Auden to Replace Hunt; Many Changes Proposed

published in the April 1, 1944 (April Fool's Day) issue of the Phoenix

W. H. Auden, poet and educator, was appointed Dean of Men to succeed Mr. Hunt at a meeting of the Board of Managers last night. No reason was given for this surprise move. It is rumored that Mr. Auden was appointed despite President Nason's threat to resign.

Ex-Dean Hunt refused to make a statement when approached. President Nason said, "I have had my differences with Auden in the past, but I am willing to let by-gones be by-gones. I feel sure that we will be able to work together in the future for the betterment of Swarthmore."

Mr. Auden announced a 14-point program, which he hoped to inaugurate as soon as he takes office. The salient features of his plan are: first, abolition of the Student Council; second, the elimination of most extra-curricular activities; third, abolition of compulsory physical education; fourth, the end of room inspection; fifth to thirteenth concerned liquor, dormitory rules, and collection. Most noteworthy part of his program was point number fourteen which declares "an open season for all nonentities and conspicuous little toads."

Many curriculum changes are contemplated by the new dean. A set program will be given all freshmen entering college this summer, which will include: Philosophy, Shakespeare's Sonnets, the Graveyard School of English Literature, Gestalt Psychology, and Pre-Romantic Literature. For Science majors an even more varied program is planned.

The new Dean requested us to publish the following statement: "Fellow irresponsibles follow me and buy more bombs buy more bombs buy more bombs buy more bombs bymorebombs buymorebomsbuymorebombs..."

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