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About the Faculty Bibliography

The Faculty Bibliography has been a Swarthmore tradition since 1975, and has long served to keep our community informed of faculty research and publication. When the bibliography was first made available online, it offered the global community a picture of the intellectual life of the College and the scholarly accomplishments of our faculty for any given year. Now, our goal is a comprehensive bibliography.

As such, the Libraries have developed a resource to offer a fuller view of the scholarship in which our community is engaged. This bibliography includes traditional print publications, such as books and peer-reviewed articles, as well as conference presentations, art exhibitions, premiere musical performances, and the like. It celebrates works created by current and former faculty during their careers at Swarthmore, as well as those of the College staff.

The Faculty Bibliography is a work in progress and does not provide a complete record of the achievements of our community. To ensure that you are fully represented, we encourage you review your portion of the bibliography, and submit additional citations. The Libraries will review your citations and make them available shortly.

The Faculty Bibliography includes citations for:

  • Monographs, textbooks, and other scholarly books
  • Book chapters and contributions to reference works
  • Articles, book reviews, and other substantive pieces from journals, newspapers, and magazines
  • Novels, short stories, poems, and other published creative works of fiction
  • Books and journals where the faculty member is credited as an editor
  • Presentations at academic conferences and to local, regional, and national organizations
  • Works published in conference proceedings
  • White papers
  • Scholarly websites
  • Technical reports
  • Software
  • Published, televised, or radio interviews
  • Creative works where the community member is credited as the artist, composer, choreographer, playwright, director, or screenwriter
  • Art exhibitions and the first print publication of drawings, illustrations, and photographs
  • Premiere performances of dance, musical works, or theater productions

The following are not included:

  • Publications which are forthcoming, in press, submitted, or accepted
  • Works created prior to, or after one's, career at the College

The Libraries welcome any questions or thoughts you may have, and look forward to developing this resource with our community. If you have questions or comments on the Faculty Bibliography, or to submit your citations, please contact Kate Carter, Digital Initiatives Librarian.

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