1883 Joel Bean Diary, or "Engagement Calendar"

Editor Tom M. King of San Jose, CA. (College Park) Meeting

June 1996 and 1998

Source:  Friends Historical Library, Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, Pa.



Calendar #1:  1883.  Front leather cover and spine missing, top flysheet has “JOEL BEAN”  in middle with many worm holes, and at the bottom, “Purchased in Knoxville 12 mo. 30 1882”.


The 1883 “Calendar” includes all the dates of the year, and Joel left many of them blank. Days pre-printed 3 to each page.  Most entries are written in pencil.  At the end of the printed dates are the “memoranda” and accounts and addresses

editor, Tom M.  King, 393 Rutland Ave., San Jose, CA. 95128 June 13, 1996

On June 25, 1998, Tom M.  King continued the copying of this Diary.  Note Last pages of 1883 “Engagement Calendar” are a separate item named 1883 end of J.B.  Diary 98 .


=========================1883 =======================


Joel Bean’s Diary, 1883--- Front says “Purchased in Knoxville, Tenn.”


Monday, Jan. 1, 1883, “At James Binford’s , Maryville, Tenn.

    This diary   continues with brief entries until Mar 29, 1883


Continual travel through Tenn., VA, North Carolina, to Jonesboro, Friendsville, Lynchburg, VA, Greensboro, N.C., to New Garden (8 days here),

Deep River Quarterly Mtg. Saturday, Jan. 20, constant Friends’ hospitality.  Jan. 25 left New Garden, N.C., for Goldsboro to L. J. Moon’s for dinner, went to Caine Creek Quarterly Mtg., return to New Garden Tues., Feb. 13.


Wed Feb. 21, 1883:  left New Garden in evening for Rich Square.

Feb. 28, 1883:   left by Carriage, for Fishers

Sat, Mar 3, 1883:  “Piney Woods M. Mtg.  Large Rufus P. King & Henry T. Outland present.  Mary Chappell & Isabella White ministers of this M.M.  George White, Clerk

Sunday, March 4, 1883--Piney Woods Mtg. - large, suppose to be 4 or 5 hundred present. 

Monday, March 5, 1883--Visited Piney Woods School taught by Geo. White and ________White.  Took train at 2;20 p.m. At Windfall for Norfolk, and Steamer from there for Baltimore.

Tuesday, Mar 6, 1883--Reached Baltimore 7 am by Chesapeake Bay Steamer “Florida” & took 9 a m train to Washington, D.C.  Took boarding at the Waverly House, 508 9th St.  Visited Smithsonian Institute & called at Ja? Underhills in the Evening.

Wednesday, Mar 7, 1883 Washington, D.C., With L.  Jolliles visited the Patent Office, City Hall, and Capitol.  Saw the “Star Route Trial” in progress, Bliss Ingersoll ect Attys., & the Supreme Court.  Attended “Social Order Mtg.” at James Underhills in the Evening--12 present.    

Thursday, March 8, 1883--Washington.  Went with L Jolliles to Treasury, Art Gallery, White House Grounds, Washington Monument--now 340 ft high (210 ft more to be built) National Museum--??? In the evening, 39 present.

Friday, March 9, 1883--Called with I.S {means Isaac Sharp} and Wm I. Coffin on the Madagascar Embassy.  Visited the White House East Room, the Green., Red & Blue Parlors & the Conservatory . Parted with Isaac Sharp.   Went to Phila  ???.

Sat, Mar 10, 1883 Philadelphia.

Sunday, Mar 11, 1883, 12th St Meeting.  Dined at Geo. Vaux’s.   Monday in Philadelphia, called on Emma Tarnall, Dined with E.L.Scull.    Went to Windon, Westchester, in afternoon (Windon was the private estate of Samuel Richards Shipley-1824-1905, the brother of Joel's wife, Hannah E. Shipley Bean)..


Tuesday, Mar 13, 1883--Westchester, Wed Mar 14, Westchester to Philadelphia,


Thurs., Mar 15, 1883, Haddonfield Q. Mtg. large.  Richard Esterbrook, Deborah Rhoads, Ezil A.  Emons?? Ministers of Q. M. Present.  Chas. Rhoads  not able to be present.  Aml Emlen {sic} & Jos Scattergood present from other Quarters.  Dined at Chas. Rhoad’s with a large company, Jon A Williams, & wife, Stephen Wood & wife, Robert’s, Wm Stanley, Evan’s??

Friday, Mar 16, 1883,   Philadelphia Mtg. for Sufferings, nearly 40 present, at Arch St.  Jos Walton, Clerk.   Called on Henry & Mary Bettle.  Went to Windon in the p.m.   Tom Brown & wife from Westtown School at Windon in the evening.

Sat, Mar. 17, 1883 in Windon,

 Sunday, Mar 18, 1883, at Westchester Mtg., full.

Mon., Mar 19, 1883, returned to Philadelphia, visited friends

Tues., Mar 20, 1883, Philadelphia North Meeting, visited friends

Wed, Mar 21, 1883, Media Meeting, check trunk to Council Bluffs {Iowa}, Left Phil for the West.

Thurs., Mar 22, 1883---Pittsburgh to Chicago.

Friday, Mar 23, 1883---Chicago to West Branch {Iowa}

Saturday, Mar 24, 1883:--Attended M. Mtg. at Honey Grove.  Dined at Jesse?

Sunday, Mar 25, 1883:.--Attended at West Branch

Monday, Mar 26, 1883: -- West Branch, Dined at I N Uiliss ?

Took tea at Erick Knudson’s at West Liberty & took train at 9 p. m.  for Council Bluffs.

Tues. Mar 27, 1883:--Council Bluffs at 9:30 am, checked baggage to San Francisco

Sat, Mar. 31, 1883:-Sacramento, Breakfast.  San Fran-Santa Clara depot, S.J.


Gap April to July, 1883


Tuesday, July 3, 1883--Hannah, Lydia & C.E. Bean, Clark   Uilis & Bert Bean went to Pacific Grove retreat, Monterey.  {In pencil}

Wed, July 4, 1883:.    Began to have Peaches.   Plenty.


Tues., July 10, 1883:.  Harry Bean & I went to Pacific Grove, Monterey.  Clark Miles returned.

Wed, July 11, 1883:  L.S.B. Read an Essay on “The Age of Pericles” at the Mtg. of the C.S, S.C.  ??




Friday 13, 1883:: Commencement of the C.L.S.C.  (Means??)

Saturday 14, 1883: We took supper on a little beach & bathed feet in the surf.  Cathie & I walked to the Light House (land’s end in Pacific Grove, CA)

Sunday, July 15, 1883 A little meeting on the Beach.  Frederic & Mary H. Field, Mary Norton, Miss Morehouse, Julia Ostrom, The Drydens’ are ever present with ourselves & children.

Monday 16, 1883: H.E.B.  & I returned from Pacific Grove.


Wednesday, July 18, 1883 Jas. & Roanna (BEAN) went to Pacific Grove.


Friday 20, 1883: Mother (BEAN) , Hannah & I with B. & M. Jones & Geo. & Wilhelmina (JONES) & Sing went to Saratoga Springs & returned via Los Gatos.  Took lunch near the Springs (1/2 mile below).


Wednesday, August 1, 1883: L.S. Bean commenced teaching at Clarks.

Thursday, August 2, 1883 L.  S.  Bean began to teach again at Pievers?

Saturday 4, 1883: Geo. Vaux & children Mary, Geo.  & Milie here to tea.


Tuesday 7, 1883: Clark Miles started for home with Moses & Phebe Mendenhall.

Wednesday, August 8, 1883 Cathie E Bean entered the University.


Monday. Aug. 13, 1883: 10 Chickens appeared.  Put up Peaches & Crab Apples.

Tuesday, August 14, 1883 Put up Peaches & _____.  H.E.B. went to Home Seminary to arrange Classes.


Thursday, Aug. 16, 1883:    Anniversary of James & Roanna F.  Beans’ marriage 25 years ago.   The Jones’s, Wards, & our family there in the Evening.

Friday, August 17, 1883 H.E.B.  Commenced Classes in History & Evidences of Christianity in the Home Seminary (for this year)

Saturday, Aug. 18, 1883: Putting up Pears, Peaches & Plums.


Tuesday 28, 1883: I went with James to Mountain View (nearby in Calif.)

Wednesday, August 29, 1883: Have had peaches plenty to this date from 7 mo.  4 (8 weeks)


Sunday, Sept. 2, 1883: (Sept.) A little Sprinkle of rain this morning.  Finished reading Caroline Fox & her family  by Caroline E, Stephens.  D. Hardy & wife at Mtg.



Thursday, September 13, 1883 Mo.  Mtg.  John Scott present.

Friday, Sept. 14, 1883: Belle Morehouse came here

Saturday, Sept. 15, 1883: Lucy Washburn of the Normal School called.  Clarissa Armstrong & her daughter Amelia (of ________(?)) here to tea.  G.  & W.  Jones, Jas. & R.  & boys , Susan Brown & Emma here in the evening.


Tuesday, Sept. 18, 1883: Edmund Robinson from Cumberland Eng.  Stopped here on his way to Oregon.


Sunday, Sept. 23, 1883: Joseph Roberts from Missouri at Mtg. & here to tea.


Wednesday, Sept. 26, 1883: Joseph Roberts commenced boarding here.


Wednesday, Oct. 3, 1883: (October) I went to Pacific Grove Retreat.


Tuesday 23, 1883: (October) I returned home from Pacific Grove.


Saturday, Oct. 27, 1883:   H.  & I went to Oakland to attend the Funeral Of John Scott’s Wife.    Staid at Christie Davis’s in San Francisco.

Sunday, October 28, 1883 At Meeting in San Francisco.  Went with Wm Sherman & wife to Oakland & dined with them.  620 14th St.   Called on John Scott.  & staid at Richard Anthony's’ 964 18th St.

Monday, Oct. 29, 1883: Called on Annette Clark    1101 Green St.  S.F.    Dined at Dr.  Hardy’s and returned home in the p.m.


Tuesday, November 6, 1883 Took Wm Adam's cow and 670 lb. hay from James’ Barn (Hay from our lots)


Friday 14 (December 1883)   Elkanah Cravin from Newberg, Oregon, came here.


Sunday, December 16, 1883  Elkanah Craven at meeting.. .A minister from Oregon.  From H.E.B.  On my Birth day.

        (Poem=12 lines)


Wednesday Dec. 19, 1883: Andrew Roberts & family came.

Thursday Dec. 20, 1883:   E.  Craven at mtg.


Saturday Dec. 22, 1883: A.  Roberts moved into Chet Haskill’s house.

Sunday Dec. 23, 1883: Began to furnish milk to A.  Roberts 1 pt per day


Thursday, December 27, 1883 H.E.B.  & L.S.B.  Went to San Francisco for a few days.

Friday, Dec. 28, 1883:  G.& W.B. Jones & Sing went to San Francisco for a few days.


==========end of daily entries in 1883 Joel Bean Diary ======






Contains 4 100? page Engagement Calendars - 2 x 5 Inches

Summary of Calendars by Tom M. King of San Jose, CA

June 25, 1998 at Swarthmore College F.H. Library



Calendar #1:  1883.  Front leather cover and spine missing, top flysheet has “JOEL BEAN”  in middle with many worm holes, and at the bottom, “Purchased in Knoxville 12 mo. 30 1882”.


The 1883 “Calendar” includes all the dates of the year, and Joel left many of them blank.

Back of 1883 "Diary" Book--”Memoranda”, one blank flysheet before cover.  Page of “Puzzles & Questions” listing 7 word puzzles


Other side of Memoranda page lists properties owned by Beans by 1883. 


Titles 1883: “Number of Lots”


L.S.B.C. Lot 1                        Victorian house, Chapman & Newhall Sts

E..B.  Lot 2.                                        =Grandma Bean

Joel B.  Lots 3,4. 12,13,14,15. =3 & 4 are Home of Joel & Hanna

Jas. B Lots 5,6                                    James Bean’s vacant lots.

               Block 27.  Davis Tract.


Pacific Grove                         =Methodist Camp ground on Pacific

Joel B.  Lots 5.11   Block 14 = lots Near Monterey city border, California

Jas. B.  Lots 7.9.      Block 14


Joel B Lot 17.  Block 7

Jas. B.  Lot 18.  Block 7

Jas. B.  Lot 3.    Block 14

    1st Addition to P.  Grove R. (Retreat??)  Ground?

(End of property page)





1/13 NEW Garden Q.  M.

1-20 Deep River Q. M.        (Travel in Tenn. and N.  Carolina.)

1-21 Deep River Q. M.

1-24 New Garden

1-27 Contentnia Q.  M.

    28    (same)


1-28 Sallie Foushee (?) spoke--her 8 line poem copied here.


15+ pages of “CASH ACCOUNT” lists small expenses (toothbrush, etc.)


Here are two important?  Examples:             Received   Paid   


Rec of I. Sharp for Expenses of Journey Home $160.00  $159.21

       (Isaac Sharp was Joel‘s frequent traveling companion.  The Paid listed 9 expenses including RR fare Phili to San Francisco $134.85.  And $1.65 Fare to Santa Clara.


Perhaps Joel paid both men’s travel costs, including 2 sleeper cars and meals, and baggage transfer (.75c).  I.  Sharp was much older.


“Expended 1883 at Pacific Grove on Cottage”   $ 87.55 

Taxes                                                               $   3.75

Food                                                                $   3.00

Totals - - -   - - - --                                                     $94.30


 Addresses in back of 1883 Engagement Calendar.


Wm Lambi, a Friend from near Spiceland, Ind.-60 mile N.Of S.F.

Geo.  Bell, A Southland Student at Lincoln Univ., Chester Co., Pa

Evan Jones, a member near San Jose, from Richland, Iowa

Jacob Doan, Gilroy, Santa Clara Co, Cal-Bro. Isaac, Richmond, Ind. (member)

- - - - - - Hubbard, San Jose cousin of Geo. Chase

Mary Ann Duncan (a Friend) San Francisco, Cousin of Tabitha Hartley

(end first page)


==================End of 1883 J. Bean Diary ==============


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