Auden to Discuss Role of Education

published in the February 23, 1943 issue of the Phoenix

W.H. Auden, of the English department, will lead an informal discussion on the topic, "The Role of Education in a Democratic Society" on Thursday at 8:15 in Trotter E-11, under the auspices of the SSU. Before the discussion, Mr. Auden will speak briefly on the same subject.

The program will be based on the ideas which Mr. Auden set forth in his lecture given at the annual Phi Beta Kappa dinner in January. On that occasion he stated that man's only true vocation is the realization of himself. He has termed this need for self-realization as "the state of subjective requiredness."

To follow this vocation man must have a passion, Mr. Auden said, and "without passion society must dissolve into an amorphous whole." Thus, Mr. Auden believes, all elements of society must be directed toward the development and feeding of this all-important passion. Through education society, he feels, can display to the person what can be his passion. Only the democratic state can assure the individual an opportunity to follow his passion, he continued. Mr. Auden considers "government of, by, and for the ego," as the only significant type.

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