Swarthmore College


Jill Gladstein, Associate Professor and Director of the Writing Associates Program (English)


Gladstein, J., and D. Regaignon. 2012. Writing Program Administration at Small Liberal Arts Colleges. Anderson, SC: Parlor.
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Book Chapter

Gladstein, J. 2007. Quietly Creating an Identity for a Writing Center. In Marginal Words, Marginal Work? Tutoring the Academy in the Work of Writing Centers, edited by W.J. Macauley, Jr., and N. Mauriello, 211-244. Cresskill, NJ: Hampton.
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Gladstein, J. 2001. Using Critical Questioning to Investigate Identity, Culture, and Difference. In Living (and Teaching) in an Unjust World: New Perspectives on Multicultural Education, edited by W. Goodman, 183-194: Heinemann.
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Gladstein, J., L. Lebduska, and D. Regaignon. 2009. Consortia as Sites of Inquiry: Steps toward a National Portrait of Writing Program Administration . WPA 32 (3): 13-36.
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Gladstein, J. 2008. Conducting Research in the Gray Space: How Writing Associates Negotiate between WAC and WID in an Introductory Biology Course. Across the Disciplines 5.
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