1888 J. BEAN “ENGAGEMENT CALENDAR” copied Oct. 23, 1998  

by Tom M. King of San Jose, CA. Quaker Meeting (College Park).


            Joel Bean (1825-1914) moved to San Jose, California, in 1882 and kept 36 “Engagement Calendars” from 1883 to 1913, 30 years.  A few years have  “extra” diaries and 1886 is missing. 

            This 1888 diary is typical of Joel’s  diaries, a  black leather bound volume about  5  X 3  inches cover, about an inch thick, with three dates pre-printed on each page .  The title of  the volume is  Bancroft’s pacific coast diary for 1888," Containing  Useful Memoranda and Tables for Reference, Published Annually,  San Francisco.  The  first  60 pages are the  “useful . . . reference”

            Only dates with hand written entries are listed. 



Jan. 12, 1888:  Thursday  Isaac Cox arrived here from Germantown, Phila--       Samuel Brun & his bro. Paul called in the evening.

Jan. 15, 1888 Sunday  Miriam Maxwell &  her sons Edward & Frank Rambo were at mtg.

Jan. 24, 1888 Tuesday  I attended American Horticultural Society in San Jose.  Parker Earle, Pres.  J. C. Ridpath etc. present.

Feb. 9, 1888, Thurs  Isaac M. Cox went to his father’s.

Feb. 11, 1888 Saturday Set out 2 Lemon Cling, 2 Solway, 1 Foster Peaches (trees)    Wm. F. Bangham came here on is way home from Alaska.

Feb.  12, 1888, Sun  Wm  F. Bangham from Alaska was at Meeting on his way home to Ohio.

Feb. 13, 1888 Monday  Wm. F. Bangham  went on toward Pasadena.

Feb. 18, 1888 Sat  H.E.B. went to San Francisco.

Feb. 20, 1888 Monday  Mother arrived at S. F. by Steamer and she and H.E.B. returned home.


Feb. 23, 1888 Thursday  James R. Bean & wife Anna F. Bean from  Benicia  came here.

Feb. 24, 1888, Friday,  H.E.B. & I attended the funeral of Frank Rambo’s child.


Mar. 2, 1888 Friday  Jas. R. Bean & wife left for home.  Phebe R. Gifford & Hannah Ladd & Mahalath Jones were here to dinner.

Mar 17, 1888  Saturday Milton & Belle Lawrence moved into their Cottage

Mar 19, 1888, Monday  G. & W. Jones & their cousin Thos. Hancock from Cincinnati and Paul Brun & Deborah  Otis here to tea.

Mar 20, 1888 Tuesday  James & I went to San Francisco---& to Strawberry Point  with a party of Chautauquans.  Dined there at Dr. Reed?? Lyford’s.  In the afternoon we went to San Rafael & returned to S. F.  Spent Evening at C. Davis’s.

Mar. 21, 1888 Wed  I went to Golden Gate Park & Cliff House & Sutro Heights in the forenoon.   Returned home.

Mar 25, 1888, Sunday  Reading Circle at Geo. Hammond’s in the Evening. Finished reading “Old Fashioned Quakerism” by H.? Pollard.?

Mar. 26, 1888 Monday  Phebe R. Gifford & Hannah Ladd started for home.

Mar. 27, 1888 Tuesday  Jas. & I attended lecture in San Jose in the Evening on Swedenborgianism, by ----- Dougerty??

Mar. 28, 1888, Wed  Mother, H.E.B., & I dined at Dr. Tomlinson’s

Mar 29,  1888 Thursday  Mary Hammond here to dinner.

Mar 30, 1888 Friday  Belle Lawrence & her sister ----  Morehouse & Helen from Oakland here to tea. 

April 10,  1888 Tuesday  Samuel Brun moved into their new house   Cor. Of Union Ave. & Newhall St.   James went to P. Grove.

April 11,  1888 Wed.  H.E.B. & Hannah Brun & Baby Brun & I went to James’s Foothill Rancho (in the poem???)  to stay  a few days.

April 12, 1888, Thurs  I climbed the mountain to the top & looked over into Hall’s Valley and across about 9 or 10 miles to Mt. Hamilton.

April 14, 1888 Saturday  We returned from the “Yerba Buena Rancho”.


            INSERTED LINED SMALL PAGE:  John 19.11, Rev. 13.8

            4th mo. 25. 1888

Set the  gratitude of thy Spirit, and the

Steadfastness of thy father, be as a

Willow? And a pillar  to those around


            O Lord, be thou my Strength and my Stay.



April 24, 1888 Tues.  Geo. &  Mary? Hammond & Hiram Hammond & wife here to tea.


May 3, 1888, Thurs.  John Jans? Jackson came from S. F. &  spent the night here.

May 8, 1888 Tuesday  Prof. Surface took tea here.  Mrs. Eleanor Davis, and “Mrs.” Southwick from Brooklyn, N.Y.

May 12, 1888, Sat  Chas., Lily, Alice  Otis & I went to hear Julia Ward Howe lecture in the Evening—at Baptist Tabernacle.

May 13, 1888, Sunday  Tong Sing Kau & Jas. B. took tea here.

May 20, 1888 Sunday   Abby Buxton & her son from Salem, Mass. Called here with G. & W. Jones.

May 21, 1888, Monday  Van Eaton cut our hay.

May 24, 1888 Thurs.  Attended Commencement at the University (of the Pacific—Methodist in College Park)  Quite a rain fell.

June 4,, 1888  Monday  Edward Bean & wife of Benicia came here.

June 7, Thurs.  Edward & Minnie (Sanborn)Bean went away. H. &  I  went to the  Internment of Edward Rambo’s wife at Oak Hill (the pioneer cemetery in San Jose, CA.).   Isaac & Esther Miles came here.

June  8, 1888, Fri.  James took the Cousins a drive towards Los Gatos.

Katie Boland came here to work.

June 11, 1888, Mon.  Jas. & Roanna, Isaac & Esther Miles,  Mother & I went to Pacific Grove.

June 13,, 1888  Wed.  Isaac & Esther Miles  went from P. Grove to San Francisco on their way to Oregon.


June  15,, 1888  Fri.  Jas. & R. Bean returned  from P. Grove.

June  17, 18, 19, 1888  Sunday-Monday-Tuesday,  Teachers’ Retreat at Pacific  Grove – Pres. Reed, Superint Hoitt, Prof. Allanger & McGrew? were principal speakers,  Dr. Jewell presided.

June  21, 1888  Thursday  Excursion of Y.M.C.A. to Pacific Grove.

Gen. Howard gave a lecture in the Evening.

June 23, 1888, Sat.  Mother and & returned from P. Grove.


July 2, 1888, Mon. H.E.B. & I went to P. Grove.  The Maburys,  E. Dawson, L. Washburn & etc. went by same train.   Selah?? Brown lectured in the Evng.  Subject “Round the World in 80 Mins”.

July 3,, 1888   Tues.  S. Brown lectured on Mormonism.

July 5, 1888, Thurs.  Chautauqua Assembly commenced at P. Grove.

Titus Munson Coan (friend from Hawaii)  came to visit us at the Grove.  ----------  ---------  -------------  gave address in the Evening.

July 6,, 1888   Friday  Jouine Haughes?? Read a paper on  Botany.  Prof. Alexander on “Lowell”;  Selah Brown lectured (Eveng) on Old Times & New.

July 7, 1888  Sat.  T. M. Coan returned to  S. F.

July 8, 1888, Sun.  Attended Meeting at The Grove.

Dr. Iser preached in the A.M.   W. C. Merrill of Sacramento in the Evening.

July 9, 1888   Mon.  A lecture on “Some Conditions of Intellectual Life” by W. C. Bartlett (S.F.)  On “Venice” in the Eveng by M. Willetts, Santa Cruz.

July 10, 1888, Tues.  G. H. James lectured with Ster. Views  on “Glories of the Henries” ??

July 11, 1888, Wed.  Lectures,

“The Passion Play” by Jane Tolman, Mills Seminary.

“Education Among  Greeks & Romans”  by Dr. N. G. Schaeffer of Penn

“How the Dutch took Holland”   C.W. Wendte, Oakland

July 12, 1888: Thurs.  Lectures,

“Robt Browning as a Poet” by John Vance Cheney, S.F.

“The 5 Senses” by Dr. J. H. Wythe, Oakland

“Gettysburg ”,  by  Gen.  O. O. Howard, S.F.

July 13, 1888 Fri.  H. & I returned from Pacific Grove.

July 14, 1888, Sat.   L.S.B. Cox went to San Francisco. C.E. Cox went on 5th day.

July 16, 1888 Mon.  Calvin & Harriet Abbott from Pasadena spent the night here.


July 21, 1888 Sat.  L.S.B.C. returned home from  S.F.  Chas. & Imelda Tebbetts, Clarke & Mary Miles, Laura Minthorne & Anna Bell came here.

July 22, 1888   Sunday  A full meeting.   C.E.Cox returned home from S.F.   Prof. J. C. Lawner with him & D.M. Lewis came to spend the day.   Reuben Hartley  & wife to Mtg. & dined here. Many Friends called.

July 23, 1888, Mon.  C. E. Tebbetts & wife left for home.  C. & M. Miles with them to go by Steamer.   L. Minthorne & Anna Bell & Mother took tea at G. Hammond’s.

July 24, 1888 Tues.  L. M. & A. B. took tea at G. N. Jones’s.  B. & E. Cox and John Chawner? & E. Morris Cox here to tea.  A company to G. N. Jones’s in the Eveng to meet Matthew Charles & wife.

July 25, 1888 Wed.  M. & E. Charles, Prof. Chawner, & L.E.M. & A. Bell at meeting. 

The National Educational Assn. Day at San Jose -    Matthew & Eliza Charles from Richmond, Ind. & W. B. Jones here to tea.   A large company of Friends here in the Evng.

July 26, 1888, Thurs.  Laura E. Minthorne & Anna Bell went to San Francisco to spend a few days, & take Steamer for home.   Chas. & Lydia took tea at Bert Cox’s with Prof. Chawner & others.


Aug. 2, 1888 Thurs.  Sarah Wright from El Modena & her sister Eva Stroud were here to dinner.


Aug. 6, 1888 Mon.  B. C. Miles returned from Southern Cala.

Aug. 8, 1888 Wed.  The University (of the Pacific, in College Park)  term opened.    B.C. Miles left for S.F. to take a Steamer for home.

Aug. 14, 1888 Tues.  Albert and Mary Tebbetts and Mary E. Miles  (Joel's sister and  his other sister's daughter)  and Eliza Ellen Kirk came here.  Molly Harrison here to tea.

Aug. 15, 1888 Wed.  M. E. Miles & E. E. Kirk went to P. Grove.

Aug. 17, 1888 Friday  M. E. Miles & E. E. Kirk returned from P. Grove.

Aug. 18, 1888 Sat.   We took tea with C.A. & M. H. Tebbetts at Benja  Cox’s.

Aug. 19, 1888, Sun.  Amanda Taylor here with our friends to dinner.  M.E.M. & E.E. Kirk went to S.F. to go on to Oregon.

Aug. 20, 1888 Mon.    We took tea  at G. N. Jones’s with Albert & Mary Tebbetts.

Aug. 21, 1888 Tues.    Mother & Albert & Mary Tebbetts went to P. Grove.


Sept. 11, 1888 Tues.   Kate Boland left to go to her cousins in Colusa County (CA)


Sept. 15, 1888, Sat.   Samuel Sakamaki came here to work.


Sept. 29, 1888 Sat.  Kate Boland came back.


Oct.  2, 1888 Tues.   I went to Pacific Grove.  Jas. & R.F. Bean returned from P.G.


Oct. 11, 1888 Thurs.   H.E. Bean went to Oakland to the wedding of John & Lulu (Winchester) Adriance.

Oct. 12, 13,14,15, 1888 Fri. to Mon.   H.E.B.  in S.F. & returned.


Oct. 18, 1888, Thurs.   Mother and Albert & Mary Tebbetts and I returned from P. Grove.  (A  & M  T. to Jas. B’s)


Oct. 24, 1888, Wed.   Albert & Mary Tebbetts returned home.

Oct. 26, 1888 Friday   Mary Green from Makawas, Sandwich Islds and Mrs. Payne &  daughter Jennie and Mrs. Armstrong & daughter Amelia were here to dinner.

Oct. 28, 1888 Sunday  Lindley Michener from Pasadena here to tea.

S  & H. Brun & Mr. Fay  a teacher at Belmont, here in Evening.

Oct. 29, 1888 Mon.  Reading Memoir of Wm. P. Alexander.  Account of visit to Society Isles.


Nov.  2, 1888, Fri.  I  went to Wright’s Station and to Santa Cruz.  Staid at  “New England Home” by John H. Paige – Locust St., Santa Cruz.

Nov. 3, 1888 Sat.  I went to Blackburn Gulch -  to John Elliott’s place – “Halassa Hut”. & to the Santa Cruz Beach, & returned home.

Nov. 4, 1888 Sunday   Benja  Wright & family having moved to Jas. B’s  Foothill Ranch  - were at Mtg. for the first time.   Saml  Haines here to dinner.

Nov. 10, 1888 Sat.  James, Mother, H. & I went to Sivert Shelley’s to call, & to Ellen Hobson’s.

Nov. 13, 1888 Tues.  Jas., H. & Lily & I made calls on C. Armstrong  “Mrs. Pogue, & at Harvey Sloans –

Nov. 17, 1888, Sat.  Wm Hobson from Newberg, Oregon, Staid here.

Nov. 21, 1888 Wed.  Wm Hobson was at Meeting.  (SEE Hobson’s diary-tk.)

C. H. Dawson & F. J. Dawson from Leeds, Eng. & A. H. Walton &  --   Barnes were here in the Eveng.  (New York Exchange visitors, from Yorkshire, Eng.)

Nov. 24, 1888 Sat.  John and Sarah (Goddard) Newlin came here.  Friends’ Social in the Eveng. at G. N. Jones’s.  J. & S. N. staid at G. N. Jones’s.

Nov. 25, 1888 Sunday.  John & Sarah Newlin were at Meeting.  They dined at  S. Bruns’, went with Jas. B. to Stockton Ave Mtg. in the Evening, & to Wm Ward’s to stay.

Nov.  26, 1888, Mon.  L.S.B. Cox went with G. N. &  W. B. Jones & Jane Ledyard to S. Francisco to a Chinese Banquet in honor of “Sing” before his departure for China. -  J. & S. Newlin staid here after tea at Jas. Bean’s.

Nov. 27, 1888 Tues.  J. & S. Newlin left for Los Angelos –

Nov. 28, 1888 Wed.  Tong Sing Kow sailed for China.   L.S.B.Cox returned from The City.    Saml. Brun & family from France arrived at San Jose, at his Son’s house.  Francis Matthew from Eng. Came here.  Chas. Dawson & Arthur Walton here in Eveng.

Nov. 29, 1888, Thurs.  Thanksgiving Day. Jas. & Roanna & Harry here to dinner. 


Dec. 2, 1888, Sun.  Chas. & Frederick J. Dawson & Arthur Walton here to dinner.

Dec. 5, 1888, Wed.  Wm Hobson at Mtg. and here to dinner.    Also, Mary Judd & her mother from Oregon.

Dec. 6, 1888 Thurs.  Eleanor Davis & Her Sister Margaret Cates were here to dinner.

Dec. 9, 1888 Sunday  Benja  Wright & family here to dinner.  A Conference at G. N. Js in the P.M.

Dec. 10, 1888 Monday  Francis Walkin went S. 2nd St., S.J.

Dec. 12, 1888 Wed.  Wm Hobson at Mtg.


Dec. 16, 1888 Sunday    I sing God’s mercies hitherto,

                                    Which have been Every morning present;

                                    And seek His Grace for days to come,

                                    To light my life and lead me home.


Dec. 25, 1888  Tuesday  We attended the marriage of Georgia Briggs to Wm Hannibal, in Santa Clara. And took dinner at Jas. Bean’s.


LAST ENTRY OF 1888 JOEL BEAN DIARY.======================




            OREGON  1888 ACCTS:   Rent  from H. J. Minthorne  $12, & $15—10 acres

                        Payments of over $900 listed for property in Oregon.

                        Jess Edwards for 1 1/2 acres     $150

                        H. J. Minthorne for Cottage    $100

                                                Furnishings          $50

                                    For wash  house            $100

                                    For 10 acres                    $105


                        Feb. page says  “see new memo Book 1889 (Feb.)


Separate folded small sheet in diary lists loans to people:

            B. Miles (investor?)  Dr  $500

                                                cash                                  $ 5

                        to pay   C. T. Moone                            $145.

                                        J. Edwards                 $150

                                        H. J. Minthorne               $200 for cottage & Laundry.


MEMORANDA:  3 Publications paid for, British Friend, Phila Friend, and W. B. Record.


Selected items from  1888 CASH ACCOUNTS pages.


January 1888:  24  P. Tax on Mtg. House.             1.89

                  27  Mat & Carpet for Mtg. House      2.10


February 1888:  for P. Grove Assembly Hall                   3.00

March:  Sent C.E.B. tuition                                                 $50.00

April:     30, 1888: Pd for repair of Hydrant at P.G.       .75 c.

May 1888:      11    Lumber                                      $ 4.60

                                    Nails                                                        .35 

                                    White  wash brush                    .60 

June 1888:  Expended at Pacific Grove  -

                        Improvements & work                               $25.85

                        Stove                                                  $11.85

                        Mattress $5.50 Carpet $2.75                       $ 8.25

                        Expenses                                                        $10.85


July:    13, 1888   Exp. at P. Grove                                      $  1.70

                        13.  Paints $3.55 -$2.00=                               $  1.55

August:  22. 1888  For pictures of House (which?)         $    .50

October 1888:    Expenses at Monterey                            $  9.55

                        20  for  horse & buggy                                $14.00

                        30  Pd tax Monterey County                      $  7.11              

November 1888:    3   Exp. To Santa Cruz                       $  3.45

                            21.  Pd Taxes                                             $77.85

                             15.  Sent to Peace Society                       $  1.00                                    

December 1888:  26  Pd. tax  on L.S.Blas lot?       $  8.50

                           31  Lumber                                     $  2.90




5 pages with 27 addresses, most local San Jose people.


86 names are listed “for leaflets, sent 12 Mo 16.

Most are visitors and family names, local and distant.  No addresses.


5 pages of almost 80 names of letter writers with date of reply



Joel Bean’s 1888 Engagement Calendar was copied into the Mackintosh Computer on Microsoft Word 4.0. October 23, 1998 at Swarthmore College Friends Historical Library by


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