1896 J. BEAN DIARY, copied Nov. 10, 1998

by Tom M. King of San Jose, CA. Quaker Meeting (College Park).



            Joel Bean (1825-1914) moved to San Jose, California, in 1882 and kept 36 “Engagement Calendars” from 1883 to 1913, 30 years.  A few years have  “extra” diaries and 1886 is missing. 


            This 1896 diary is typical of Joel’s  diaries, a  black leather bound volume about  5  X 3  inches cover, about an inch thick, with three dates pre-printed on each page .  The title of  the volume is  EXCELSIOR DIARY 1896,  The  first about 30 pages are useful references, charts, and a 1896 calendar, but no mention of place of name of publisher.


            Only dates with hand written entries are listed. 


==========================1896 =======================


Inside cover first sheet Has: 

Joel Bean    Presented by Anna & Catharine Cox     Xmas."


(Anna Shipley Cox Brinton and Catharine Morris Cox Miles, Joel’s granddaughters by his daughter Lydia and son-in-law Charles Cox.  Tk)


======================== 1896 ========================


Jan. 1, 1896 Wed:   We dined at C. E. C’s with Morris Cox who returned from Tulare yesterday.   Anna Valley, Martha Calley? Paul & Justine Brun here to tea.


WRITTEN SIDEWISE ACROSS JAN 4, 5, 6,(outer edge of page)

“Chas. E. Cox & Mother came to Tulare

from Pasadena & spent 7th & 1st days

at I. M. Cox;s.


Jan. 6, 1896, Monday:  Mother and Chas. E. Cox returned home from Southern California { from Tulare today }

Henry Keezen staid here.

Jan. 19, 1896 Sun:   Mother dined at G. Davis’s.   I attended Funeral of Dr. Cory at 2 p.m. & called at Aug. Taber’s.

Jan. 22, 1896 Wed:  Sewing Circle here.  Louise Jones & Alice Griffen present.

Jan. 23, 1896, Thurs:  Mary Hammond & Abbie Roberts here to tea.

Jan. 26, 1896  Sun:  Wm. Oruth came to stay & do chores.

Jan. 30, 1896  Thurs:  Mother took tea with Mary Hammond.


Feb. 2, 1896  Sun:  Martha Dorland’s 89th Birthday.

Feb. 3, 1896 Mon.:  Augustus Taber’s Birthday  70 yrs. Old.

                                    Wm. Oreuth began to work here.

Feb. 10, 1896, Mon.:  Milton Lawrence returned home from Chicago.

Feb. 19, 1896  Wed:  E. B. Miles arrived here from Oregon. 

            We attended the Funeral of Mary Parsons in the afternoon.


Mar 3, 1896  Tues.:  George Braithwaite came from S. F. & spent the day here until 5 p.m. train.  He is to sail for Japan tomorrow.  

                        We taeked? a comfut ??

Mar 6, 1896  Fri.:   H.E.B.& Anna Cox went to the Foothills to G. N. Jones’s to stay a few days.

Mar 11, 1896  Wed:  Mother & E. B. Miles dined at C’s with Mary Hammond.

Mar 12, 1896  Thurs:  I went to Geo. N. Jones’s at Foothills.

Mar 13, 1896  Fri.:  H.E.B. & Anna Cox returned with me from G. N. Jones’s.

Mar 18, 1896  Wed:  We dined at Frank Mise’s? with E. B. Miles.

Mar 19, 1896 Thurs:   E. B. Miles left for Pasadena.

Mar 20, Fri.:  Anna S. Cox and Rosamond Lawrence went to Pacific Grove.

Mar 22, 1896 Sun:  Attended Cong. Ch. At the Grove.

Mar 24, 1896  Tues.:  I attended “Mrs.” Truesdell’s Lecture on “Cell life”

Mar 29, 1896  Sun:  Attended Church at “St Mary’s by the Sea.”   The  Girls?? & I called at Andrew Picketts.


April 3, 1896, Fri.:  Anna Cox and Rosamond Lawrence and I returned home from Pacific Grove after dining at S. Clouds.

April 4, 1896  Sat:   Had calls from Roanna Bean with Mrs. Edwin B Clapp, & Walter Morris Hart of Phila, & Chas. Joseph Dyer of Worchester Mass;  the last a Grandson of Jos. Almy.   Mrs. Clapp & WM Hart from State University, Berkeley.

April 15, 1896, Wed:  Mother, H.E.B. & I took tea at Geo. Hammond’s.

Apr. 16, 1896  Thurs:  E. B. Miles returned from Pasadena.

April 23, 1896  Thurs:  E. B. Miles started for home.  I went with her to S. F. and Oakland.  We called on Nellie Haliday on Mason St. S. F. and on May Hoover in Oakland.


May 1, 1896  Fri.:  Hannah L. Neall came here.

May 2, 1896  Sat:   Semi Annual Mtg.,   H. L. Neall, Prof. Murray & wife, Chas. Dawson & wife, Jane Ledyard, “Mrs.” Boardman, Dr. Mansfield etc. present.   Papers read by H.E.B.  &   C. JONES & H. L. NEALL & READINGS BY ALICE GRIFFIN & G. N. JONES.

May  4, 1896  Mon.:  H. L. Neall went with H.E.B. to club in the p.m.

                                    B. H. Jones

May 5, 1896  Tues.:  H. L. Neall returned home.   B. H. Jones staid here

May 6, 1896 Wed:   Rose Carnival in San Jose.   Richard Elliott staid here.

May 22, 1896  Fri.:  Cathie and the children came home from Tulare.

May 27, 1896 Wed:   I attended Commencement at Stanford University.  Address by Prof. Anderson.

May 28, 1896 Thurs: Attended Commencement at University of the Pacific.

May 29, 1896  Fri.:  Cathie commenced the Bryn Mawr Examinations at College Park.


June 12, 1896 Fri.:  H.E.B. & I started for Oregon.  Took lunch at Hannah

Neall’s in S. F. & took train at 8 p.m. for Portland.

June 13, 1896  Sat:  Passed along the Shasta region.

June 14, 1896 Sun:  Arrived at 6 a.m. in Portland.  Were met by Edwin Morrison and took Steamer Altonna for Newberg, where we arrived a little afternoon (sic)   Attended mtg. in the Eveng  A. T. Ware preached.

June 16, Tues.:  Attended College Exercises.

June 17, 1896 Wed:  Attended Commencement of Pacific College.

June 18, 1896  Thurs:   Attended Midweek Mtg. At 2 p.m.

June 20, 1896 Sat:   Took tea at Pres. Newlin’s with E. B. M

June 21, 1896  Sun:   Attended Mtg. at Newburg.   Dined with E. B. Miles at Jesse Edward’s.

June 23, 1896 Tues.:  Oregon Q. M. Commenced.  We dined at Wm. Heacock’s.

June 28, 1896  Sun:  At Q. M.  J. H. Douglass preached.   We dined with E. B. M. at Ezra Woodward’s and took tea at Abram Morris’s with Olive Bolton etc.

June 29, 1896 Mon.:  Oregon Q. M. closed.

June 30, 1896 Tues.:  Clark Miles & Ama?? Took us a drive to Cehalism Mountains.     Called at Jon s Votaw’s and Clarence Edwards’s.  John Smith & wife, Pres. Newlin & wife & A.? E. called on us.


July 1, 1896  Wed:  Left Newberg by Steamer to Portland & took Steamer Columbia for San Francisco.  Cabin Fare $5.  Each.

July 4, 1896  Sat:  Landed in S. F. about 6 a.m.    Took lunch at Hannah L. Neall’s and returned home in the afternoon.

July 6, 1896  Mon.:  Isaac & Cathie and Lily & their children went to Pacific Grove.

July 8, 1896 Wed:  We called at Abner Allen’s & Geo. Hammonds

July 10, 1896  Fri.:  Anna Sherman called here with E. Davis.

July 12,1896 Sun:  Augustus & Anna Taber, Alfred Dawking?,  Sarah Severance etc. at meeting.   We called at Jas. B’s, “Mr” Charles and Stephen Jones’s in the p.m.

July 14, 1896 Tues.:  I went to Pacific Grove.   Recognition Day at the Chautauqua.  An Address by Dr. Mcclish?   Lecture in the Evng by Carlos Martin of Chicago.

July 15, 1896  Wed:  Mother & H. dined at G. Hammonds’ & went with G. & M. H. to call at Stephen Griffin’s.    E. Morris Cox went to the Grove from Santa Rosa.

July 16, 1896  Thurs:   Frank Lincoln in the Eveng at Chautauqua. 

July 17, 1896 Fri.:  Woman’s Day at Chautauqua.  Susan B. Anthony, Anna Shaw, Mrs. Sargent, S. B. Cooper etc. present.      I returned home from P. Grove.  C. E. Cox went to the Grove.

July 20, 1896 Mon.:  C. E. Cox returned from P. Grove.

July 21, 1896  Tues.:  I. M. Cox came from P. Grove.

July 23, 1896  Thurs:  I. M. Cox went to Tulare.

July 25, 1896 Sat:  C. E. Cox’s term of Summer School closed at Stanford University.

July 26, 1896 Sun:  Lizzie Hollingsworth of Santa Cruz was at mtg.

July 30, 1896  Thurs:  E. Morris Cox came from The Grove.


Aug. 1, 1896 Sat:  E. Morris Cox left C’s for Santa Rosa

Aug. 5, 1896  Wed:   Mother & Hannah & I went to Severt Shelley’s after mtg. To dine & spend the p. m.

Aug. 12, 1896  Wed:  James & Roanna went to the Grove.

Aug. 14, 1896  Fri.:  We called on Edith (Eddie Bean at her Mother’s and at Aug. Taber’s with E. Davis.

Aug. 15, 1896 Sat”  Chas. E. Cox went to the Grove.

Aug. 15, 1896  Sun:  Cousin Elena L. Bean from Benicia here to dinner.

Aug. 16, 1896  Mon.:  C. E. Cox returned from the Grove.

Aug. 24, 1896 Mon.:  Edmund Robinson & wife & two children from Newberg, Oregon, traveling in their wagon southward, stopped on Cathies’ Lot & took tea & Breakfast with us.

Aug. 28, 1896 Fri.:   Lydia and Cathie and the children returned from P. Grove.   Jas. & R. F. Bean returned from P. Grove.

Aug. & Anna Taber called here.


 3, 1896 Thurs:  H.E.B. & I went to Los Gatos and dined at Eliza Eletist.

 15, 1896 Tues.:  H. & I went to P. Grove.   Eleanor Davis went with us.

 16, 1896  Wed:   With S. Cloud’s Horse & Buggy we took a drive to Moss Beach and to see the Wreck of the St. Paul Ship on the sands near there.

 20, 1896 Sun:  I attended Cong. Ch. In the morning.  In the Afternoon H. & I went with A. & S. Cloud to the Faith Mission.

 24, 1896, Thurs:  H. went with The Rogers?? & S. & Beasie Cloud on an Excursion to San Jose Can’on.    Geo.   Mary Hammond went to the Grove.

 25, 1896  Fri.:  E. Davis returned home from the Grove.

 27, 1896  Sun:   H. & I attended the Epis. Church.


Oct. 1, 1896 Thur:  H. and I returned home from P. Grove.

                                    Eliza Elliott staid here

Oct. 3, 1896 Sat:   E. Bean’s Birthday   94    A Family Reunion with B. H. Jones, W. B. Jones, E. Davis, & Abby Weeks here to an Afternoon Reception.  Letters from Pasadena and Newberg read.

Oct. 11, 1896 Sun:  Willet Dorland & wife and Benj. a Coppoc were at Meeting.   Willet & Margaret Dorland were here to tea.

Oct. 13, 1896 Tues.:  Lily & Cathie & Chas. took lunch at Prof. Murray’s at Palo Alto.

Oct. 14, Wed:  H.E.B. & E.  Davis took Lunch at The “Vendome” with “Mrs.” Kimball of S. F.

Oct. 16, 1896  Fri.:  Cathie had a company in the afternoon,  -  Cornelia Taber, Edith Parsons, Abby Roberts, Alice Griffin, Grace Patterson, & Miss Fath?hover?.   Several prevented from coming.

Oct. 17, Sat:   Lydia & Cathie took Lunch at Chas. Blaneys.

Oct. 18, 1896 Sun:  W. Mayne at Mtg., and other strangers -  Harriet Miles and Bert Hoover were at C. E. C’s with us to dinner and here to spend the night.  Bertha Heald here to tea with them.  G. & M. Hammond & S. & W.B. Jones called in the Eveng.

Oct. 19, Mon.:  Attended Ministers’ Mtge.  A Paper by Dr. Briggs on the Early Anti Slavery Struggle in California.

Oct. 20, Tues.:  Cathie & children returned to Tulare.

Oct. 21, 1896 Wed:  Hugh & Miriam Maxwell here to dinner.   Sewing Circle here.

Oct. 25, 1896 Sun:   David Branscom at Mtg. From Oregon, formerly from Canada.

Oct. 26, 1896 Mon.:  At Ministers’ Meeting.  Read a Paper on “The Sealed Book”    A rainy afternoon.

Oct. 28, 1896 Wed:   “Mrs.” Abeel?  from Campbell & other ladies at Meeting.    H.E.B. & L.S.B.C.  went to Sewing Circle at E. Shelley’s.


Nov. 1, 1896 Sun:  Barnett B  Flagler at Mtg. From Rochester, N. Y.  Farmington Q. M.  (Engaged in prayer in Mtg.?)

Nov. 3, 1896 Tues.:  General Election day.

            C. E. C’s family and H. & I went to Campbell to an Election dinner prepared by the ladies of the Village and afterwards we called at Col. Cooper’s and H. Maxwell’s.

Nov. 6, 1896 Friday:  Hannah L. Neall came here.

Nov. 7, 1896 Sat:  Semi Annual Mtg.        Barnett Flagler of Rochester, N. Y., present.   Paper on Indian work by Anna Taber.  Bible Lesson of Prof. Murray on “The Angel of His? Presence”   Prof. Clarence Hoag from Belmont & a large company present.   Mrs. Abeel & Mrs. Wade from Campbell.  W. T. Mayene?  etc.

Nov. 9, 1896 Mon.:  H. L. Neall returned home.

Nov. 17, 1896, Tues.:  I went with C. & L. & the children  (Anna and Catharine, future graduates)  to Stanford University.  Heard Lectures by Prof. Thoburn? & Griggs.

Nov. 26, 1896 Thurs:  Thanksgiving Day           James and C. E. C’s family & B. H. Jones here to dinner.

Nov. 27, 1896 Fri.:   We dined at Charles’s with Prof. Augustus Murray & wife & Lindley, and Amelia? Tabor, Edith & Augustus Parsons and Prof. Mather? , M. Hart, & Clarence G. Hoag and E. Morris Cox.


Dec. 3, 1896 Thurs:  H.E.B. & Anna went to San Francisco.  Anna returned in the p.m.

Dec. 4, 1896  Fri.:  Eleanor Davis’s Birthday  --(76 yrs of age).

Dec. 5, 1896 Sat:  H.E.B returned from S. F.

Dec. 9, 1896 Wed:  Sewing Circle at Geo. Hammond’s.

Dec. 21, 1896 Mon.:  Morris Cox and Anna & Catharine Cox went to Tulare.

Dec. 25, 1896 Fri.:  Mother dined at Bert Bean’s.   H.E.B. – C. & L. & I dined at Geo. N. Jones’s.



1996 MEMORANDA:  Subscriptions, Ch Arbitration 1896 .50 cts, Prohibitionist $1 (discontinued)  Phila Friend $2.00, Jas. Bean (Agent) for Amer. Friend for 1897 $1.50   Australian Friend 1897 $1.25   Pd Mtg. Money $3.   Independent 5 yrs $10.00   B. Friend $1.68   Outback 2 copies $5.    Pd C.E.Cox toward Daily Mercury for 1898 $2.

76 writers listed as received,  followed by date answered



                                                Herbert  Bert HOOVER } 2225 Ellsworth St.,

                                                Harriet Miles                 }      Berkeley


1896 CASH ACCOUNTS  for all 12 months, include:


                        Lots 2, 3 & 4 $1500

                           Imp-            2000

                        Lot 12- 6                        700

                          Furniture                    100

                           Carriage                       25



April 1896:    Expenses at P. Grove                $5.15

                                    Pd on wood & paint at P.G.               8.25

                                                For paint                                    1.55


July:                           Exp.  to P. Grove.         3.10

                                    Spent in Journey to Oregon    $48.40


:           Expenses of Outing at P. Grove       $10.05

                        Rec. for Rent of Cottage from Fred Hadley $10.20

                                 And Water Bill                                           1.73


Oct.:    Pd  Tax                                                                       $59.05

                          At Salinas                                                     $10.19

                          City Tax at P. Grove                                              $  2.68

                         Exp. on P. O. Orders                                                     .15


Nov.:   11    Pd Mtg. Money (toward raising $30        $ 3.00




Joel Bean’s 1896   Engagement Calendar was copied into the Mackintosh Computer on Microsoft Word 4.0. Nov. 10, 1998 at Swarthmore College Friends Historical Library by


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