1892 J.BEAN Diary, by Tom King of San Jose, Ca. Jun. 1996

Source:  J. Bean Papers, Friends Historical Library, Swarthmore College, Pa.





June 26, 1892 Sun, Anna went with her grandmother & me to the Episcopal Church (in Pacific Grove)  her first experience of the kind.  She was quiet thro’ the long service. (ANNA Cox WAS 4 YRS OLD)

Oct. 31, 1892 Mon.--Catharine M.(Cox)  was telling something that she did when she was a “big girl”.  Anna looked at her & said, “Thee never was a big girl, Catharine.  Thee aren’t a candle”.

One day baby Joel Bean Cox (Isaac Cox family) was crying, and Anna said he had gotten his nose wrinkled up and could not get it unwrinkled.






Jan. 4, 1892 Mon.-We all attended the Funeral of Walter Murdock, at Geo. N. Jones

Jan. 7, 1892 Thurs--Joel Bean Cox was born. (Only surviving child, Isaac & Catharine E. Bean Cox.)

Jan. 8, 1892 Fri.----Isaac M. Cox went to Tulare to attend to his land.

Jan. 27, 1892 Wed--Ruth B. Ridges & Miss Canney? Were at Mtg. & here to dinner

Feb. 3, 1892 Wed---Hugh Maxwell was at Mtg. with Frank Rambo’s wife

Feb. 17, 1892 Wed--Mary Cooper and Lizzie Patton a minister were at Mtg. from Stockton Ave: & called here in the afternoon.

Feb. 22, 1892 Mon.--At Ministerial Union I read a little account of the Famine in Russia. It was decided to take collection in the Churches & F.D. Schools.

Feb. 23, 1892 Tues.--H(Hannah) & I with C.U. C.?  Drove out to Agnews Asylum & called on Katie Boland, an inmate who once worked here.

Feb. 24, 1892 Wed---Sent $90 to J. G. Barclay, London, for Russian Sufferers.

MAR 9, 1892 Wed---Isaac M. Cox returned from Tulare

Mar 12, 1892 Sat---Prof. Edwd Griggs & wife from Stanford University came to Charles {COX} to spend the night. He gave a Lecture in the evening to the Shakespeare Club on the “Ethics of Hamlet”, a large company.

Mar 13, 1892 Sun---Prof. Griggs & wife at Mtg. & called here in afternoon {NEXT DOOR}   Mrs. Newly? & niece (from Willow & Bird Sh?) also

Mar 29, 1892 Tues.--Dr. Minthorne came here from Salem, Oregon

Mar 31, 1892 Thurs-Dr. Minthorne left for Pasadena & the East.

April 11, 1892 Mon.--I went to Pacific Grove

April 13, 1892 Wed--Began some improvement on Cottage at Grove.  Had the kitchen roof raised & turned to _____________ with the roof of the middle room & --

Apr. 25, 1892 Mon.---Lily & the children & Cordelia went to Pacific Grove.

Apr. 29, 1892 Friday--I returned home from Pacific Grove.  Isaac Sharp arrived from Japan with his companion Dr. Dixon.


May 1, 1892 Sunday--Isaac Sharp and Dr. Dixon were at meeting today.  They dined at Geo. Hammond’s & called here in the p.m.  Lena Taylor was at Mtg. & called here.

May 4, 1892 WED----Isaac Sharp & Elizabeth Shelley were at meeting and here to dinner. JAMES CANNEY & CHAS REYNOLDS were at meeting.

May 9, 1892 Mon.--Isaac Sharp attended the Ministers Mtg. And addressed them

May 10, 1892 Tues.- Isaac Sharp & I started for Oregon, taking afternoon train to Oakland, & 7:30 p.m. Train there for Portland.

May 12, 1892 Thurs --I. S. & I arrived in Portland in morning.  ----Rec’d a call from Jesse Hobson (at Portland House).

May 13, 1892 Fri.-----Went from Portland to Newberg . . .  . B.C. Miles met, welcomed at his home.  Attended Q. M. Of M. & O in the p.m.  John

Henry Douglas president.

May 14, 1892 Sat.--Attended Q. M. At Newberg.  Dined at Jesse Edwards

            I. S. Gave lecture in the eve on his travels.

May 15, 1892 Sun---At Newberg Q. M.  Dined at James Vestal’s

May 16, 17, 1892 MON & TUES --separated from I.S., met Clark & Anna Miles.

May 18, 1892 Wed--went Portland, joined I.S., Portland House, Mtg. at Jesse Hobson’s in evening.

May 19, 1892 Thurs----Day in Portland, I was at the opening of the Presbyterian General Assembly in the a.m.

May 20, 1892 Friday---I. S. & I went from Portland to Salem to B. s. Cook’s.  . . . .             At Salem Q. M. Of M. & O. In the p.m.  John H. Douglass & wife & Martin Cook present.

May 22, 1892 Sunday---Q. Mtg. At Salem. .  Sermon by J. H. Douglass.  A Missionary Mtg. in the P.M.

MON, TUES, WED. 1892,-- trip 28 miles to Cascade Mts., Salem again, Portland, visiting Friends all the way.

May 26, 1892 Thurs,-- Returning homeward   Catharine E. B. Cox started for Los Angeles to conduct the Bryn  Mawr Ex. There.

May 27, 1892 Fri.------I returned home from Oregon with Isaac Sharp.

June 1, 1892 Wed-----C. E. B. Cox returned from Los Angelos & Santa Monica.

June 2 & 3, 1892 Thurs & Fri.---H. E. B. Went & returned from S. F.

June 12, 1892 Sun--Jas. & H.E.B. & I went to see Isaac Sharp at S. Shelley’s in the p.m.

June 14, 1892 Tues.--H. E. B. & L. S. Cox & I went to P. Grove.  Jas. B. went also.

June 16, 1892 Thurs---I. M. Cox & family went to the (Pacific) Grove

June 18, 1892 Sat--Jas. B. Returned home.  Hannah L. Neall & his daughter Lily De Nervand & little Marie went to Jas. B.’s Cottage from S. F.

June 20, 1892 MON--I. M. Cox went from the Grove to Tulare

July 4, 1892 Mon.--I returned home from the Grove

July 5, 1892 Tues.-----L. S. B. Cox & Catharine M. Of Cordelia went to P. Grove.  Also Belle Lawrence & children.   I. M. Cox returned from Tulare.

July 8, 1892 Fri.-------H. E. B. Returned home from Pacific Grove.

July 9, 1892 Sat-------C. E. Cox went to the Grove.

July 10, 1892 Sunday-Jonathan E. Rhoads & E. Smith attended our Meeting. 

James & H. E. B. Went with them in the p.m. to see Isaac Sharp.  In the evening H. E. B. & I accompanied them to STOCKTON AVE. MTG.

July 11, 1892 Mon.-----J.E. RHOADS & E. SMITH made calls at Sam C. Brun’s, C. Davis’s, John Cloud's??, Geo. Hammond’s, & A. Allen’s & tea with H.E.B & I at Geo. N. Jones’s.   C. E. Cox returned from the Grove this morning.

July 12, 1892 Tues.-Rhoads & Smith left for S. F. -Train for Oregon tonight.

July 20, 1892 WED-----Isaac Sharp was out to meeting again for the first time after a severe illness by which he has been confined since his return from Oregon.

July 23, 1892 SAT-----C. E. Cox went to Pacific Grove.

July 24, 1892 Sun--Isaac Sharp was at Meeting.  Henry D. Hollingsworth & wife U parents ? ? From Santa Cruz were at Mtg.  The Parents Chas. & Nancy Hollingsworth & Nancy Gardiner were here to dinner.

July 25, 1892 MON-----C. E. C. Returned from the Grove.

July 31, 1892 Sunday---Isaac Sharp & Elizabeth Shelley and John Sunday from Iowa were at Mtg. & here to dinner.

Many visitors come & go.

Aug. 6, 1892 SAT------C. E. Cox went to Pacific Grove

Aug. 7, 1892 Sunday-----I went to STOCKTON AVE MTG with Isaac Sharp.

Aug. 8, 1892 Mon.-------R. T. Bean & Prude Miles went to Pacific Grove

C. E. Cox returned from P.G.

Aug. 9, 1892 Tues.------E. H. Shelley & Isaac Sharp went to Pacific Grove for a week or two

Aug. 11, 1892 Thurs----Cathie E. B. Cox and Prudence Miles came from the Grove

Aug. 12, 1892 Fri.------Prude Miles left for S.F. To take Steamer on 7th day for Portland, Oregon.

Aug. 21, 1892 Sun------Isaac Sharp at our Mtg.

 6, 1892 Tues.-----H(annah) & I went to San Francisco to see Isaac Sharp off on the S.S. Gaclie for China at 3 p. m.. (Siwert Shelley & wife there also) And then went on to Benicia to cousin Jas. R. Bean’s.

 7, 1892 WED---At cousin Jas. R. Bean’s Cousin Anna’s sister Mary Harley & her son Herbert & daughter Anna--Cousin Edwin H. Bean & wife Minnie & little Ena? & several of the Sanborn family were in to see    us.  Also, Bro. Moill??, The Cong Minister. John G. Whittier died today.

Sept. 15, 1892, Thurs---Benjamin Jones and Geo. and Wilhelmina {BELL)} Jones went to our Cottage in Pacific Grove for a few days.

 20, 1892, Tues.-Mother, H. & I dined by invitation at Stephen            Griffin’s

 30, 1892 Fri.------Elizabeth B. Miles came from Pasadena.

            B. Jay Mills commenced Mtgs. in S.J. (In a large tent in evening)

Oct. 1, 1892 Sat--------Jas. & E. B. M. & I went to the Mills Mtg. in the Baptist Tabernacle in the evening.

Oct. 3, 1892 Mon.-------Ninetieth Birthday of Elizabeth Bean.  (Anna Cox sang, at 5 yrs old)   I attended Mills Mtg. in the p. m..  James family, C. E. Cox’s & I. M. Cox’s here to tea.

Oct. 4 & 5, 1892, Tues. & Wed---E.B.M. & Hannah & I attended Mills Mtg. at Methodist House at 3:30 p.m.

Oct. 10, 1892 Monday----the Mills Mtgs. closed today.

Oct.   13 1892, Thurs----E. B. Miles left for home.  I went to see her off at Oakland & staid at Lick House S.J.

OCT 15, 1892-- Oct. 17, 1892--Rebecca H. Smiley from S.F. Visited--Mtg., tea at Chas.

Oct. 17, 1892, Mon.---Mary Harley of Benicia came to attend the W.C.T.U. State Convention which commenced this evening.

Oct. 18, 1892, Tues. --The State Convention of the W.C.T.U. In San Jose.  Devotional Exercises opened by H.E.B. This morning.

Oct. 22, 1892 Sat---Cousin Anna Bean and Mary Harley returned Benicia.


Nov. 3, 1892 Thurs--Chas. E. Tibbetts (son of Joel's sister from Whittier, Ca.)  came here from Oregon, returning from Iowa, Wester, & Indiana Y. Mtgs. & the Conference at Indianapolis.

Nov. 4, 1892, Friday—Chas. E. Tibbetts started home.      Bert Hoover came from L.S.J.U. To spend the night here with his grandmother

Herbert Hoover address in back of “Diary” with Prof. Branner, Stanford                                                


Nov. 5, 1892, Sat.----College Park Ass of Friends Mtg. in the p.m.

Nov. 6, 1892 Sunday---Chas. & I attended Dr. Crook’s lecture in the p.m. In town on the Methodist Colleges, particularly the U. P.

Nov. 24, 1892 Thurs--Thanksgiving Day, Jas. & Roanna, Bert & Harry & Chas. and Isaac’s families here to dinner’

Nov. 27, 1892 Sunday--A very Stormy day.  Only James & C. Davis got to Mtg.  We had own Mtg. with children at home.

Nov. 29, 1892 Tues.--Isaac Cox went to Tulare

Morris Cox came to C’s from his school at Tomales

Nov. 30, 1892 Wed--A great storm of rain & wind.  Chas. could not get home from Stanford University on account of a washout.

Dec. 6, 1892, Tues.--Cathie & baby (Joel Bean Cox) and I went to Tulare--to a house in town Isaac had rented for a month.  There met by Benj. & Ella Cox & Alvin With Isaac.

Dec. 7, 1892, Wed---Rode out to Isaac’s orchard

Dec. 11, 1892 Sun--------Attended Congregational Church at Tulare.    In the p.m. Isaac & Cathie & Baby & I went to Benjamin Cox’s

Dec. 13, 1892 Tues.-------Commenced work on Cathie’s house.    The Well was bored 58 ft. Deep.  Cost 75 cts. per ft.  And Pump.

Dec. 25, 1892 Sunday-----Isaac & Cathie & I dined by invitation at B. Cox’s.  Fred Hadley was at home

Dec. 28, 1892 Wed---Morris Cox arrived at Tulare

Dec. 29, 1892 Thurs----Isaac & Cathie moved into their house--”The Cabin”

Dec. 31, 1892 Sat. -Finished work on the “Cabin.


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