Newton Collection Competition Past Winners

Past Winners

When the competition gained popularity under A. Edward Newton's patronage in 1930, winners were selected by Newton and granted a $50 award. Newton's original criteria stated that "an award of fifty dollars should be made annually to the student who, during an agreed-upon term, had:

  1. Formed the best, not the largest, collection of books in one or more departments in which the student was specializing, be it literature, chemistry, engineering, or what not.
  2. Given evidence by the selection and care of his books of his appreciation of the joy of ownership. It was recognized that few, if any, students can, while at college, afford the luxury of first editions, but well-edited editions printed by responsible publishers are always to be preferred to showy books made to sell rather than to be read.
  3. Could pass reasonably well an oral examination upon his library and who knew why the edition he had selected was to be preferred to some other."

Today, winners can receive up to $600.


Ben Goosen
Ben Goosen '13
Paul Cato
Paul Cato '14
Ben Goosen
Ben Goosen '13
Joan Huang
Joan Huang '15
Madeleine Booth
Madeleine Booth '15
Miyuki Baker
Miyuki Baker '12
  • 1st prize: Ben Goossen '13, Faith and Family through Four Centuries: Books of Mennonite History
  • 2nd prize: Joan Huang '15, Creator-Owned Comics: A Labor of Love and Madness
  • 3rd prize: Madeleine Booth '15, Past and Co.
  • Honorable mention: Miyuki Baker '12, Legibly Queer
Ben Goossen
Ben Goossen '13
Chris Geissler
Chris Geissler '13
  • 1st prize: Ben Goosen '13, Art and Illustration: The Art of N.C. Wyeth (.pdf)
  • 2nd prize: Chris Geissler '13, Tolkien's Middle Earth: Its History and Interpretation
  • 3rd prize: Mackenzie Pierce '11, Music and Philosophy: A Friendship

Meredith Firetog
Meredith Firetog '10


Julian Chender
Julian Chender '09

  • 1st prize: Julian Chender '09, Humor: Jews, Soldiers, and Other Suffering People
  • 2nd prize: Stephan Graf '09, Post-1945 Art and the Politics of Identity
  • 1st prize: Jake Brunkard '08, Collecting the Underground: Black Sparrow Press
  • 2nd prize: Mark Kharas '08, Quakerism: An Academic and Devotional Analysis of a Religion
  • 3rd prize: Trude Raizen '08, Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend: Assorted Baseball Books

Anna Torres '07's Yiddishkeit collection on display in McCabe

Archive of entries from 1969 - present available here!


1978: 1st prize: David Crow '80; 2nd prize: Anne MacDowell '78; 3rd prize: Gregg Davis '80

1977: 1st prize: James Polk '79; 2nd prize: Kay Naquin '78; 3rd prize: Todd Kennedy '78

1976: 1st prize: Pieter Judson '78; 2nd prize: Robert Neufeld '76; 3rd prize: Thomas Quinn '76

1975: 1st prize: Chris Plum '75; 2nd prize: David Sewell '76; 3rd prize: Julie Eades '75

1974: 1st prize: Deborah Kogan '74 ; 2nd prize: Wallace Harrington Jr. '74

1973: 1st prize: Richard Kuhta '73; 2nd prize: William Hawkins '75 and Chris Atinson '73

1972: 1st prize: Robert C. May '73

1971: No prizes awarded

1970: 1st prize: Richard Welsh '70

1969: 1st prize: Francis Randolph '73

1968: No records found. This is likely due to the completion of McCabe Library in 1968.

1967: 1st prize: Marc Hofstadter '67

1966: 1st prize: Thomas Wolf '68

1965: 1st prize: Leonard Barkan '65

1964: No records found. The Libraries at this point were in flux due to shifting college librarians.

1963: 1st prize: Edward H. Allen '64

1962: 1st prize: Judith Markham Hughes '62

1961: 1st prize: T. Paul Schultz '61

1960: 1st prize: James L. Perkins '60

1959: 1st prize: David J. Klingener '59

1958: 1st prize: Edwin V. Bishop '68

1956-1957: No records found.

1955: 1st prize: Jerrold N. Moore '55