geo. & W. B. Jones came in the Evening.

Nov. 14, 1897 Sun:  H. E. B. went in the p. m. with Geo. & W. B. Jones  to Agnews Asylum to see B. H. Jones.


NOV. 15 & 16,  1897 SIDEWISE ACROSS:    H. E. B. at the Vendome on the needle work guild distribution of garments 1000 or more, and the annual meeting.


Nov.  19, 1897 Fri.:  A company of Ladies here to afternoon tea – Sarah Severance & her sister Johnson. Isabella De Velling.  W. B. Jones, Louise Jones, Mrs. Beans, Mrs. Slaughter, Mrs. Fish, E. Davis, L. S. B. C.

Nov. 20, 1897 Sat:  Irene Hardy & Hedon MacGillivay? Came to C. E. C’s & lodged here --  from Palo Alto.

Nov. 21, 1897 Sun:  We dined at C. E. C’s with I. Hardy & H. MacGillivay. The ladies returned to Palo Alto.

Nov. 25, 1897 Thurs:  Thanksgiving Day   Mid week Mtg. Held today to  wh.  Stockton Ave. Frds were invited.  Benj. Coppock & Wm. Butler spoke.  C. E. C’s family & Geo. & W. B. Jones here to dinner.

Nov. 26, 1897 Fri.:  Lily had a company of Stanford boys & others to dinner.

Dec. 6, 1897 Mon.:  Attended the funeral of Milton & Bell Lawrence’s babe Isabella at 1:30 p.m.

Dec. 8, 1897 Wed:  H. E. B.  went to S. F. to meet Isaac & Cathie & children & to visit H. L. Neall.

Dec. 10, 1897 Friday:  H. E. B. returned from S. F. with Joel & Mary Cox.

Dec. 11, 1897 Sat:  Isaac & Cathie Cox came from S. F.

Dec. 24, 1897 Fri.:  E. Morris Cox came to C. E. C’s.

Dec. 25, 1897 Sat:  Benjamine Cox came to C. E. C’s  Charles family & his Father & Morris & Alvin here to diner.

Dec. 28, 1897 Tues.:  E. Morris Cox left in morning & Benj.  Cox in the afternoon for S. F.

Dec. 30, 1897 Thurs:   Chas’s family & Isaac & Cathie & Mary went to Severt Shelley’s to dinner.


======  LAST DAILY ENTRY IN JOEL BEAN’S 1897 DIARY.  ============




January:  4          Diary                                                                                   .25

                        4          Sent tax to Oregon                                                   $3.25

22        Expenses of Journey to Pasadena & Tulare:        $19.35

27        Pd Wm for Garden work                                       $1.85

29        Chimney Fire Place                                     $12.00


March:        2  Assessments:  Lots 2, 3, 4.                                        $1500

                                          Lot 12                                                                   $700

                                                Improvements                                             $2000

                                                Furniture                                                       $  150

April: 12                                            Dentist                                         $1.00

                        30        Exp. to P. Grove.                                                            $3.25


May:               2         Pd Silva for cutting hay 2 lots:                                     $.2.50

June:   26        Exp. at P. Grove (J.B.)                                                              $11.85


July:               6         Pd Dr. R. E. Pierce                                                         $15.00

                                                Medicine                                                              $   .75

August:          30        Pd J. E. Gwartney for wood                                        $21.80

                        27        Pd for Phaeton? & house(by H.E.B.,J.B.,& C.E.C.)           $80.

SEPT:             25  Exp. at P. Grove                                                      $11.40


Oct.                 15        Pd Taxes                                                                $48.76

19        Sent E. P. Alexander, Tax Collector Salinas          7.80

19        Sent E. B. Rich P. Grove city tax.            $  2.28

                        23        Pd for Cow                                                           $30.00

            Oct. 27, 1897Pd Chas. E. Cox for repair of Phaeton.              $10.00

                                     Pd of above by H.E.B. $5.00



            1          for Paint                                                       $4.20

            Pd for Mtg. House hinger for Blises??                 $.15

            Lock for shed door                                                  $.30

            Recd of G. N. J.                                                         $.45


                        Taxes 1897:    The home Property             $48.76

                                                            At P. Grove.   $7.80




Nov.:  9          Pd W. B. Jones for G. N. J. Mtg. Money 10 % of 45  = $4.50

Dec.:               Ministers’ Mtg. Tax                                     $ .50 c.


5 QUAKER PUBLICATIONS SUBSCRIBED TO:   Outlook, Am. Friend, Phila Friend, Australian Friend, B. Friend.



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5 PAGES OF “LETTERS”  by name of sender and date, with date “Answered” for each letter - about 76 replies.


===========================  1897  ========================

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