Swarthmore College


Jocelyne Noveral, Laboratory Instructor (Biology)


Hiebert, S.M., and J. Noveral. 2007. Are Chicken Embryos Endotherms or Ectotherms? A Laboratory Exercise Integrating Concepts in Thermoregulation and Metabolism. Advances in Physiology Education 31 (1): 97-109.
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Wise, S., N.T. Davis, E. Tyndale, J. Noveral, M.G. Folwell, V. Bedian, I.F. Emery, and K.K. Siwicki. 2002. Neuroanatomical Studies of Period Gene Expression in the Hawkmoth, Manduca Sexta. Journal of Comparative Neurology 447 (4): 366-380.
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