"Ascent of F6" Production Marks Departure of Auden and Rubin

published in the April 17, 1945 issue of the Phoenix

"The Ascent of F6," the tragedy in two acts by W.H. Auden and Christopher Isherwood, will be unveiled by the Little Theater Club on Friday and Saturday of this week. The Clothier curtain is scheduled to go up at 8:15.

This production will mark a farewell to the College for both Seyril Rubin, director, and W.H. Auden, co-author. Mr. Auden, as the student body already knows, is going overseas on Government business. Mrs. Rubin will be in New York next fall; she may be connected with a repertory season at the City Center of Music and Drama. Meanwhile, Beatrice Beach MacLeod, director of dramatics who has been on leave of absence since 1942, will return to her post.

Mrs. Rubin, during her stay at College, has directed four major productions; two have been classic revivals, by Shakespeare, and Molière, and two modern and experimental - Saroyan's "A Decent Birth" and the present play. Furthermore, she has initiated the Swarthmore Network's "Cavalcade of Great Drama" series.

Scenery Stylized

For the last two weeks, the stage crew have been busy putting up the "mountain"; this is composed of lumber, scaffolding bars, ladders, and the apron steps, all overlaid with canvas. Non-mountainous settings will be represented very simply, with lighting emphasized more than scenery. Supplementing the stage, where the main action takes place, will be two boxes on either side of the proscenium; one represents a broadcasting studio, and the other the symbolic suburban living room of Mr. and Mrs. A., who function as a chorus.

LTC's proposed visit to New York with "The Ascent" has been called off; the American Academy of Arts and Letters, which was to have sponsored the production, found the moving and accommodation of a large cast and crew impossible under wartime conditions.

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