1894 J. BEAN “ENGAGEMENT CALENDAR” copied Oct. 22, 1998  

Editor Tom M. King of San Jose, CA. Quaker Meeting (College Park).

Source:  Joel Bean Papers, Friends Historical Library, Swarthmore College, PA.



            Joel Bean (1825-1914) moved to San Jose, California, in 1882 and kept 36 “Engagement Calendars” from 1883 to 1913, 30 years.  A few years have  “extra” diaries and 1886 is missing. 

            This 1894 diary is typical of Joel’s  diaries, a  black leather bound volume about  5  X 3  inches cover, about an inch thick, with three dates pre-printed on each page .  The title of  the volume is  Bancroft’ pacific coast diary for 1888, Containing  Useful Memoranda and Tables for Reference, Published Annually,  San Francisco.  The  first  60 pages are the  “useful . . . reference”



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Only dates with hand written entries are listed. 


================== Begin 1894===========================


Jan. 2, 1894 Tues.  Prof.  Anderson & boys, and Prof. Griggs & wife dined at C.E.C.’s   (from Stanford University)   (where Charles E. Cox was math instructor)

Jan.  3, 1894 Wed.  Missionary Sewing Circle here. Etta  Shelley, Hannah Bell, Mary Parsons, Camellia Tabor, Emma Tabor of New Bedford, A? Hammond, W. B. Jones (Phoebe Wise & her mother-in-law & others about 27 in all)


Jan. 6, 1894  Sat  Mr. Toney   put in wheat and Alfalfa seed on E.B’s lot & patch for C.E.C.

Jan. 8 1894 Mon.  Mr.  Toney of Santa Clara put in wheat on Cathie’s lot:  & B. Cox’s lot for C.S.C.

Jan. 12, 1894 Friday  Put in some beet seeds and carrot seeds in the garden.

Jan. 16, 1894 Tues.  H.E.B. & Geo. & Mary Hammond & Jas. B. (ean) went to Pacific Grove to attend the funeral of John Cloud.

Jan. 17, 1894 Wed.    Funeral of John Cloud at Pacific  Grove.

            Sewing Circle at C. E. C.’s  (Charles & Lydia Cox house next door)

Jan. 18, 1894 Thurs  H.E.B. & others returned from Pacific Grove.

Jan. 20 Sat  The greater will comprehend & own the less:  the less cannot comprehend.  It may deny the greater.

Jan. 28, 1894 Sun.  Mary A. Clifs of S. F. and Abraham Keralla from Syria were at meeting.    Clement Albright here.

Jan. 29, 1894 Monday  Attended Ministers Mtg. at 10:30   A Paper by D. A. Dryden on the “Present Christ”: ---  and a Mtg. on Associated Charities at 2 p.m.


Feb. 1, 1894 Thursday  A new W. C. T. U. former at College Park.  Helen Currie came here from Oakland.

Feb. 2, 1894 Friday  Helen Currie went to Bert Bean’s to work. Rec- a call from Henry Fisher in the evening with S. Brun?    We attended a Reception at S. Griffins with their Son-in-law, Wm. Moon?? & wife, arrived from New York last 7th day.

Feb. 3, 1894 Sat  Association Mtg. at Mtg. house in the P.M.

Feb. 4, 1894 Sunday   Mary Conard and Elizabeth Worrall from Phila- were at Mtg. & here to dinner.


Feb. 11, 1894 Sunday-Isaac Sharp was at mtg. having returned from Mexico yesterday.

Feb. 12, 1894 Mon.  Enoch Carter & wife and Newby Hodson & wife from Kansas came from S. F.  Enock & Catharine Carter to our house & the others to  Geo. Hammond’s

Feb. 13, 1894 Tuesday  E. & C. Carter took  tea at Samuel Brun’s.   N. Hodson & wife here in Evening with G. & M. Hammond.  E. & C. Carter staid here.

Feb. 14, 1894 Wed--Isaac Sharp & the Kansas Friends at Meeting  & at Sewing Circle in the P.M. at Abner Allins.

Sharp & E. Shelley here to dinner & I. S. Staid here


Feb. 16, 1894 Friday   Samuel Emlers? & wife &  daughter  & niece called from the Vendome (expensive hotel in San Jose)

Feb. 18, 1894 Sun.  Isaac Sharp and Samuel Emlers & wife &  daughter Sally & Niece  Phoebe Haines & Jos. Haines were at Meeting and were here to dinner with Elizabeth H. Shelley

Feb.  20, 1894 Tuesday  Received a call from Smuel Emlers.

Feb. 23, 1894 Fri.---------David Tatum came here

Feb. 24, 1894 Sat--------D. T. Went with Chas. to his Ranch & to town in the p.m.

                And to G. N. Jones’ to tea

Feb. 25, 1894 Sun.-Isaac Sharp & David Tatum at Meeting.  D. T. Gave a lecture on Temperance at 3 p. m..  In Presbyterian house.  D. T. At STOCKTON AVE. MTG in evening.  Returned here.

Feb. 26, 1894 Mon.--------D. Tatum went to The Willows, dined at Wm. Wards & returned here in evening.

Feb. 27, 1894 Tues.  David Tatum left for Milpitas this Evening.

            I went to S. F. to see Mary Elkington Nitobe off on the Oceanic for Japan.  Called on H. L. Neall and went into The Mid Winter Fair.

Feb. 28 1894 Wed  I. Sharp at meeting.


March 4, 1894  Sunday  Isaac Sharp at Meeting.  He with S. & E. Shelley & two younger children dined at C.E. Cox’s.


Mar 7  1894 Wed  Isaac Sharp at meeting.

Mar 8, 1894 Thurs.  I went to Stanford University.  Attended Prof. Griggs, Howards & Hudson’s classes and heard Dr. Gunsalos of Chicago (Armor Institute) address the Students at ll:30 & Archbishop Keane of Washington at 2 p.m.

Mar  9, 1894 Friday  Mother  & H. & L(ydia)  & I went to Severt  Shelley’s & dined with Isaac Sharp.

Mar 13, 1894 Tues.  I started with Isaac Sharp for Southern Calif. via S.F.

Mar 14, 1894 Wed  I. S. & I reached Los Angelos at 2 p.m.  Were met by Chas. E. Tebbetts. Attended midweek Meeting at L. A.  About a dozen present. Josepine Marlatt Minister.  Went to Long Beach to the Meeting in the Evening.  Met by Amos Walton.  I lodged at Joe? Carter’s.  House full at mtg.

Mar 15, 1894 Thurs  Went from Long Beach to El Modena to Curtis Way’s.  Called on Lydia Jenkens & dau. And Dr. Furness’s widow.  Meeting in the Evening.

Mar. 16, 1894 Friday  Went by Carriage from El-Modena to Alamitos accompanied by Harry O. May, to Alfred Becketts.  I called at Jacob Stubbs: and Jas. Hivsto & John Beckett’s where I. S. took tea.  Mtg. In the Evening.

Mar. 17, 1894 Sat  Went thro a “Sand Storm” to Anaheim 5 miles & took train for Pasadena.  Dined at C. E. Tebbett’s with Dr. Wm. Nicholson & wife, Edward Lester & wife, Thos. Ashby & wife, Jas. Allan from Dundee, & Albert & Mary.  Staid at Bro. Albert Tebbett’s

Mar 18, 1894 Sunday  Attended Mtg. at Pasadena at ll   ---?   Dined with Allen & Mary Lu and were at an Appointed Mtg. at their Mtg. House at  2 1/2 p.m.  House filled.  Called on Martha Dorland.  I. S. took tea at Edwd Lester’s & gave narration of travels at end Mtg.

Mar 20, 1894 Mon.  Left Wildomar in the morning. Were met at San Bernandino by Chas. & Ismelda Tebbetts  and all dined together at A. K. Smiley’s at Redlands with R. H. Smiley.   Alfred’s family called.

            Reached Whittier in the Evening.  I.S. staid at Washington Hadley’s.  I lodged at Elwood Newlin’s.

Mar 21, 1894 Wed  Mtg. at Whittier at ll – Large -  Mary  Moody from N. C. present.  C. A.  & M. H. & C.E. Tebbetts were with us & all dined  together at Prof. Chawner’s with M. Woody.  C.E.T. remained with  E.S. & I returned to Pasadena with Albert & Mary.  I.S. gave narrative in eveng at M?? 

Mar 22 1894 Thurs.  I  called on S. & R. Abbott. After dinner Albert & Mary took me to Los Angelos to Mtg. at 3 p.m.   Isaac  Sharp & I  took tea with Sarah Nordhoff (daughter of Jas. Whitall??) and to train at 7:45 for the North.

Mar 23, 1894 Fri.  I stopped off at Tulare at 7:12 a.m.  Was met by Isaac & Joel & took Breakfast with Isaac & Cathie & children.

Mar 24, 1894 Saturday  At Tulare.   Cathie & I & the children drove into town & got the Box of Oranges  I had brot  from Albert Tibbetts.

Mar 25, 1894 Sunday  Cathie & I attended Congregational Church at Tulare.  –Deeay, Minister.       Benj.- & Ella  &  Alvin  Cox called in the p.m.

Mar 28, 1894 Wed  Cathie & the children & I drove over to Benja  Cox’s  &  took tea.

Mar 29, 1894 Thurs.   I returned home from Tulare.



April 1, 1894 Sun.  Alice Nichols Barnes & her husband from Montana were at Mtg.    James &  I and Geo. & Mary Hammond called on Isaac Sharp at Severt Shelley’s.

April 2, 1894 Monday  We attended the Funeral of Simon Flanders at 2 p.m.

April 3, 1894 Tues.  I. Sharp & Severt Shelley dined here.   Cousin Hannah Stanley of Salem, Ohio, came here from Benicia.

April 4, 1894    Cousin Hannah Stanley  at Mtg.   Lizzie Worrall came with Rachel Stevenson of S. J.     We took tea with H. S. at G?  E. Gos’s???

April 5, 1894 Thursday  We all dined  at Jas. Bean’s with Cousin H. Stanley.


April  8, 1894 Sunday  Isaac Sharp’s Tarewell Meeting.  Jos. Allen Baker a Minister from London & his bro.-in-law Saml C. Mascot?? Were at Mtg.  & here to dinner.   J. B. Davy, & Father Benson, Methodist Minister at Mtg.  & Fred Dawson, & “Miss” Way from Stanford, &  &  (house filled)

            Cousin H. S. dined at Mary  Hammond’s

April 10, 1894 Tues.  H.E.B., Chas. & Lydia & I  attended the wedding of Dr. Edwin Carson & Blanche Mabury at noon.     Jas. took H. Stanley & Mother to Jas. Canney’s in the p.m.

April 11, 1894 Wed   Cousin Hannah Stanley left for Benicia.--Isaac Sharp left San  Jose for New York to take Steamer for England via Dublin Y. M. accompanied to N. Y. by Divert Shelley.

April 15, 1894 Sunday--Abby Mendenhall from Minneapolis was at Meeting (Stayed at Joel Beans)

April 16, 1894 Mon.  H.E.B. returned home from Los Gatos.

April 17, 1894 Tuesday  I went to Madrone Station to see the Ransom Ranch, for Prov. Life & Trust Co.   Abby Mendenhall &  her friend Mrs. Rhodes & Jas. & R. (Bean)  here to tea.

April 20, 1894 Friday  Cleaning House.  Ford Suow?? Helping.

                        J. B. Davy came here.

April 22, 1894 Sunday  J. B. Davy returned to Berkeley.

April 23, 1894 Monday  Lily &  Anna went to San Francisco  (& stay at Hannah L. Neall’s)

April 24, 1894  Tuesday  House cleaning.

April 25, 1894 Wed.    Sewing Circle here in the p.m.   Aug. Taber & wife   &  Cornelia.  G.  & M. Hammond, w. B. Jones, Mary Ann Dawson, E.H. Shelley, Hannah Bell,, Libben Roberts, Alice Haines, Jas. B. Paul Brun  wz (sic)  present.

April 27, 1894 Friday  Chas. E. &  Ismelda Tebbitts came here from S. F.

April 28, 1894 Sat  Lily & Anna (mother and daughter)  returned from S. F.

April  29, 1894 Sunday  Chas. E. Tibbetts  & wife  at Mtg. & at Stockton Ave in the Evening.  We dined with them at C.E.C.’s  &  they took tea at Jas. B’s.

April 30, 1894 Monday  C. & I. Tibbetts dined at Jas. B’s  &  took tea with  Emma &  Cathie Townsend.


May 1, 1894  Chas. & Imelda Tebbitts started for home.   H.E.B. dined at Judge Reynold’s

May 5 1894, Sat  Semi Annual Mtg. of Coll. Park Assn. of Friends.   Hannah L. Neall & Marie DeNervand?? Came.  J. B. Davy, Martha Calley, Chas. Dawson, Robt Root & others from Stanford here & present??. 

May  6, 1894 Sunday  H. L. Neall, J. B. Davy, Martha Calley, Capt. Isaac N. Hibbard & party here   Dawson boys were at meeting.

            I. N. Hibberd & Sister Hannah, Alice Hyde & her Aunt Sherman & M. Calley here to dinner.

May 7, 1894   Monday  Hannah L. Neall & Maria returned home.

May 8, 1894 Tues.  Fred W. Elliott went to work in the hull??.

May 9, 1894 Wed   Sewing Circle at  Aug. Taber’s (in Palo Alto?)

May 10, 1894  Fred W. Elliott went to board at Mrs. - Elliott’s , Santa Clara.

May 11, 1894 Friday  Chas.  E. Cox went to S. F.

May  14, 1894  Monday  C. E. Cox returned from S. F.


May 20, 1894,  Sunday  In the beautiful May

                                    Is our Catharine’s Birthday,

                                    When the roses are brilliant with bloom

                                    And frequent the fields with perfume

                                       Of the new-mown hay.

May 28, 1894  Cathie & little Joel & Mary came from Tulare – Stopping on the way 2 or 3 hours at Madera, with Eddie Bean.  Ella Cox came also, at Geo. Hammond’s.

May   30, 1894 Wed.  Commencement Day at Stanford University.

May 31, 1894  I attended Commencement at University of the Pacific.


June 11, 1894 Monday  Dr. Wm H. Taylor & wife from Cincinnati were here to Dinner.  Chas. & Lily with us & Anna.

June 16, 1894 Saturday  Got in our hay.

June 17, 1894 Sunday  James Comstock of Worcester, Mass. & Ole Sawyer & nephew Jos. Hanson were at Meeting.   Jas. B. & I dined at G. N. J(ones?) with Jas. Comstock, A. Reeding at  C.E.C. at 4 p.m.  O. Sawvar??  & J. H. here to tea.

June 19, 1894 Tues.  Mother, H. & I went to Pacific Grove.

June  24, 1894 Sun  H.E.B. & I attended the Episcopal Church “St. Mary’s by the Sea” at P. Grove.


Sunday, July 1, 1894    H & I were at the Methodist Church Mr.? Oermy, Minister at P Grove.

July 4   1894 Wednesday  The Great “Strike” has stopped the Rail Roads generally.

July 8  1894  Sunday  H & I were at the Episcopal Church at P. Grove.

July 13 1894  Friday  Mother (Elizabeth Hill Bean) & I returned from P. Grove.

July 14, 1894 Sat  Lillie &  Cathie & their children with Sarah (who?  Child nurse??)  went to P. Grove.

July 15, 1894,  Sunday   H. Melville Tennay’s wife & Chas. Blaney’s wife were at mtg. & Theodore Tylor.  Theodore Tylor,  son of Chas. Tylor of Eng. Here to tea.


July 23, 1894 Mon.  The Chautauqua Assembly, deferred from 2nd inst. On account of the R.R. Strike commenced at P. Grove.


July 27, 1894 Friday  Chas. E. Cox went to Pacific Grove and left Theodore Tyler in care of his promises and “Ted”.


July 29  1894  Sun  Ole Sawyer from LeGrand, Iowa, was at meeting H.. & Geo. Hammond here to tea.

July 31, 1894 Tues.  C. E. Cox returned from P. Grove.

Aug.  1, 1894 Wednesday  Mary Hammond spent the afternoon here.

Aug. 2, 1894 Thurs.  Isaac M. Cox arrived from Tulare.

Aug. 3,  1894 Friday  I. M. Cox went to P. Grove.

            H. E. Bean returned home from P. Grove.

Aug. 4,  1894 Saturday  Chas. Roberts & wife & her son called in the evening from Vendome (hotel)  (returning from Alaska)

Aug. 5, 1894 Sun.  Chas. & Lucy Roberts & her  boy Wm. C. Longstreth of Philadelphia were at Meeting & here to dinner.   Thomas Burnett was at Mtg. (of S. J.)

Aug. 7,  1894 Tuesday  E. Morris Cox came from the Grove to C.E.C.’s  Here  to tea.

Aug. 11, 1984  Chas. E. Cox went to P. Grove.

Aug. 12,  1894 Sunday  B. H. Jones & James Bean here to dinner.

Aug. 13,  1894 Monday  Chas. Cox returned from P. Grove.

Aug. 15,  1894 Wed  I.M. Cox came from the Grove to C. E. C’s.

Aug. 26, 1894  Sun.  Amelia Armstrong was at Meeting and here to dinner.

Aug. 29, 1894 Wed.  Hannah went from Mtg. to lunch at I. Ellard Bean’s & to call on Mrs.  - Mau The Port??

Sept. 3,  1894 Monday  L.S.B.Cox returned from P. Grove.   Martha Albright came to commence(ment) at the Normal School(modern San Jose State University)

Chas.  &  R. T. Bean returned home from P. Grove.

Sept. 5, 1894 Wed  H.E.B. & Mary Hammond went to the Funeral of Harry Peaslee at Palo Alto (son of Elbert Peaslee, 8 yrs old)

Sept. 8,  1894 Saturday  Cathie & her children & Anna & C.M.Cox & Sarah returned from Pacific Grove.

Sept. 13, 1894 Thurs  Cathie went with Lily to Palo Alto, took lunch at Prof. Murray’s, & called at Dr. Jordan’s, S. Brun’s, Prof. Shoburn’s, etc. and attended some lectures.

Sept. 14, 1894 Friday  Cathie & Lily to lunch at Stephen Griffin’s & made calls.

Sept. 16, 1894 Sunday  We dined at C.E.C’s (next door house) with I. M. C’s family.

Sept. 19, 1894 Wed.  Isaac & Cathie and the Babies left us for Tulare.


Sept. 26 1894 Wed.  We took dinner at Geo. Hammond’s.

Sept. 30, 1894 Sunday  Rainy in morning.  I went to San Francisco to Mtg.  Attended Sarah B. Cooper’s Bible Class at Cong. House on Post St.   Called at Barclay Smith’s (No. 431 17th St.  (near Valencia St., S. F.) ).  Met Prof. Green & wife (Laura  Smith Green) and a large party at B. Smiths & a son of Dr. Kittridge of Santa Barbara on the train.


Oct.  8, 1894 Monday  James Bean read a paper at Ministers Mtg. On the present State of the Temperance Movement.  Much appreciated & asked for publication.

Oct. 9, 1894 Tuesday  Howard Heald from Santa Cruz (son of Hiel? & Ann? Heald) called & dined here. H. & I attended the funeral of Marcus Nelson, on the Alameda.


Oct. 13, 1894 Sat.   Stephen A. Jones came to C.E.C’s  from Pacific Grove.

            C.E.C. & I sent a Bbl of apples to I.M.C (in) Tulare.

Oct. 15, 1894  Mon.  S. A. Jones returned to  P. Grove.

Oct. 17,  1894 Wed  H.E.B. & Lily & Anna went to Sewing Circle at S. Shelley’s.

            I attend in the afternoon a Mtg. Called by the Santa Clara Home Protection Assn. in Turn Verun Hall.   Speaking  by the Pres. T. B. McChesney, Jas. B. Dr. Gautine, H. M. Tennery, Senica  Johns, J. H. Garnett, J. H Jury, ------ Cotham, etc.   Showery -

Oct. 21,  1894 Sunday   At Meeting were Seth & Sarah  Street, from nr. Santa Clara, & their bro. ---------?  & Lester? Talbot.

Oct. 22, 1894 Mon.  At Ministers meeting I heard an admirable Paper by H. Melville Tunney?  on Christianity and the Ethnic Religious.


Oct. 27, 1894 Sat  Sewing Circle at Geo. N. Jones’s at the Foothills.  From 30 to 40 attended.

Oct.  31 , 1894 Wed  Eliza  & Richard Elliott came here.


Nov. 2,  1894 Friday  E. & R. Elliott left.  Hannah L. Neall came here.

Nov. 3, 1894, Sat.   Semi Annual Meeting.  Lucy & Sarah Chase, H. L. Neall, A. Vally, Martha Calley, Prof. Green & wife, Sloin Seal, Jane Ledyard, Mrs. Dimon, R? R. Packard?,  Miss Garrison of the girls school E. San Jose.   L. &  S. Chase from N. England, staid at C.E.C’s.

Nov. 4,  1894 Sunday  H.  L. Neall, Lucy  & Lance Chase, Martha Calley, J. B. Davy, & Ann & Sally Cloud etc. were at Mtg.  & Stephen & Louise Coffin Jones & Elbert Peasley & wife.  Ann & Sarah Cloud here to tea.

Nov. 5,  1894 Monday   Lucy Chase  & her sister were here to Breakfast & left by  Stage for Saratoga.  H. L. Neall attended “Club with H.E.B.

Nov. 6, 1894    Election Day.


Nov. 10,  1894 Saturday  I went to Tulare. Lodged at the Grand Hotel.

Nov. 11,  1894 Sunday   Went out to I. M. Cox’s.


Nov. 16,  1894 Friday   H.E.B. went to Tulare.

Nov. 18, 1894, Sun  Isaac & I attended the Congregational Church in Tulare – Wedge, Pastor.

Nov. 23,  1894 Friday.   H. & I with Isaac’s family dined at  Benja  Cox’s.

Nov. 25,  1894 Sunday.   Cathie & I attended the Conj. Church.

Nov. 29,  1894 Thursday.   Thanksgiving Day.  Benj. & Ella & Alvin Cox dined with us at I. M. Cox’s.     The family at home (San Jose)  dined at James Beans.


Dec. 2,  1894 Sunday.  H.E.B. &  Isaac & Cathie attended Cong. Church.


Dec. 13, 1894 Thursday   H.E.B.   & I left I. M. Cox's and lodged at the Grand Hotel in Tulare.

Dec. 14,  1894 Friday   We took the 7:12 train at Tulare.   Stopped off at Madera from 10 to 7 O'clock with Ed. & Edith Bean and reached home in the Evening.


================= End of 1894 Daily Entries =====================




CASH ACCT:  Feb.   1, 1894  Mtg. Apportionment    $4.60 ?

1, 1894  Pd. Thos. Cope for Sewer at P.G.  $19.56

Assessment 1894 (March)

            6 lots 2.3.4.Bl.27          $21.00

                                    1             6          $ 8.50

                        Improvements.           $20.00

 June 16  Pd S Toney for Haying $ 6.75

June 18   Two cords wood           $12.00

July  13, 1894   Exp. at P. Grove            $72.35

July 17  Pd Wm T. Hyde for wood $14.60

                 (2 cords tan oak)

Oct. 10-Pd. tax  1st Installment $34.31

Oct. 15-Sent Tax to Salinas           $ 6.30

Oct. 23-Sent tax to P. Grove         $ 2.68


DEC. 1894—Spent at Tulare

            For Addition to house        $50.00

            For Family                         $36.85

             Expenses of Journey          $32.25


Left to Expend on Land               $25.00


103  Letters  are  listed on 5 pages, by sender’s name and date arrived,  with date  of  reply listed by  almost all of the letters.—by month of reply.


53 addresses are written on 5  address pages.   18 are in California, including:

            Friends Mtg. In S. F.

            WCTU     McAllister  St.   Opposite Hall of Records


========================= END OF 1894 DIARY ===================