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    APPLE MAC DISK NAME:   1884 Cal J. B. Diary 98





TUESDAY, Jan. 1.  1884.   Had Calls from Dr.  Stratton, & Prof. Blackman, M.  Vogel &.


Thursday, Jan. 3, 1884.  H.E.B. & L.S.B. returned from San Francisco.


Tuesday, Jan. 8, 1884  (Two line erased -- much effort and care)

Wednesday, Jan. 9, 1884 .  Eleanor Davis came here from San Francisco


Friday 18, 1884  H.  A.  Chalonel of San Jose Sprayed our Fruit trees with Caustic Soda.           Eleanor Davis returned home to San Francisco.

January, Saturday 19.1884 A Longfellow Entertainment at Wm Clarks’ by Lily’s Scholars & others.  About 50 ladies present.  Essays by L.S.B.  & W?. M. Field & a Poem in measure of Hiawatha by Nellie Eyster, & poems repeated by the Girls etc.


January, Tuesday 22.  1884 Geo.  & W.B.  Jones, & Jas. H.  B.  Took tea by invitation at Moses Mendenhall’s.

Wednesday, Jan. 23, 1884  Chautauqua Circle here in the Evening - Present - Eloise Dawson, S.  & Carrie Brown, Mary H.  Field, Geo. & W.B.  Jones, Jas. & R.F.  Bean & Mrs. Gibbs of Santa Rosa.


January , Friday 25.  1884   Attended the Reading of an   Essay at the University by Mary H. Field on “Chaucer & his times”

February, Friday 1, 1884  Andrew Roberts family left for Oregon.


February, Sunday 3.  1884 Miriam Maxwell & her Son Rambo were at Mtg. and Mordecai White from Minneapolis also.


Thursday, February 7, 1884 .  Mordecai White came to stay a few days from Minneapolis    Caleb Baldwin & wife from Iowa staid here.


February, Tuesday 12.  1884    Mordecai White went away.     Harry Stillwell, Capt.  Of Salvation Army called, with Geo.  W.  Alexander.

Wednesday, February 13, 1884  Here 25o this morning.


Wednesday, February 20, 1884 .   Went with James (Bean) to big Willow orchard & got some trees.  Set 10 French Prune trees to fill vacancies in Orchards & 5 peach trees--Solway Peaches (late)


February, Thursday 21. 1884  Began to hold meeting in Rutherford Building, Cor. of 2nd and San Antonio Sts.

(Note: Mtg. sold first Mtg. House in San Jose according to  Mtg. Minutes).

Set out Pear tree & Pomegranate bushes near tank house (Brittonian Pear)

Friday, February 22, 1884 .  Planted Peas and sowed Radish Seeds.


February, Sunday 24 1884  The children & James & Bert & I went to hear Prof. Norton in the Evening at Presbyterian Church.


Tuesday 26, 1884  I went to Wright’s Station.  Climbed the Mountain some 2000 ft.  To Indine (?) Sorrell’s place.  Past Allison;s place kept by Daniel Langhorn’s (Col)?

Staid at the Hotel at the Station (McGinness & Grant’s)

Wednesday February 27.  1884 I set out a number of Peach & Apricot trees & Grape vines on our land.  Went up to Sky Land.  Called at Prof.  Norton’s.  Staid at the Mountain House Kept by R. Jeffries.  Gifford & wife from Davenport Iowa stayed there. 

Thursday, February 28, 1884 .  I called at Alou Etlinger’s and Kurt Abel’s place and on the mountain at Alice Skinner’s and returned home in the afternoon.

Friday, February 29, 1884 .  James took Rig (entry written sideways)


Monday, Mar. 3, 1884  Planted Early Rose Potatoes and some Carrot Seeds.                   Finished reading thro “Donal Grant”

March, Tuesday 4.  1884 (See 10th of 3rd mo.)

(this entry shows Joel Bean’s thinking still in Quaker dating system--numbered days & months--T.M.K.)


March, Monday 10.  1884 Set out Triloma Uvaria: Feverfew; Fox Glow; Biennial & Porevinnal:??  Brought by Allen Brown & wife.   (Later line in ink) This should have been entered 4th inst.


March, Tuesday 25.  1884 Moses & Sarah Mendenhall here to tea.  (In ink)


April, Thursday 3.  1884 Called after Mtg. on Geo. Bayright & wife. Bot (sic) Stove & Furniture etc. for Pacific Grove Cottage.


Saturday, April 5, 1884 .  I went to Pacific Grove.


Thursday, April 10, 1884 .  John Scott at Mo.  Mtg.


April, Saturday 12.  1884 (sideways ) Neighbors at Pacific Grove.  P.  W.  Fish.   Margaret Tennant.  Margaret & Julia Ostrom.  Everett Pomeroy.  Edward Berwick, ________Dryden.  __________Oliver, ____________Harper, __________Hoyt.                        

Sunday, April 13, 1884 . John Scott at Meeting and have to dinner with Jas.  Canney.             I was at Mtg. at Monterey && in the P.M.  At Pacific Grove.  ____Snodgrass, Presbyterian Minister.                                                                           


April, Tuesday 15.  1884 I returned home from Pacific Grove.  Ferried the Salinas River.  Much rain the last week.  Salinas Bridge carried away.


April, Friday 18.  1884 Sent to Lydia Shipley for her 95th Birthday.

“May Earth;s best beams of brightness blend to gild thy natal day:

And heaven its crowning radiance lend its light the onward way.”

Saturday 19, 1884 .H.E.B.  Went to San Francisco to meet Lennie?  Minthorn.      Lily & Cathie & Carrie Emma & Flore?  Brown went with Bert (Bean--James Bean’s son) to the Foothill Ranch.


April, Monday 21.  1884 H.E.B.  Returned from San Francisco, with Lennie Minthorn.


April, Thursday 24.  1884 Harriet Haven took tea here.

Friday, April 25, 1884 .  Seniors’ Reception at Pres. Stratton’s.  Lydia & I attended.


May, Saturday 3.  1884 Lydia & Cathie went with Wm. Clark’s family to Saratoga (for the day).


May, Friday 9.  1884  Lydia went with the Clarks’ to Mt Hamilton, & spent the night there.

Saturday, May 10, 1884 .  Lydia returned home. “Miss” Norton from S.  (Sandwich--i.e. Hawaii?)  Islands called here.  Lydia B.  Can from Honolulu came here. 

Sunday, May 11, 1884 .  G.  & W.  Jones (George & Wilhelmena Bell Jones) , Jane Ledgard?? called to see L.  B.  Can.

May, Monday 12.1884  James (Bean, his Brother?) took L.B.C.  & I to ride to The Willows & Santa Clara (opposite directions from Joel & James Bean’s homes)

L.  B.  Can returned to Oakland intending to take train for Chicago Tomorrow.

Tuesday & Wednesday, 13 & 14:   HOUSE CLEANING - CHAMBERS AND MOTHER’S (BEAN) ROOM.


FRIDAY, 16, 1884  Commenced to furnish James with Milk.  House Cleaning Library.


May, Sunday 18.  1884 Thomas Driven ?  Of San Leandro was at meeting and called here in the Evening with John Bell.

(Bell was Realtor who sold the Bean’s their property and the current Presiding Clerk of the Quaker Meeting.  His sister is Wilhelmena Bell Jones (Mrs.  George).)


May, Wednesday 21.  1884 Lawrance V.  Garrigns of Santa Clara commenced painting our house etc.


Sunday, May 25, 1884 .  Isabella Hinston and her son Charles from Coatesville, Pa., were at Meeting and dined here.


Wednesday, May 28, 1884 .  The painters finished painting the house etc.

Lizzie Johnson here sewing (3 days).


May, Friday 30.  1884.  Attended Sopholectian Society of the University in the Evening.  C.E.B.  Read a poem.

Saturday, May 31, 1884    L.S..B.  Had her pupils to tea.    Building Chicken house for (2 days).


June, Monday 2.  1884    Class Day at the University in the P.M.  I attended.  Cathie & attended Commencement at Santa Clara College in the Evening.


Wednesday, June 4, 1884 .  Lily’s schools closed with appropriate Exercises and an Entertainment at Jas.  Pierce’s.  Hannah, Neal & some other invited ladies present?.

June, Thursday 5.  1884   Lydia Started with the Clarks for the “”Geysers”.  Jas. & R.T.B.  & Harry went to Pacific Grove.


June, Wednesday 11.  1884 Began to get?  Milk at Geo.  James?  1 qt daily.  Lily returned from the “Geysers”.


Thursday, June 19, 1884  James & R.  & Harry returned home from Pacific Grove.


June, Monday 23.  1884 Chas. E.  Cox arrived from Iowa.


June, Thursday 26.  1884 Chas. E.  Cox & L. S. Bean were married.  Nearly 50 present.  Meeting at 12.  C.  & E.  Took 4:15 train to Santa Cruz.    (Oldest daughter of Joel Bean)

Friday, June 27, 1884.  Belle Morehouse here.

Saturday, June 28, 1884 .  H.E.B. & C.E.B. went to Pacific Grove.  Lennie (?) Minthorne with them & Belle Morehouse & G.  A.  Bean (?) went to the Grove.


Monday, July 7, 1884.  I went to Pacific Grove.


Wed.. July  9, 1884  Read Paper on “Aims??  & the Nicean Council” at the Chautauqua Assembly.   A party on the Beach in the p.m.  For reading.

Thursday, 10 (July) 1884 I returned from P.  Grove to Mo.  Mtg.    Tho S.  Filbeu, a young Methodist Minister of Healdsburg (CAL) conversed with me on the train.


Monday, July 21. 1884:   H.E.B.   - C.E.B.  - C.E.  & L.S.B.  Cox & T.  Minthorn returned from Pacific Grove.


Wed., July  23.  1884 Sold Apricots to Crandall.  Royal Apricots - Small kind.   Morepark larger.


Thursday, July 31, 1884: Chas. & Lydia & Cathie & others went to New Almaden Mines.


Friday, August,1. 1884   Chas. & Bert went to Mt.  Hamilton--returned Saturday.


Tuesday, July 5. 1884: I went to Sky Land with Chas. & Lydia Cox, B.  & A.? Clark, B. & L.  & P.  Mabury, S.  Bradshaw, Harold Sherwell, & G.  A.  Bean.    Staid at Hillside Cottage   H.  J.  Grays.

Wednesday,July 6. 1884:  Called at Prof. Norton’s & took lunch at Jeffreys.  And returned from Wright’s by afternoon train.


Saturday, July 19. 1884: Chas. & Lydia & Cathie went to San Francisco.


Thursday, July 14, 1884: C.  & L.  Cox left San Francisco for Iowa.

Friday, July 15, 1884:  Cathie returned home from San Francisco

Monday, July 18, 1884:.  C.  E.  Bean began to teach Kitty Pierce, & B.  & A.  Clark.

Friday, August 22, 1884   Canning Peaches & Pears.  Louisa Schnittspare here Sewing


Sunday, Aug. 24, 1884:   Bessie & Hattie Marriage from Iowa Falls, Iowa, were at Mtg.  & here to tea.


Tuesday, Aug. 26, 1884:  H.E.B.  Went with Lennie to San Francisco.

Wed., Aug. 27, 1884:  Lennie Minthorne took steamer for Portland, Oregon.  H.E.B.  returned home.


August, Sunday 31, 1884 Mother went to the Foothills to stay a few days with Edwn Webb family.


September, Monday 1, 1884:  Jane Ledyard & her cousin Sophia Boardman came to board with us a few days.


Wed., Sept. 3 1884 Geo.  & Wilhelmina Jones, with their Bro. & sister Wakefield from Richmond, Ind.  Here in Evening.


Friday, Sept. 5, 1884:.  Jane A.  Ledyard & Sophia L.  Boardman returned to town after a lunch party at ___ Mabury’s.

Sat., Sept., 6.  1884 We all went with James to the Foothills.  Dined at Edwn Webb;s & took Mother home.


Wed., Sept. 17, 1884:.   Mary Bewley from S.  Francisco & Eunice Hassinger of San Jose here to tea.


Saturday 4 (October), 1884:   Eleanor Davis came to visit us. 

John Gilbert from Rich Square, Indiana, spent the night here.


Saturday, Oct. 11, 1884:.  Mother & I went to Pacific Grove.


October, Wednesday 15. 1884   I called at the Chinese Mission School in charge of “Mrs.” E.  L.  Wilson - Matron of two young women, one named __________Sabine.

Thursday, Oct. 16, 1884:  E.  L.  Wilson called at the Cottage.


Sat., October, 18. 1884   Mother & I came home from Pacific Grove.


Monday. Oct. 20, 1884:  Began to furnish Jas. Bean milk 1 qt per day.


Friday, Oct. 24, 1884   Jane Bevans & her niece Margaret Barringer from Exmouth Eng.  Came from Oakland & spent the day with us-   Called with them on G.  & W.B.  Jones and on Bessie & Hattie Marriage


Wednesday, Nov. 5.1884  Wm Mayne & wife here to tea.   --   and Geo. Brown & wife in the Evening.


Thursday, Nov.13, 1884:  Bessie & Hattie Marriage staid here.


Saturday, Nov. 22, 1884:.  Lewis More here to dinner.   Lorrin Andrews from Makawa?  Sandwich Islands here in afternoon.


Thursday, Nov. 27, 1884:  Thanksgiving Day.  Jas. B.  Family here to dinner.

Wm.  & Elvira Ward and Moses Wingate here to Bible Class in this Evening.

Friday, Nov. 28, 1884:.   H.  Tregos’ family & Phebe Mindenhall here to tea.  & in the Evening.


Wednesday, Dec. 10, 1884:  Finished reading “Life of Beethoven”

December, Thursday 11.  1884 Adonijah Gregory was at Mo. Mtg. from Pasadena.


Saturday, Dec. 13, 1884:.  Adonijah Gregory here to dinner.


Tuesday, Dec. 16, 1884:.  Henry D.  Hollingsworth & wife and Brother Thompson here to tea.

Friday, Dec. 19, 1884:.   Ellwood Comfort from Tecumach, Mich.  Here to dinner.   Cathie went to the Foothills to spend a few days at Edw.  Webb’s

December, Saturday 20.  1884   Lucy A.  Winston of Va., a teacher in Ladies Seminary, Benicia, came here.

Sunday, Dec. 21, 1884:.  Samuel Lloyd & Mahlon Stubbs were at Meeting.

Jas. B.  Conducted the Y.W.C.A. in afternoon.

Monday, Dec. 22, 1884: Lucy A. Winston went to Geo.  N.  Jones’

December.  Tuesday 23. 1884 Samuel Lloyd, Mahlon Stubbs, and James Canney here to dinner.

Wed., Dec. 24, 1884: We all took supper & spent the Evening at Jas. B’s.

Thurs., Dec. 25, 1884:.  Cathie at Geo.  N.  Jones’s in the Evening.


(Last entry for 1884 Engagement Calendar of Joel Bean.  End of booklet contains 3 or 4 addresses of distant people and 10+ pages of Cash Accounts.  Examples:  “Lennie Minthorne,” over $45 spent and received, and



“Pacific Grove Cottage” furnishings.)


Stove $5.50 bedsteads $3.00 & $3.50 = $12.00

Mattress                                                 4.50

Crockery & knives & forks                       3.50

6 tea spoons                                              .50

51 yds...... print + cotton tacks                                     3.05

tacks                                                           25

For expenses at Monterey (spent)            6.20


On Hand for Above $10.00

   HEB                       10.00

    J.  B.                     10.00

                 Total        30.00


========================== 1884 ==============


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