Our Mission

The Swarthmore College Libraries advance the College's educational mission by providing information resources for teaching, learning, and research, and by supporting the discovery, evaluation, and use of these resources. With collections that represent centuries of scholarship and reflect local curricular and research needs, the Libraries promote critical inquiry, scholarly discovery, and creativity. Library staff is committed to offering knowledgeable, professional service and to building a welcoming environment that nurtures curiosity and exploration. As an intellectual, cultural, and social center for the campus, the Libraries serve as a dynamic forum for people and ideas.

Our Vision

The Swarthmore College Libraries, through nationally recognized collaborative efforts and studies of undergraduate research behaviors, strive to provide an exceptional research experience within exemplary physical and digital environments and to fully integrate information literacy into the College’s broader educational program.

Our Values

  • Protect academic freedom and individuals' rights as library users.
  • Deliver personal, respectful service to our users in responding to their individual information needs.
  • Collaborate with campus colleagues and consortial partners and actively engage with the broader academic, library, technology, and publishing worlds.
  • Encourage library patrons to act as critical consumers of information and promote the ethical use of information resources.
  • In developing the collection, ensure the representation of a multiplicity of ideas and perspectives.
  • Facilitate equal access to resources for users according to their needs, abilities, and interests.
  • Celebrate the uniqueness and diversity of intellectual and cultural life on campus.
  • Pursue environmentally sustainable policies to create a greener footprint for the Libraries and our services.
  • Integrate input and feedback from our community of users into everything we do.
  • Nurture an organizational culture that is flexible, open to change, and willing to take risks when appropriate.

Adopted Fall 2008.