1889 J. BEAN “ENGAGEMENT CALENDAR” copied Oct. 26, 1998

by Tom King of San Jose, CA. Quaker Meeting (College Park).


            Joel Bean (1825-1914) moved to San Jose, California, in 1882 and kept 36 “Engagement Calendars” from 1883 to 1913, 30 years.  A few years have  “extra” diaries and 1886 is missing. 

            This 1889 diary is typical of Joel’s  diaries, a  black leather bound volume about  5  X 3  inches cover, about an inch thick, with three dates pre-printed on each page .  The title of  the volume is  Bancroft’ pacific coast diary for 1889, Containing  Useful Memoranda and Tables for Reference, Published Annually,  San Francisco.  The  first  60 pages are the  “useful . . . reference”


            Only dates with hand written entries are listed.

=========================1889  ============================


Jan. 1, 1889 Tues.:  We all dined at Abner Allen's   Eclipse of the Sun almost to total at 1:30 p.m. plainly visible.

Jan. 3, 1889, Thursday:  Annual Mtg. of Ex. Com. of C.L.S.C. at University.

    H.E.B. went to Alex Harrison’s & staid a night.

Jan. 6, 1889, Sunday: Prof. Howe of Denver University came to dine with Chas. E. Cox.

Jan. 22, 1889, Tues.:  Jesse and Mary Edwards & their daughter Mabel, & bro.-in-law Wm. Grant came here.  They went to S.J. in the P.M. with Jas. B. & the Edwards’ returned & staid here

Jan. 23,1889, Wednesday:  The Friends were at meeting & here to dinner.  James took them to the Foothills (ranch).

Jan. 27, 1889, Sunday:  Jesse & Mary Edwards at mtg. and at G.N. Jones to dinner.  and G. Hammonds to tea - H.E.B. & I were at G.H to  tea with them.

Jan. 29, 1889 Tuesday:  The carpenters began work on C E. Cox’s house (next door on corner of Newhall and Chapman in 1998. tk)

                        Abbie & Libbie Roberts here.

Feb. 2, 1889, Saturday:  L.S.B.Cox went S. F.& returned.

Feb. 3, 1889, Sun:  Fred Dawson here to dinner.

Feb. 5, Tuesday:  Attended the funeral of Sarah Mendenhall.

Feb. 6, 1889, Wed:  I went out with E. Shelley to their Saratoga Ranch.

Feb. 7, 1889, Thursday:   Mother, H. & I went to the Foothills & dined at Benjamin Wrights.  (Had Jas.'s horse & Carriage).

Feb. 11, 1889, Monday:  Mrs. Trego?? & daughter Mrs. Mitchell?? Called here: from Oakland

Feb. 12, 1889, Tuesday:  James & Roanna took Mother & me to call on Nathan Talbert & wife near Saml. Haines’s place.

Feb. 14, 1889 Thursday:  James took Mother, H. & I to Geo. Cloud’s & L. Cloud went with us to his Father’s.  Called at Quito Farm on our way home.   I went with L. S. B. C. to a Lecture at U. P.  on Volapiek??

Feb. 15, 1889, Fri.:  Snow on the Mountains.  Set out 4 Olive tree cuttings from Quito farm  (Mission Olives)

Feb. 17, 1889 Sunday:  Saml. Cloud & his Mother here to dinner.   Mark Sickal, son-in-law of Jas. R. Bean (of Benicia)  here to tea.

Feb. 19, 1889 Tuesday:   Went in afternoon to hear D. L. Moody at Horticultural Hall.

Feb. 20, 1889 Wed:  Mother, H. & I dined at Henry Trego’s with Benja. & Mahalath Jones.

Feb. 21, 1889, Thurs.   I attended a Lecture with L.S.B.C. at  U. P. by Prof. Holden on 6 mo.'s work at Mt. Hamilton.

Feb. 22, 1889, Friday:  Chas. & Lydia & I went to hear D. L. Moody at Horticultural Hall.

Mar. 3, 1889, Sunday:  Henry Tatum and Saml. Haines here to  dinner.

Mar. 7, 1889, Thurs.:  Mother & I started for Pasadena by R. R. via Lathrop.

Mar. 8, 1889, Friday:   Reached Pasadena in the morning.  Met at Station by Albert & Chas. Tebbetts.   Albert took us a drive in the p. m.

Mar 9, 1889, Sat: Recd calls at C. E. Tebbett’s from Dr. Nicholson & wife, John C. Gore? & wife.  etc.

Mar  10, 1889, Sun:  Attended Pasadena Mtg. & F. D. S.   Albert & Mary and Mother & I dined with John C. Gore? & wife at there  Grandson’s Prof.  Holder’s on Orange Grove Ave.

Mar. 11, 1889 Mon.: Mother & I,, with A. & M. Tebbetts dined at Saml Abbotts.   Jas. Townsend took me a drive to J. R. Ts., Lawson Hollingsworth, Smith James’s, etc..

Mar 12, 1889, Tues.:   D. L. Moody in Pasadena.

Mar. 13, 1889, Wed:  very Rainy.  Attended Pasadena Mid-week mtg.  6 present.

Mar. 14, 1889, Thurs:  Rainy.

Mar 15  & 16,1889,  has “List of Old pupils I met in Pasadena”  20

            Calls made in Pasadena not mentioned in Diary elsewhere.

                        Jas. Townsend, Martha Dorland, Geo. Chase,

                         Zino Taber, Louis Congill?, M. L. Kirk.


Mar 17, 1889 Sun.:  I attended Meeting at Allen Lee’s & dined there.  Spent the p.m. with The Tebbetts  family at John Painters.

Mar. 20, 1889, Wed:  M. H. Tebbetts & I went to El Modena.  Dined at John Vestal’s.  At Golden Wedding of Henry O. Way & wife,   Went with Wm. Sharpless to Villa Park to Albert Sharpless’s where Joshua Hoopes is staying.

Mar. 21, 1889, Thursday:   M. H. T. & I at El Modena Mtg.  Dined at Wm. Jenkins’s, with his sister Phebe Williams & Jas. Grennell  & wife, Luther Gordon & wife, Louisa Tagin ? & other called. Went by Street Cars via Orange to  Santa Ana & staid at Aaron Huddlistons?? (his daughter Ella Paddok.?)

Mar 22, 1889, Friday:  Saw the Ostriches at A. H.’s.   Returned to Pasadena via Whittier where we called on Jon A.  Bailey, John C. Hiatts’, Cyrus Lindleys’, etc.   Dined at Gibbs House with John H. Pickering & called at Luther?  Hadley at Wimock? ranch.

Mar 23, 1889, Sat:   I went to Long Beach via Los Angelos.   After calling on Thompson Trame?? & daughter at Tilman Hobson’s.  Staid at Iowa Villa House.

Mar. 24, 1889, Sunday:   Attend F.D.S. & Meeting at Long Beach.  Benj.  a  Hollingsworth & Rebecca Naylor present.  Dined with Jacob & Edith M. Stubbs at his son-in-law's, -----Charles.

Mar 25, 1889, Mon.:  Returned from Long Beach via Los Angelos to Pasadena.   Called at Tacy?  Roods, H. Wood;s, Dr. Riggs;, Wm. Jones’, Dr. Grennill’s, & took tea with Mother & A. & M. H. T. at Lindly?? Michins??

Mar 26,1889, Tues.:  Called at Ed. Townsend’s, Jesse Jones’, & Henry Wesley’s--   Albert took me in the p.m. to Eaton Canyon-& Altadena.

Mar. 27, 1889, Wed:  At Pasadena Meeting.  We dined with A. & M. H. T. at Calvin W. Abbott’s.  with M. Dowlg---?   Called at J. M. Abbotts? & Wm. P. Evans’s, C. W. A. took us a drive.    Reuben Hartley & family took tea with us at Prof. Tebbetts.

Mar 28, 1889, Thurs:  I left Pasadena for home.   Albert & Mary T.  took me to Los Angelos.  took train at 1:20 p.m.

Mar 29, 1889, Friday:   Reached home about 6 p.m.


April 2, 1889, Tuesday:  Dr. Allen Furnas from nr. Danville, Ind. here.

April 3, Wed:  Dr. Turnas at Meeting & here to dinner.

April 4, 1889, Thurs:  R. S. Dodge from Sparta, Wis. (frd of Cousin Ira A. Hill) here to tea.

April 6, 1889, Sat:  Waldron Cheyney, from Phila. bro.-in-law of Anna Potts called here.  (One of first 5 who organized a Y.M.C.A.)


April 29, 1889, Monday:  H.E.B. started from Pasadena to return with Mother.


May 7, 1889, Tues.:  Mother & Hannah returned from Pasadena.

May 27, 1889, Monday:    I went to Pacific Grove.


June 1, 1889, Sat:  I returned from P. Grove.   Bought a new carriage.  (SEE cost in Cash Accounts below)  Jas. & Roanna returned from P. Grove.

June 6, 1889, Thurs:  Picnic at Alum Rock (Park)  for F. D. School & Friends.  H. & I went.

June 10, 1889, Monday:  Chas. & L.S.B. Cox commenced to living in their new house (corner of Newhall and Chapman Streets next to Joel and Hannah Bean’s house in Chapman Davis tract of College Park, between San Jose and  Santa Clara, with a San Jose address of 855, now 1105 Chapman Street)


June 12, 1889, Wed:  Jeramiah A. Grennell & wife  Dr. Jessup & Wm. B. Coffin. were at meeting.

June 15, 1889, Sat.  J. A. Grennell here to dinner.

June 26, 1889, Wed:  H. E. B.  & R.F. Bean went to Pacific Grove.


July 1, 1889, Mon.: I went to P. Grove, with Chas. E. Cox and others.   Chautauqua Assembly commenced--(See Program in pocket of this Book)  (not there!)

July 2, 1889, Tues.:  James Bean went to P. Grove.

July 9, 1889, Tues.:  H. E. B. returned home from P. Grove.

L. S. B. Cox went to The Grove.

July 10, 1889, Wed:  I came Home from P. Grove in the afternoon.  L.S.B. Cox read Paper on Wordsworth in the forenoon.

July 11, 1889, Thurs: Catharine E. Bean reached home from Phila  accompanied by her Uncle Samuel R. Shipley.   L. S. B. Cox returned from P. Grove.

July 12, 1889, Fri.: S. R. Shipley & H. E. Bean went to Monterey.  (brother and sister)

July 13, 1889, Sat:  S.R.S. - H.E.B. & Chas. E. Cox took the 18 mile drive in the a. m.  & returned home in the afternoon.  A company at C.E.C;s in the Evening.

July 14, 1889, Sunday:   C. & L Cox & S.R.S. & C. E. B. went to Sivert Shelley’s to tea.

July 15, 1889, Mon.:  Our company went to G. N. Jones in the Evening.

July 16, 1889, Tues.:  H.E.B., S.R.S., L.S..C. & C. E. B.  went with a company by carry all to Stanford University Grounds.

July 18, 1889, Thurs:  S.R.S. and company returned from Mt. Hamilton  & he left for S. F. & homeward trip in the p. m.

July 21, 1889, Sun: B. Clark Miles came in the Eveg. from Monterey & Pasadena.

July 28, 1889, Sun:  Saml Haines here to dinner.

July 29, 1889, Mon.:  B. C. Miles left for home.  Eliz & Ida Shelley & Lulu Mayna?? here to tea.

July 31, 1889, Wed:  Dr. Housekeeper & wife from Phila  called here.


Aug. 2, 1889, Fri.:  R. T. Bean returned for P. Grove.

Aug. 7, 1889, Wed:   James returned for P. Grove.

Aug. 10, 1889 Sat:  I attended Mo. Mtg. at Stockton Ave. in the p.m.

Aug. 11, 1889, Sunday:  A Birthday Tea for C.E.B. & C.E.C.  Chas., Lydia, & Isaac Cox here.

Aug. 27, 1889, Tues.:   I started for Iowa.

Aug. 31, 1889, Sat: Reached Council bluffs went by Electric Street Cars to Omaha & back to C. Bluffs.


Sept. 1, 1889, Sunday:  spent the day at Council Bluffs, Iowa.  Attended Congregational church.

Sept. 2, 1889, Monday:  went from Council Bluffs to Oskaloosa.

Sept. 3, 1889, Tues.:  Q. M. commenced at Oskaloosa.  took tea at Daniel Hunt’s.

Sept. 4, 1889, Wed:      At Iowa Q.M. at Oskaloosa. took Boarding at ---Beechler’s.

Sept. 10, 1889, Tues.:  Q. M. closed at Oskaloosa.   I went to West Branch.  Staid at Wm Branson’s.

Sept. 11, 1889, Wed: went to c. T. Pennvsis’? to stay.

Sept. 14, 1889, Sat:  At West branch Mo. Mtg.

Sept. 15, 1889, Sunday. at West Branch Meeting in the new House.   went to the Staples sisters to stay.

Sept. 17, 1889, Tues.:  Attended a Mtg. appointed by Henry Stanley Newman at West Branch, old Mtg. house.  Staid at Jesse Aegerd;s??

Sept. 18, 1889, Wed:  At W. Branch Mtg.

Sept. 20, 1889, Fri.:  Went to Springdale & staid at G. P. Wood’s.

Sept. 21, 1889, Sat:  At Springdale Mo Mtg., at Springdale.  30 present.

Sept. 22, 1889, Sun:  At West branch Meeting and dined at Chas. Coffin’s with J. & R. Argus, Eliza Watson, Archibald Crosbie, Jesse West & Wm. Argus.   Called at Regin Thompson’s.

Sept. 24, 1889, Tues.:  At Q. M. of M. & E. at West branch.

Sept. 25, 1889, Wed:  Q. M. Commenced at West Branch.   Cyrus W. Harvey present with Certificate, accompanied by Enoch Carter & wife -

Sept. 27, 1889, Fri.:  Staid at Jesse Aegus’s with a company of 23 (guests)

Sept. 29, 1889, Sunday:  At the Q. M. at W. Branch.

Sept. 30, 1889, Monday:  Q. M. closed at W. Branch.


Oct. 1, 1889, Tues.:  Dined at T. Coggeshead’s   went to Cedar Rapids in the afternoon.  took tea at G. Hamon’s with Eddie bean & took evening train for the West.

Oct. 2, 1889, Wed:  R.R. Collision after leaving North Platt in the Evening.

Oct. 3, 1889, Thurs:  Our train ran off the track some 25 miles East of Cheyenne and the Passenger Cars were overturned.  None seriously injured.

Oct. 6, 1889, Sunday:  Reached San Francisco Early in the morning.   Attended Meeting there. & came home in the  afternoon.

Oct. 9, 1889, Wed:  H.E.B. went to Napa to the State W.C.T.U.

Oct. 12, 1889, Sat:  Cathie went to San Francisco.   Bert Bean (son {1864-1952} of Joel’s brother, James Bean{1822-1915})   started for the East via Pasadena.  H.E.B. came from Napa to S. F.

Oct. 13, 1889, Sun:  H.E.B. attended Mtg. in San Francisco, with C. E. B. --    C.E.B. returned from S. F. in the Evening.

Oct. 14, 1889, Monday:  H.E.B. returned home from San Francisco.

Oct. 28, 1889, Monday:  Amos Jones, from Maui, S. Iles, staid here.

Oct. 30, 1889, Wed:  Amos Jones at Meeting.


Nov. 2, 1889, Sat:  Mother & H. & I called on Truman Cooper’s family & Stephen Griffins.

Nov. 4, 1889, Mon.: Lindley & Elizabeth Kirk from Atlantic, Iowa, & his Aunt _____________________________ of San Jose here to tea.

Nov. 14, 1889, Thurs:  I went to Wright’s Station.  Dined at Read’s.

Nov.  27, 1889 Wed:  Charley Reynolds & wife from Pasadena & Jas. Canney were at meeting  H.E.B. & I attended their Mtg. at Stockton Ave. in the p.m.

Dec.  2, 1889, Monday:  James & Roanna returned from P. Grove after a Month’s absence.

Dec. 4, 1889, Wed:  Sewing Circle here in the p.m.

Dec. 13, 1889, Friday:  C. E. Cox went to S. F. to attend Ex. Com of C. L. S. C.

Dec. 14, 1889, Sat:  C.E.B. went to San Francisco.

Dec. 15, 1889 Sun:  C.E.C. & C.E.B. returned from S. F. in the Evening.

Dec. 16, 1889, Monday:  Attended the Funeral of Wm Lewis. Chas. & Lily here to tea.

========  Last Daily Entry Of Joel Bean’s 1889 “Engagement Calendar”. =======


1889 MEMORANDA page.

            “Speak to the Earth and it will teach thee”

                        Scripture quoted by Asa Staples, (Senior)



January 1889,:   1   Pd G. N. Jones for Mtg.                                             $ 6.50

                         4   Pd C. E. Cox for P. O. Box to 10th Mo.                       $1.50

                         4   Pd for recording Release of Mortgage           $1.25

  5  Pd for 6 Peach trees                                           $ 1.80


               14   Gave or Lent John N. Lawson, E. Los Angelos

            (with note from Chas. W. Earle)               $10.50


February 1889,:   8   Pd S. Bun for 1/2 fence by E. B’s Lot         $  6.00

                          12  Pd for Plowing lot by Mtg. house –wheat   $  1.50

                                                                                                                         $  1.75

Opposite Feb. 1889 Page:  Oregon Accounts

                        Rendered by B. C. Miles

            19  Recvd 8. Mo. 25. ’88 Rent                      $2.00

                  Nov. 2 Rent on Wash House               $3.00

                  Dec. 1  Rent on Cottage                                    $6.00



            Dec. 15, ’88 pd for burning brush & logs on ranch  $16.67

                        pd. Mary $1.35,  $3.90 tax  Window glass .20_______


5 mo. 22. 1889

                        Sent B. C. Miles bal of amt rendered for fencing $60.25

                        Sent B. C. Miles ------? For                                      $325.00

11th Mo 8                  For Bank $200  Sidewalk $5  Land             $120

12 Mo Sent B. C. Miles $300 for Bank, $100 for land --? $400.00


March 1889:   Exp. In Journey to Pasadena                                 $40.70

                        Gave for Chinese

April:  (many small household amts.—cleaning carpets $10.00 largest))

            19  Sent C. E. B. draft                                                           $40.00


29    Exp. of H.E.B. in Journey to Pasadena 

                                    Cash pd in by M. Laurance?          $25.00

                                    H.E.B’s P. Grove money                             $  5.00

                                    House Money                                               $10.00

June 1889,:  15  Pd Van Eaton for Haying  Mtg. house Lot $  2.00

                17  Spectacles                                                                           .75

                25  Pd for Lumber                                                              $  3.65

                 26  Pd  cost for 4 1/2 cords wood @ 6.50           $29.75


            1  Paid for Carriage & Harness ($25.00)                 $275.00

                        Gave C. & L. towards furnishing house     $100.00


July 1889:  Pd   Alvin  (Cox) for watering                                   $1.25

            23  Pd for Sawing 4 1/2 cords wood                                   $3.60

August 1889:  12  Sent for Friend  $2.00 + exp.  5c                      $2.05

                        12        Axe Handle                                                               $  .35

September:  (Blank—no entries)

October 1889:  Exp.  to Iowa            $118.48

                        Contributed by Jas. B. $35.00                                 $83.48

            14  Pd for Splitting Wood (Scanland)                                $  3.50

            21  Street Car ticket                                                             $  3.00

            31  Pd tax on P. Grove lots                                                 $  6.92


November 1889: 

              1  Pd  for hauling Sand & manure                                   $  5.50

               8 Sent for “Voice”                                                             $  1.00

                        Mag of Poetry                                                                      $    .50

            11  Paid Tax                                                                           $75.91

                        do. For C. Grant?  6.30

                        do. xx? Borland        5.04

                 (The above was Pd by C. Grant & S. H. Borland)

                        29  Pd C.E.Cox for P. O. Rent 1890 (my share)               $  1.50

December 1889:  30,             Pants                                                  $  4.00

1889 MEMORANDA –1 page list of 4 subscriptions, 4 mo. 25.

W. B. Times $1.25,

 The Friend New Vol. $2.00,

 “The voice" $1.00,

 Ch. Worker 11th mo. 13.1889  $1.00

1889 Addresses, 5 pages with 27 addresses listed, most in S.J and S.F.  Included:  Queen &  Co.,


                                    924 Chestnut Street


1889 Letters, Names of sender with date Answered in order by month.  80 dates of answer listed on 5 pages.

====================END OF 1889============================


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