1890 J. BEAN “ENGAGEMENT CALENDAR” copied Oct. 24, 1998  

by Tom M. King of San Jose, CA. Quaker Meeting (College Park).

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            Joel Bean (1825-1914) moved to San Jose, California, in 1882 and kept 36 “Engagement Calendars” from 1883 to 1913, 30 years.  A few years have  “extra” diaries and 1886 is missing.


            This 1890 diary is typical of Joel’s  diaries, a  black leather bound volume about  5  X 3  inches cover, about an inch thick, with three dates pre-printed on each page .  The title of  the volume is  Bancroft’ pacific coast diary for 1888, Containing  Useful Memoranda and Tables for Reference, Published Annually,  San Francisco.  The  first  60 pages are the  “useful . . . reference”


            Only dates with hand written entries are listed. 




Jan. 1, 1890 Wed:  A New Year’s dinner at the Meeting house after Meeting.


Feb. 7, 1890  Friday:  Sowed some Lettuce, Radish & Onion seeds.   H.E.B, took Lunch at T. Ellard Beans.

Feb. 14, 1890  Friday:  Had C’s lot & Mtg. House lot plowed by Geo. Stevens.

Feb. 15, 1890, Sat:   G. Stevens sowed Wheat on C.E. B’s lot & Mtg. house lot.  I put in Carrot seed.

Feb. 16, 1890  Sunday:  Attended the Funeral of Annis Cox [1873-1890] , (17 year old 6th of 7 children of Benjamin and Mary Morris Cox)  at Stockton Ave. Mtg. house, conducted by Truman Cooper.

Feb. 22, 1890  Sat:  Began to take milk of Scanlow  1 qt per day.


Mar 3, 1890, Monday:  H.E.B. – L.S.B.C. & I attended the funeral of Dr. Henry Ledyard, at Dr. Corey’s.

Mar 4, 1890, Tues.:  Planted Sweet corn etc.

Mar 13, 1890, Thurs:  Cathie went to Napa to a Y.M.C.A & Y.W.C.A.  for  colleges

Mar 14, 1890, Fri.:  H. & I & Mother took tea at C.E.C. with ------ Woods & wife.

            Prof. Thobure? & wife, Prof. Hays & wife, Arthur Briggs & Prof. Ewing there in the Evening. (& Isaac Cox)

Mar 15, 1890, Sat:  Cathie came from Napa to S. F. & staid a(t) Christy Davis’s.

Mar 16, 1890, Sunday:  Cathie returned home from S. F. before Mtg.  Jane Ledyard & May at Mtg.  & ------ Beck from Santa Clara.


April 1, 1890 Tues.:  I went to the Foothills with James & got the Brindle heifer   2 yrs old.   Phebe Slocum called here.

April 2, 1890, Wed:  Philip C. Garret from Phila & Phebe Slocum from N. Eng.—were at Meeting.   Mabel Hutchinson & her aunt Deborah Hutchinson here in p.m. and at C.E.C’s to tea.

April 3, 1890, Thurs:  We took tea at C. Elas with Philip & Elizabeth Garrett & their daughter Fanny.

April 10, 1890, Thurs:  The Carpenters – Crosbi & Wm. Chapman commenced work on the Cottage.

April 13, 1890, Sun:  H.E.B. & I attended Methodist Church at the .  Dr. Briggs preached.

April 22, 1890, Tues.:  The Carpenters finished the Cottage outside.    The Painters Geo. Ferris & Sprague had first coat of paint put on.

April 24, 1890, Thurs:  Painting of Cottage outside finished.

April 26, 1890, Sat:  We returned from Pacific Grove.

April 27, 1890, Sun:  H. & I dined at G. N. Jones’s with Lucy Tolsom.

May 6, 1890, Tues.:   C.E. & L.S.B.Cox took tea here.

May 7, 1890, Wed.:  H.E.B. went to Los Gatos to the County W.G.T.U. and staid at Jesse Hill’s.

May 8, 1890, Thurs:  Ellwood Graham & wife from Michigan, Cousin of Hannah Thisthwaite of Eng. Called here.   H.E.B. returned from Los Gatos.   Jas. & R. returned from P. Grove.

May 10, 1890, Sat:   Edwin and Mary E. Morrison came here.

May 11,  1890, Sun:  E. & .M.E.  M.  dined at C.E.C’s & took tea at Jas. B’s

May 12, 1890, Mon.:  Edwin & Mary Morrison went to P. Grove to our Cottage.

May 15, 1890, Thurs:  B & M. Jones & Lucy  Davis Folsom & C. & L. Cox here to Lunch.

May 16, 1890,  Fri.:  Began to furnish milk to J. Clouds family  1 qt daily.

May 17, 1890, Sat:  Clark & Anna Miles and Edwin & Mary Morrison came up from P. Grove (the former to Jas. B’s.)

May 18, 1890, Sun:  C. & A. Miles here to tea.

May 19, 1890, Mon.:   Edwin & Mary Morrison left for Bloomingdale, Indiana.  C. & A. Miles returned to P. Grove to Jas. B’s Cottage.

May 20, 1890, Tues.:  B.H. & Mahalath Jones & Lucy & Davis Folsom  went to P. Grove To our  Cottage.   Catharine Morris Cox was born near  8  O’clock in the Evening.

May 21, Wed:  Mary Tatum of New York here to tea.

May 25, 1890 Sun:  At 3 ;.m. attended Service & dedication of the new Chapel at U. P.  Baccalaureate Sermon by Dr. Jewell.

May 26, 1890, Mon.:   B. G. Miles & wife came here from The Grove.

May 27, 1890, Tues.:  Clark Miles & wife left for Pasadena.   Archanian?  Society at U. Pacific that Evng.  Address of Dr. Minton.

May 28, 1890, Wed:  H. & I went to Truman Cooper’s Birthday reception in p.m.  Met Addison & Rebecca Naylor & other Friends -  Rhizomian Society in the Evening at U. P.   Address by  F?action --? Oakland.

May 29, 1890, Thurs:  Attended Commencement at the University.  Oration  by JM Glahn?, Wilcox, Blake McCaughey,  Susie  Kingsbury & Lulu M. Mayne  and Masters Oration by J. R. Welch, S.J.

June 10, 1890, Tues.:  Jesse E. Russell was buried at Oak Grove ?? Cemetery, from Tomales.

June 14, 1890, Sat:  I was at Mo. Mtg. At Stockton Ave.---John Henry Douglas ( evangelical minister)  & wife were there.

June 18, 1890, Wed:  At tent Mtg. in the p.m. held by J. H. Douglas.

June 20, 1890, Friday:  At Tent Mtg. P.m.

June 25, 1890, Wed:  J. H. Douglas at Meeting.   I was at tent Mtg. in the p.m.   Benjamin Miles died at Newberg, Oregon, (husband of Joel's sister, Elizabeth R. Bean Miles)  about 6 this Evening.

June 26, 1890, Thurs:  Cathie & I went to Foothills to take telegram.

June 27, 1890, Fri.:  C. E. Cox went to Amador to visit a pupil  -----  Treglon & see some gold mines.

June 28, 1890, Sat:  Frances Walkins came here.   Thos. W. Jackson of Sausalito here to tea.

June 29, 1890, Sunday:  Thos. W. Jackson & Frances Watkins were married at 10 a.m. by Dr. Jewell.  We attended the marriage & returned to our Meeting.   J.W.J. & wife here to tea.


July 1, 1890, Tues.:  H.E.B. & C.E.B. went to Pacific Grove.   C. E. Cox returned from Amador.

July 2, 1890, Wed:  C.E.C’s family went to the Grove.

July 6, 1890, Sun:  Adonijah Gregory & wife were at meeting.  & Belle Cole & son.

July 13, 1890, Sun:  Miriam Maxwell, from Kansas was at meeting with her son Edwin   Rambo.

July 15, 1890, Tues.:  I called at Truman Cooper’s

July 17, 1890, Thurs:  Mother & I took dinner at Henry Trejos with his sister Rebecca Woodruff from Phila & with B.H & M. E. Jones & Geo. & W. B. Jones.

July 21, 1890, Mon.:  Chas. E. Cox returned from Pacific Grove.

July 23, Wed:  Elizabeth B. Miles (Joel's sister)  came from Oregon.

July 25, 1890, Fri.:  Mary Hammond here to tea.

July 27, 1890, Sun:  Mother, E. B. Miles, C E. Cox & I dined at Jas. Bean’s

July 31, 1890, Thurs:   H. E. Bean returned from P. Grove.


Aug. 2, 1890, Sat:  E. B. M. & Mother & H. & I called at Frank Rambo’s & at Addison Naylor’s

Aug. 3, 1890, Sun:  Edwin Rambo & his Mother Miriam Maxwell dined here.

We took tea at G. N. Jones’s with David Tolsom & wife & other Friends.

Aug. 4, 1890, Mon.:  E. B. M. & Mother & H. made calls at Amanda Taylor’s & at Truman Cooper’s

Aug. 6, 1890, Wed:  David Tolsom & wife & the Jones’s &  ?  & M. Hammond took tea here.

Aug. 9, 1890 Sat:  The Children returned from Pacific Grove.  E. B. Miles & I attended Mo. Mtg.  We took tea at Jas. B’s with the Folsoms & Joneses

Aug. 12, 1890, Tues.:  Mother & E. B. Miles went to Pacific Grove.

Aug. 19, 1890, Tues.:  Albert & Mary Tebbetts (Charles Albert, and Joel's other sister, Mary Hill  Bean Tebbetts)  came to the Cottage at P. Grove by Steamer to Monterey.

Aug. 25, 1890, Mon.:  H. and I went to Pacific Grove.

Aug. 27, 1890, Wed:   A Consecration Service and Confirmation at the Episcopal Ch.   P. Grove.

Aug. 31, 1890, Sunday:  We attended Mtg. at M. E. Church, Pacific Grove.


Sept. 3, 1890, Wed:  Robert Harding from Ipswich, England, came to see us but in our absence went to G. N. Jones’s & made a short visit – returning to S. F. in the p.m.

Sept. 5, 1890, Fri.:  H.E.B. returned from the Grove.

Sept. 8, 1890, Mon.:  Albert Tebbetts & I attended a Lecture to Theological Students by Dr. Briggs.

Sept. 9, 1890, Tues.:  Our party at the Grove went to Lake Magella? & Moss Beach.   A & I went to a mtg. for young Ministers. Several speakers.

Sept. 10, 1890, Wed:  The Methodist Annual Conference commenced at P. Grove.  Bishop Godsell, presiding.

Sept. 11, 1890, Thurs:   Conference of the Laity in the p.m.  Miss Sevevance read a paper on Woman Delegates to General Conference.

Sept. 12, 1890, Fri.: I returned from Pacific Grove.

Sept. 17, 1890, Wed:  Mother and E.B. Miles and Albert & Mary Tebbetts came up from the Grove.

Sept. 18, 1890, Thurs: Cathie took A. & M. T,  & Eliza  to call at A. Naylors and Truman Cooper’s.

 Sept. 19, 1890, Fri.:  Albert & Mary and Eliz & Mother went to the Foothills to lunch at Jas. B’s(ranch in Evergreen area of Santa Clara Valley, East foothills. Tk)

Sept. 21, 1890, Sun:  Jas. & Roanna and all bros. & sisters have to dinner.

Sept. 23, 1890, Tues.:  Albert and Mary Tebbetts left for home.

Sept. 24, 1890, Wed:  Amos Jones (from Sandwich Isles) was at Mtg. & here to dinner.  He has been north to Alaska & Newberg & --  -  -

Sept. 27, 1890, Sat:  Thos. Davis and wife came here from San Leandro.

Sept. 28, 1890, Sun:   Thomas Davis & wife were at Mtg. and appointed one in the Eveng.  They took tea at Geo. N. Jones’s.  Amos Jones was at mtg.   Tong Sing Kow was at mtg. & called here .  Expecting to sail for China on 4th day next.

Sept. 29, 1890, Mon.:  Thos. Davis and wife left for Salinas to visit his sister.

Oct. 1, 1890, Wed:  E. B. Miles went to Wm. E. Ward’s & staid.

Oct. 3, Fri.:  Mother’s Birthday (1802-1899).   Jas. & R. and Chas. & Lydia here to tea.

Oct. 7, 1890, Tues.:  E. B. Miles left for home.  I went with her to San Francisco.  Called in the Eveg at C. Davis.  I staid at John Paigis.

Oct. 8, Wed:  Called on Hannah L. Neall.   Returned home in the p.m.

Nov. 1, 1890, Sat:  Annual meeting of the College Park Asso. Of Friends at the Mtg. house.  Pres. S. J. Bruin, Sec. C. E. Bean, Trustees A. Allen, G. Hammond, G. N. Jones, C. E. Cox, S. Griffens.

Nov. 2, 1890, Sun:  Commenced a few bible Sessions on Revelations.

Nov. 3, 1890, Mon.:  Attended Ministers Mtg. at San Jose & read Essay on Peace.  Ten Ministers were present.

Nov. 5, 1890, Wed:  At a W.C.T.U. mtg. at Santa Clara in the evening.  H.E.B. spoke on “the  Holy Spirit & The Word”

Nov.  6, 1890, Thurs:  Elisa & Ida Shelly came & spent the night.  A social religious mtg. held at the mtg. house - -

Nov. 10, 1890, Mon.:  At Ministers’ Union, Dr Anthony read a Paper on Training of Children.  10 or 11 present.

Nov. 11, 1890, Tues.:  H. E. B. went to Oakland to John & Lulu Adrianies’ to spend a week there  &  in S. F.

Nov. 13, 1890, Thurs:  Meeting in the Eveng at G. N. Jones’s.

Nov. 17, 1890, Monday:  H. E. B. returned from S. F.

Nov. 18, 1890, Tues.:  Jennie Popere & her Mother called

Nov. 20, 1890, Thurs:  The Young Friends mtg. here in the Eveng.

Nov. 26, 1890, Wed:  I attended Teachers’ Institute at the High School building on Santa Clara St., San Jose.  The State Supt. J. Coyt & Anderson present.

Nov. 27, 1890, Thurs.:  Thanksgiving Day.  Isaac Cox, Cathie & I attended a Union Service in the Baptist House, San Jose.     Jas. & Roanna & Harry & C.E.C. family & I. C. here to dinner.

Dec. 16, 1890, Tues.:  We took tea at C.E.Cox’s    A Birthday Company (Joel Bean's birthday)  at C.E.C’s in the Evening.  Frds of the Mtg. invited.  Geo. N. Holway present.

Dec. 21, 1890, Sun:  J.  Eddie Bean returned home from Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Dec. 24, 1890, Wed:  We all took tea at Jas. B’s with C. E. C’s family & I. M. C.

Dec. 26, 1890, 1890, Fri.:  H.E.B. & Cathie & C. & I. Cox went to a Chinese dinner at their Mission where were about a hundred invited guests.




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What follows are in the back 60? Pages of this 1890 Diary, including Memoranda pages, Joel’s monthly Cash Accts., his addresses book, and list of correspondents with dates answered.


 Also, three pieces of paper are folded up and placed in the rear cover area of the volume. 




For the voices pursue him by day

And haunt him by night

And he listens and needs must obey

When the Angel says “Write” “

With a love that deepens each passing year.  Thy H.E.B.



            What if Gran.pa’s beard be gray?

                        Baby’s hair is gold!

            And in her he finds again

                        All his years retold.      (over)

Thy children’s children shall rise up and call the blessed.  To “Dada Dear from Auntie Cafunn”  2.16.1889


NEXT is the draft of a letter to Joel Bean’s future son-in-law:


As Copied:                           1st mo. 21. 1890.


Dear Isaac.

            Thy letter brings upon me a duty that I could have wished postponed to a later date, when time might have brought additional aids to the decision of so important a question.

            Our Cathie has been in a peculiar sense (which may not be known to thee) a child of many prayers.  She has been twice given to us (see 1872-73 Diary of English trip, cut short by illness of Cathie—tk.) :  and we have longed thro’ the years, that her life might fulfill the purpose of Him who gave it.  This is the one thing above all others that we desire for her. 

            I can contemplate marriage (TO BACK OF SHEET OF PAPER)  As designed to be Entered into upon “Holy ground”   And I realize how much depends upon Every step in reference to it being taken in the counsel of the Lord. 

            You both doubtless seek this:  and feel in some measure the responsibilities of such a relation as one another’s keepers and one another’s helpers in the spiritual life.

            Thou cannot think we ask too much, if for our child’s life companion we want the very best, a true and fine and noble Christian character.

            We will hope that in (crossed out words)


(writing in two lines  squeezed along side of page)    Trusting that a wise prudence may be your’s in future plannings, I accept the prospect with the hope that in thee as a son our aspirations may be satisfied.   THY FRD.  J. B.





            I SAAC SHARP’S MOTTO:   adopted 2nd Mo. 1886

                        “Attenda ad me et vidibus”

                                    “Look unto me

                                    And thou shall see”

I. S (Isaac Sharp?? A guess. tk)   born 7. Mo. 4. 1806.


“Speak to the Earth and it

will teach thee”

            Quoted by Asa Staples, Sen

Is it in the Proverbs?

Passages from Bishop Goodsell at the opening of the Conference, Pacific Grove 9th mo. 10.

            The inspiration of Holiness, the serenity of humility is on looking

            To our Lord Jesus Christ.  (over)

“We know not yet the whole breadth of Our nation, nor all the possibilities of



“When ready to bear the full glory of heaven, God takes us.”

“There is no Excuse for our unbelief (after 18 centuries of Christ’s work in the world by His Spirit:)  There might have been some when men saw him under the same limitations that we are”


“The Christian life will look narrow and sad only as we look down and not up.”


This day be bread & peace my lot,

            All underneath the Sun

Thou knowist if lust bestowed or not,

            Had let thy will be done.

                                    Pope’s Universal Prayer


He was one whose open face

            Did his inmost heart reveal,

One who wore with meekest grace

            On his forehead Heaven’s Crosed?? Seal:

Like a patriarchal sage,

            Holy, humble, courteous, mild,

He could blend the awe of age

            With the sweetness of a child

                                    James Montgomery.


(From The Richardsons of Cleveland)




January:  7  Pd for Coal                                          $3.25


February:  15   Pd Geo. Stevens for putting         $5.00

                                    In 2 lots in wheat

                        Pd for wheat                                                  $3.00


March 1890,: 22  Lumber $4.95 + $1.70                $6.65

                                                L.S.B.C.                                              $2.75

April:  Pd Geo. N. Jones Mtg. House

                        For J. B. $10.00

                        For C.E.B.$2.00


Opposite April Page:  Expanded our Cottage in Pacific Grove.

22. Carpenters Bill & Extras paid                   $184.80

25. Painters Bill paid                                             $ 23.90

            Total                                                                      $208.70

            Repairs & Improvements                      $    3.00

            4 chairs. 65                                                 $   2.60

            Water bill $1.25, cutting wood $4.00

            Hong Lee 4/5 day $1.00

            Cathies Excursion?? $3.00 ticket $1

            Pin cushion .25c                                        $  10.50

            Fare $4.00  Exp.- $1.00                                      $ 5.00


May:  16  Redwood. 3 cords? Corners? Cash? $12.00

24.  Pd ---? Eaton for cutting & bailing $ 2.00

28            Hay  Pd for hauling hay           $ 2.50


June:  14            Pd for shoes                                   3.00


July:      3           Paint                                                 1.40

               10         Paint                                                               .75

              12           Paint                                                              .10

               31          is for Phila Friend                           2.05

August:   4        Pd for Wood-6 cords                    $50.75

14    Pd Dalstrom for repairing Pump $  3.00


Sept.:       24   Sent for the Voice                $  1.00


Oct.:          8  Exp. To S.F. with E.B.M.                      $  5.00


Nov.:         Bal. due B.C.Miles—Rent paid up to 11/13  $5.42

                  1   Paid Tax                                                            $69.81

                  3   Sent Tax to Salinas                              $  7.92

                        P. Grove taxes                                                $  1.25

           19 Rec from G. N. J. returned furnish Mtg.    $ 7.00

            20   Cellular Collar                                           $   .25


Opposite Nov. 1890 Page:    Oregon 10 Acre Lot

            1888   First cost                                                         $180.

            4 Mo.   Expanded on it to date                   $151.08

                        Record Deed                                     $    1.25

            1889  Sent 5 mo.                                           $ 60.25


                        Expended for trees $118.80

                        Getting? Tending??   84.10             $202.90

                        Up to 11 mos. 1890                          $595.48


December 1, 1890:  Pd G.N.J. Notary                    $    1.00

                                    For blank deed                                 $      .10

 25  Presents                                      $    6.35

                                                                                              $      .35

After Cash Accts.—another “MEMORANDA.’ Page lists the publications Joel takes—Friend (2.00) Voice (1.00) Independent (5.00) CEC PO Box Rent (1.50)  Ch Worker (1.00)  B. Friend(4.97) in pounds.


27 Address book places are filled with mostly local people.


Under “Letters” 4 pages are filled with names of writer and the date answered.  86 dates of replies are listed by month and day.


===========  (End of 1890 Joel Bean Diary ===============


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