Swarthmore College


Rachel Sagner Buurma, Assistant Professor (English)

Book Chapter

Buurma, R.S., A. Tione Levine*, and R. Li*. 2012. Swarthmore College: The Early Novels Database and Undergraduate Research: A case study. In Past or Portal? Enhancing Undergraduate Learning through Special Collections and Archives, edited by E. Mitchell, P. Seiden, and S. Taraba. Chicago, IL: Association of College and Research Libraries.
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Buurma, R.S. 2009. Review of Commodity Culture in Dickens's "Household Words" by C. Waters. Review of English Studies 60 (246): 667-669.
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Buurma, R.S., and L. Heffernan. 2012. The Common Reader and the Archival Classroom: Disciplinary History for the Twenty-First Century. New Literary History 43 (18): 113-135.
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Buurma, R.S. 2008. Anonyma’s Authors. Studies in English Literature: 1500-1900 48 (4): 839-848.
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Buurma, R.S. 2008. Ephemeral Forms: E.S. Dallas, Novel Reading, and the Victorian Review. English Language Notes 46 (1): 119-125.
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