Swarthmore College


Maya Nadkarni, Visiting Assistant Professor (Sociology & Anthropology)

Book Chapter

Nadkarni, M. 2010. "But It's Ours": Nostalgia and the Politics of Authenticy in Post-Socialist Hungary. In Post-Communist Nostalgia, edited by M. Todorova and Z. Gille, 190-214. New York: Berghahn.
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Nadkarni, M. 2011. Imagining Europe in Post-Socialist Cities. Review of Cities after the Fall of Communism: Reshaping Cultural Landscapes and European Identity edited by J.J. Czaplicka, N. Gelazis, and B.A. Ruble. H-Urban (June).
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Nadkarni, M. 2011. The Trauma of Post-Empire. Review of The Patriotism of Despair by S. Oushakine. Ab imperio (1).
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