1887 Engagement Calendar (Diary)   of Joel Bean

From College Park (San Jose) California


By Tom M. King, 393 Rutland Ave., San Jose, Ca. 95128

Copied  at Swarthmore College F.H.L.  June 30, 1998



(Back pages after dates contain cash accts. for properties taxes.

      Mtg. House ($6.14), & .75 Post Box.

      income $20. from H. B. Bank,

                   $1. from Water Stock?

                   $2. from G.N.J. (Jones) on tax.

                   $3. from Jas. B. on Mtg. tax.



1887:  House Addition Account:  Carpenter Contract $450.00--$500 total.



Expenses of Journey (to East Coast)  30+ items listed.     Includes Omaha, Phili, N.E., Home  Total $240.00



Several “Household”  Accts.--Totals $58.34.

August 29 “Sent C.E.B. Draft in N.Y.  $100.00



Expenses listed on one page:

            Expense to Oregon                       $40.55

P(roperty) Taxes                                            $40.60

            L.S.B.Cox Lot                                                   $3.00

            Mountain Land                                                $3.30

            P. Grove Lots 3.65  + 5                                   $3.90

            Rec. for Jury Service (12 mo. 1)        $4.00

                               TOTAL                        $165.91




Last 6 pages of “Calendar” =LETTERS,  Rec and Answered Dates.



Title of booklet printed “PACIFIC COAST DIARY FOR 1887”.


MONDAY, Jan. 3, 1887:  L.S.B. Cox went to Oakland to Milton & Belle Lawrences to spend a few days.

Sunday 9 (January 1887)  Samuel Haines here to dinner.


Tuesday, Jan. 11, 1887:  Beck finished plastering the addition to the house.

Thurs. Jan. 13, 1887  Garrisons? here painting -

Friday, Jan. 14, 1887:  Lydia returned from Oakland.


Monday, Jan. 17, 1887:  Began to take milk of B. T. Leeds.


Sat. Jan. 22, 1887  Nathan & Lida Yocum of Pasadena & their babe Louisa came here.


Monday, Jan. 24, 1887:  N. & L. Yocum left for San Francisco.


Tuesday, Feb. 1, 1887:  Geo. & M. Hammond here to dinner.


Thurs. Feb. 3, 1887  Sowed Beet Seeds 


Sun. Feb. 6, 1887  Louisa M. Fulghum & Chas. & Nancy Thompson from Pasadena.  Geo. N. Hoay & wife, & Susan Hoxie of Sandwich, Mass., were at Mtg. & here to dinner.  G. & M. Hammond here in the afternoon.


Tues. Feb. 15, 1887  Geo. & Mary Hammond here to dinner.


Fri., Feb. 18, 1887  Took lunch at G. N. Jones’s with Eleanor Davis.

Set out Trees:  3 French Prunes, 3 silver Prunes, 2 Solway Peach, 2 B.    May Peach, 4 seedling Sing (?) Peaches. (for 2 days.)


Saturday, Feb. 19, 1887:  Eleanor Davis here to dinner.

Sunday, Feb. 20, 1887:  E. Davis, Susan Hoxia, G. N. & Maria Holway here to dinner and E.D.  G. & M. Hammond & G. & W.B. Jones at tea.

Tuesday, Feb. 22, 1887:  Geo.     Mary Hammond left San Jose for Pasadena.


Friday, Feb. 25, 1887:   Fink here trimming trees.


Wednesday, March 9, 1887:  Planted Sweet corn.


Fri. Mar. 11, 1887  Edward Sharpless Came here.


Sunday, Mar. 13, 1887:  Edward Sharpless at Meeting. 

G.N.J. & E. S. went to Geo. Clouds in the p.m.


Sun. Mar. 20, 1887  Edward Sharpless was at meeting.  E.S. at G.N.J.’s in the Evening with a company.

Monday, Mar. 21, 1887:  We all took tea at Jas. B.’s

Tuesday, Mar. 22, 1887:  Edward Sharpless & G.N.J. went to Big Trees.  Ama & Lizzie Sherman came here.


Thursday, Mar. 24, 1887:  After Meeting Edward Sharpless & I took train at 1 p.m. for the East.   Lizzie Lawrence of Eastern Md. Joined our Company.  Reached Sacramento in the Eve’g.


Sat. Mar. 26, 1887  Arrived at Salt Lake City about noon.  Visited Tabernacle Temple & other places of interest with a party of fellow passengers. 


Sunday, Mar. 27, 1887:  Attended an S. School of the Mormons in one of the Wards at l0 am  Left Salt Lake City at ll:10 am.  Passed Castle Gate before sunset.

Monday, Mar. 28, 1887:  At Black Canon between 5 & 6 a.m.  Marshall Pass about noon.  Passed Royal Gorge Pueblo. Colorado Springs & Denver.

Tues. Mar. 29, 1887  Thru Nebraska   Passed Lincoln.  Reached Omaha 6:20 p.m.  Staid at Windsor Recyse (?) Gardian Haines called.

Wed., Mar. 30, 1887:  Arrived at Oskaloosa

Thursday, Mar. 31, 1887:  Rec’d. Calls from Prof. John Chawner, Gilbert & Mary Farr & ---

Fri. April 1, 1887  Went from Oskaloosa to New Providence.  Walked from Gifford Station to Lawn Hill. Attended Q. M. of M. & O.  Isom P. Wooton present.  Staid at John Bond’s.

Saturday 2. April 1887  Attended Honey Creek Q. M. at New Providence.  I. P. Wooton & Reubin T. Hartley present.  Went home with Wm. Reece.  (Franklin P. Lewis is his son-in-law.   Eli Reese his son, & is? there)

Sunday 3 April 1887  At Q. M. at New  Providence.  Dined at Harriet Jessup’s with Sam’l Mary? (Comes? from Eldora & --   Staid at Cadwallader Williams.

Mon. April 4, 1887  Dined at Seneca Wildman’s & his son-in-law Nathan Hunt’s, with James Cammack?    Went to Le Grand to Mary Hammond’s.

Tuesday 5 April 1887  Visited the Burying Ground.  Dined at Jon Birder’s.  Called at Ole Sawyer’s, Joel Willette’s & went to D. McGero’s to stay.  Asa Townsend, O. Sawyer, Sidwell Held, Ammir Willetts, Joel & Mary Willetts there in the Evening.

Wednesday 6 April 1887  From Le Grand to West Branch.  Stopping with Ed. Bean an hour or two in Cedar Rapids.  Came to Asa C. Stapless.?

Thurs. April 7, 1887  At meeting at the old Mtg. house.  Dined at C. T. Penrose’s.  Called at Wm. H. Gliperauts, Joel Townsend, B. ive?, A. Branson's, R. Kouver's?., S. Vove’s?.  Took tea at Wm. Branson’s with E. Watson & G. Sharpless, C. & M. A. Pinrose, Sam’l Macy, & Wm. Penrose.

Friday 8 April 1887  Dined at M. & R. Staples’.  P. Dyhr & wife & M. S.  took me to Springdale.  Called at G. P. Wood’s & I. Aiguss’s?  Took tea at Blackburn_________?

Saturday 9. April 1887   At Mo. Mtg. at W. Branch.  Edward Sharpless present.  Dined at C.T.P. with Joel & Leah Paxson from P. Plain.  Jas. & Alice Hawley  E.S. & others.  Called at Dr. Stapler;s & went to Jesse Nejas's to stay with L. T.  E. T. M. Kimbane, E. Watson, Jane  dining Lloyd & Louisa Kundson??

(8 lines of very small ink writing on 6 ruled lines!!)

Sun. April 10, 1887  At meeting at West Branch.  E. S. present.  Dined at W. H. Oliphants.  Called at C.T.P.'s & met David Henderson & wife & Aaron Burgess.  Took tea at Benj. Hawleys.

Monday 11 April 1887  Left W. Branch for White;s Institute via Burlington & Ft. Madison.  Met B. & E. B. Miles (Joel's sister and her husband from Oregon)  at Ft. Madison.  Reached the School Farm about 5 p.m.

Tuesday 12 April 1887  At White’s Institute Indian School.

Wed. April 13, 1887  Left the Indian School.  B. M. with 15  Indian children on their way home. & E.B. & M Miles came to Mt. Pleasant.  Visited the Asylum and B. & E. & I went to the Burying Ground.  Left M. & P. for Phila at 9 p.m.

Thurs., April 14, 1887:  from Chicago to Pittsburgh.

Friday, April 15, 1887:  from Pittsburgh to Phila to A. E. Winn’s

Sat. April 16, 1887  Attended Y. M. of M. & E.  Staid at S. R. Shipleys (Joel's wife's Brother, the founder of Provident Insurance Company) .

Sunday 17 April 1887  At 12th St. Meeting.  Dined at Geo. Vany’s.  Took tea at Anna Potts’s.

Monday 18 April 1887  Phila G. Mtg.  Called at Emma Yarnall’s.

Tues. April 19, 1887  Yearly Meeting.  Dinner at Hannah Sculls.  with D. & J. Bisfham, Samuel Morris & wife,

D. Rhoads, Jos. Rhoads & etc.  Tea  at G. Vanxs with Eliza Varney,  Sollom's & wife.

Wed 20 April 1887  Yearly Meeting.  Dinner at Anna Robert's with a company.   Tea at A.E.W. with Evi Sharpless & others.

Thursday 21 April 1887  At North Meeting.  Isaac & Morris Cox at dinner at Samuel R. Shipley’s. ---and Abby Longstreth.  Tea at David Sculls at Overbrook.  Rode to Bryn Maur.

Friday. April 22, 1887  Y. Meeting closed.  Dined at Dr. Edwa’d Moris’s? with David Huddlestone. Eliza Varne.  Geo. Sykes from Birmingham, England.  Tea at James Shinnin’s  ? with  Rich’d Cadbury.  S. R. & Susan Shipley.

Saturday 23 April 1887  Cathie & I called on Eliza Rich and C. Tolwell.  S. Longstretts, Eliz’a Tarn-?. Esther Wistar, Sarah Morris, & A. Shipley.  Stone &--     Took tea at Ann Jones’s with Clement Lloyd & Wife.  Frederk?? & wife.  Staid at A. E. N;s  ??

Sunday 24 April 1887  Went with C. E. B. (daughter) to  Haverford Mtg.  Dined at J. Rendal Hanross(?).  Called on Seth Gifford & wife.  Attended Dr. Rhoad’s Bible Class at Bryn Mawr & took tea at his house with Charlotte Holmes & Wm. Tatum.

Mon. April 25, 1887  Cathie & I started for New Hampshire.  Went to New York & took Boat for Stormington??.

Tuesday  26 April 1887  Passed  thro Boston & Dover to Alton (in New Hampshire, Joel's old monthly meeting) .  Visited our old Home?, called at S. Handers’ Albert Pagis & went to Eyckart? Mill’s to stay (Emma Weara?)  Called in the Evening at Caleb Howard’s

Wed 27 April 1887  Called at D. Elkansi  E. Hill took us via the Iron Works to uncle J. P. Hills?

Thurs. April 28, 1887  Cathie & went to Cousin Geo. Parson’s  (Jessher Parsons)

Friday, April 29, 1887:   Went from Loren Gilman’s today via Pittsfield &  Manchester to North Weare to Cousin Moses Sawyer’s

Saturday, April 30, 1887:   At North Weare.   Called at Chet Jones’s, then Staking? Factory & ---

Sun. May 1, 1887  At meeting at North Weare.   Called in the afternoon at David Leighter’s, John Page’s, & Lindley Osborne’s.

Monday 2 April 1887  Went from North Weare to West Epping to Lewis Tolson’s.  Called on Abigail Hanson, Thos. Falsom, etc.

Tuesday, May 3, 1887  From West Epping to Boston.  Dined at Jas. Cartland’s at Newberry port.  and took tea at Chas. Clough’s at Lynn. Staid at Cousin L. M. Ham’s.

Wed. May 4, 1887  Went from Boston to E. Greenwich, to Gulielma Freebovais’.  Attended Mtg. of M. & E.

Thursday, May 5, 1887  Attended Rhode Island Q. Mtg. at E. Greenwich.   Went to Providence in the afternoon to Benja T. Knowles’.

Friday, May 6, 1887  Dined at Friend’s School.  Called on Huldah Beede, & at Saul Austin’s   Took tea at Robt X.? Eiffant’s & took Evening train for N. Y. via Stonington?

Sat. May 7, 1887  Went to Mary T. Fet---’s?  244 E. 15th St  New York.   A company in the Evening.

Sunday, May 8, 1887  At New York Meeting.  Dined at Wm. R. Thorston’s with J. Randel Harris.  Took tea at Wm Woods.

Monday, May 9, 1887  Returned to Philadelphia.  Heard Canon Millerfonsa? in the Eve. on Temperance at the Bethany Mission.


Mon. May 16, 1887  Called at A. Pollon’s, E. & A. Goth’s, Mary Bittle’s, Richard J. Allen’s, & on Josiah N. Lards.    Went to Bryn Maur in the p.m. to Geo. Vaux’s.  Morris Cox called in the Evening.

Tuesday, May 17, 1887  Attended Lectures at Bryn Maur  by Profs. Milson &? Tullerton & by Dean Thomas.    Went in the afternoon to Woodbury to John Cloud’s.

Wednesday, May 18, 1887  At Woodbury Meeting.  Called at Sarah Zatum’s.  Went with S. E. Winn to Longport and spent the night with them in their rented cottage.

Thurs. May 19, 1887   Returned from Longport in the morning to Phila and attended  Arch St Meeting. David Huddlestone present.     In the afternoon went to West Grove to Nathan Cook’s.

Friday, May 20, 1887:  Attended Western Q. Mtg. at London Grove.  James McLaughlin, & Jon’l?  Rhoad present.  Dined at Morris Cox's with a large company.  Rode to Windon with Thos. Hogue & wife.  Met Cathie (Bean, his daughter) at Windon.                       S. R. Shipley’s family moved out to Windon today.

Saturday, May 21, 1887:  At Windon.

Sun. May 22, 1887  At West Chester Meeting.

Monday, May 23, 1887:  Left West Chester and Philadelphia for Cincinnati.  Cathie (Joel's younger daughter, student in first class at Bryn Maur, Quaker college for wormen)  accompanied me to the Depot in Phili.

Tuesday 24 May 1887:  Arrived in Cincinnati about Noon.  Staid at Murray Shipley’s.  (his wife's younger sister, Catharine M. Shipley {1832-1922} was  married to  her cousin)in 1874. as Murray's second wife.

Wed. May 25, 1887  Left Cincinnati for Iowa via Indianapolis and Chicago.

Thursday, May 26, 1887:  Reached Oskaloosa about noon. At C.A. Tebbett’s

Friday 27 Went with L.A. &  M.M. T. to New Sharon to the Q. Mtg. of M. & O.    Staid at Mary Michener’s.

Sat. May 28, 1887  Attended Oskaloosa Q. M. at New Sharon.    Dined at Thos. Erickson’s with Clark & Esther Ferrell & returned with them to Oskaloosa after??  staid at their house.

Sunday, May 29, 1887:  Attended  Oskaloosa Mtg.  at the Y. M. House.  Dined at Cyrus Beede’s? & took tea at Pres. Trueblood’s.  Called at Prof. John Chassonis? & C. E. Tibbette’s.

Monday, May 30, 1887:  Took 9:50 a.m. train at Oskaloosa for the West,    after calling on Julia Way, Rich Way, & Lizzie Robert’s.   Danl. Hunt was on train to Des Moines & Wm. C. Ross to Omaha.

Tues. May 31, 1887  Breakfast at North Platte.  Passed Sherman just after a gorgeous Sunset.

Wed, June 1, 1887:  Dinner at Evanston. Pased thru’ Echo and Weber Canyons, and reached Ogden about 6 p.m.

Thursday, June 2, 1887:  Dined at Humboldt & passed Reno in the Evening.

Fri. June 3, 1887   Saw “Cape Horn” in the Sierras at Early dawn.   Stopped in Sacramento from 7:15 -11:30 a.m.  Returned Home.


Mon. June 6, 1887  Chas. & Lydia Cox went to San Francisco to spend some time.


Sun. June 12, 1887  Saml Haines & Olive Morris here to dinner.


Sunday, June 19, 1887:   Christy Davis at Mtg. & here to dinner.


Tues. June 21, 1887  H.E.B. went to Geo. Clouds for a few days.

Wed, June 22, 1887:  Ella Cox and Armis? & Alvin arrived here from Modena, Cal.

Thurs, June 23, 1887:  Sarah Mendenhall spent the afternoon here.


Friday, July 1, 1887:  Lydia returned from S. F. Benjamin Cox (father of Joel's son-in-laws)  & Fred Hadley arrived (with team) from Los Angeles, Ca.


Tuesday, July 5, 1887:  Hannah & Lydia & I went to Pacific Grove.

Wed. July 6, 1887  Chas. Cox returned from San Francisco: his brother Horace with him.


Friday, July 8, 1887:  Margaret Parker from England called on us in the Grove Cottage.


Monday, July 11, 1887:  I returned from Pacific Grove.   Chas. & Horace Cox went to P. Grove.

Tues. July 12, 1887  Benjamin Cox’s family moved (from here) into W. Gardner's tenant house.  Hannah L. Neall Joined the party in the Cottage at P. Grove.


Thurs, July 14, 1887:  Horace Cox returned frm P. Grove.

Sat., July 16, 1887:  James & the Boys returned from their Eastern Journey.  Roanna returned from P.G.


Tuesday, July 19, 1887:  Horace Cox left for the East.


Sat, July 23, 1887:  C. E. Cox came here from The Grove.


Thurs. July 28, 1887:  C.E. Cox returned to P. Grove.


Fri. Aug. 5, 1887  H.E. Bean, & Chas. & Lydia Cox returned from Pacific Grove.


Wed. Aug. 10, 1887:  University (of the Pacific, where Chas. Cox taught)  ,opened.

Thurs. Aug. 11, 1887  Sumitorne?? -- came here to Board.


Sunday. Aug. 14, 1887  Dr. Warren from Oakland & B. H. & M. G. Jones here to dinner.

Monday, Aug. 15, 1887:  put up 22 qts Pears.


Thursday, Aug. 18, 1887:  I went to Wright’s Station.


Sunday, Aug. 21, 1887:  Wm. & Ella Sharpless & his little Girl Ida Hannah Sharpless were here to dinner.  Cyrus Tazanns? & wife called in the p.m. All from Earlham, Cal’--


Wed, Aug. 24, 1887:  Ionis I Cowgill & wife came from San Francisco & spent the day with us.  on their way East from Pasadena.

Sunday, Aug. 28, 1887:   Nathan Johnson & Lily Cloud here to dinner.   Geo. Hammond’s family arrived from Iowa.

Mon. Aug. 29, 1887  Hattie Sturges Crawford & her husband & “Miss” Pogue called here.


Monday, Sept. 5, 1887:   Milton Lawrence from Oakland here to lunch.


Sat. Sept. 10, 1887  W. Frazier, Nephew of “Mrs.” Warren, here to lunch.

Sunday Sept. 11, 1887:   Wm. Ransome, Fairfield, Hitchin Eng. & Joseph P. Drewelt, Arnside, England, called here in the afternoon.


Thurs. Sept. 22, 187  Geo. Hammond & I helped Jas. B.(ean) pick about one ton Peaches before noon - at Orchard Farms.


Mon., Sept. 26, 1887:   Henry & Abby Tregs? & his sister Rebecca Woodruff here to tea.

Tues., Sept. 27, 1887:  I went to Pacific Grove.


Sat. Oct. 1, 1887  I returned from P. Grove.  Sarah Adams & Mary Judd here to dinner.  Phebe R. Gifford and Sarah Shaw from New England came to?  Dr?? Temlinson’s??

Thursday, Oct. 6, 1887:  Benj’a & Mahalath Jones went to P. Grove to our cottage.  Geo. Jones went with them. 


Sat, Oct. 8, 1887:  Samuel Brun & his wife and sister Deborah Otis came (to Geo. Hammond’s) from New York State.


Thurs. Oct. 13, 1887  Mother and James went to Pacific Grove.


Wed. Oct. 19, 1887  Anna Shipley Cox was born 8 o’clock p.m. (Chas. & Lydia parents)


Wed, Nov. 2, 1887:  Mother & I started for Oregon.  Went to San Francisco.  Staid at Hanoch House.  Spent Evening at C. Davis’s.

Thurs. Nov. 3, 1887  Mother & I took Steamer “State of California” at S.F. for Portland, Oregon at 10 a.m.


Sat. Nov. 5, 1887  Reached Astoria in this morning and Portland about 5 1/2 p.m.  Met Clark Miles, who took us to the St. Charles Hotel for the night.

Sun. Nov. 6, 1887  Went with  P.? C. Miles from Portland to Newberg.  Had a good view of Mt. Hood from a mountain we crossed.  Met a welcome at Benjamine Miles’s new home.


Tues., Nov. 8, 1887:  Dr. Jessup dined at B. Miles’s.

Wed. Nov. 9, 1887  Visited Newberg Academy with B. & E. B. Miles (Joel's sister and her husband).  Took tea at Dr. Minthorne’s at the Boarding Hall.

Thurs, Nov. 10, 1887:  At week day Meeting at Newberg.    Went with B. Miles in the p.m. to their Mountain lots on Chehalm? Mt.

Fri., Nov. 11, 1887:  Attended Q. M. of Ministry & Oversight at Newberg.  Barbara Raltinons? of Albany came to Q. M. & staid at B. Miles.

Sat. Nov. 12, 1887  Attended the opening of Newberg Q. M. Oregon.   Dr. Elias Jessup was Present from H. Creek, Iowa, as a Com. of the Q. M.

Sun, Nov. 13, 1887:  At Newberg Meeting.   Dined with B. & E. M. & family at Judah & Maria Bowersman’s?

Mon., Nov. 14, 1887:  Mother & I with B. M’s family took tea at Jesse & Mary Edward’s.

Tues. Nov. 15, 1887  I staid at Wm Hobsons.  (Oregon Y.M. founder and brother  of  David in San Jose, CA.-see Diaries of his 3 visits to San Jose.)

Wed, Nov. 16, 1887:  E. B. Miles &I went to dine at Frederick & Rachel Switman's?.

Thurs, Nov. 17, 1887:  At Newberg weekday mtg.     Dined at David Stratton’s.   Attended Exhibition at the Academy at Newberg in the Evening close of Autumn term.

Fri. Nov. 18, 1887  Edwin Robinson & M. Hadley & her Mother were at B. M’s to dinner.  John & Amy Edwards and Jesse & Mary Edwards were at B.  M’s to tea.

Sat, Nov. 19, 1887:  I went from Newberg to Portland.  Staid at the “St. Charles” Hotel.

Sun, Nov. 20, 1887:  Attended Baptist Church in Portland.   _______? Ashley preached, a Missionary 35 yrs in China.  Took Steamer in Even’g for San Francisco.

Mon. Nov. 21, 1887  On Steamer “state of California”  Passed Astoria in the Afternoon.  Stopped there for freight 2 or 3 hours.  Took on some thousand Boxes Salmon(4 doz. cans in Each) & many  sacks Oysters.


Wed, Nov. 23,1887:  Reached San Francisco about  10:30 a.m.  and San Jose 5:30 p.m.

Thurs. Nov. 24, 1887  Thanksgiving Day.


Sun. Nov. 27, 1887  Phebe R. Gifford, Hannah Ladd & Parvin & May Wright here to dinner.


Wed. Nov. 30, 1887  I attended Court as Juror.   Mary Selena Davie here to tea.


Sat., Dec. 10, 1887:  Martha A. Chamberlain from Honolulu here.   Mary B. Norton, Lucy Washburne, and Milton & Belle Lawrence here to dinner.

Mon. Dec. 12, 1887:  M. A. Chamberlain went away.


Tues., Dec. 20, 1887:  Saml & Hannah Brun and Deborah Otis here to dinner.


Sat. Dec. 24, 1887  We took dinner at James Bean’s with P. R. Gifford and Hannah Ladd, and Selena Davie.

Mon. 26 Dec. 1887:  Jas. B’s family & B. Cox’s family here to dinner.

Wed. 28 Dec. 1887:  C. E. Cox went to Berkeley to attend State Teacher’s Assn.

Fri. Dec. 30, 1887:  C. E. Cox returned home from Berkeley.


=========================== End 1887 Diary ==========================



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