Student Organizations

Intercultural Center


Founded in 2001, Colors is a student group for students who identify both as LGBTQ and as people of color. Colors is an informal space where queer students of color can talk about their experiences being queer, being of color, and being both at the same time. Colors is open to queer students who identify as multiracial and does not reject anyone based on physical appearance.

Group Leaders

J. Smack 
Byron Biney 
Romeo Luevano

Swarthmore Queer Union

The Swarthmore Queer Union (SQU) is an organization that seeks to improve the life of queer, trans, and questioning students on campus. SQU is dedicated to building a community for these students to grow and learn together, and challenge social injustices through discussing and sharing experiences. SQU is a community group for students who self-identify as queer, trans, or questioning of racial/ethnic identity, religious background or ability level. In addition to having weekly hour-long meetings, SQU sponsors speakers, workshops, student/faculty/staff events, open meetings, awareness and outreach events, and parties throughout the year. SQU also advocates to the administration for queer and questioning issues related to student life, faculty, and curriculum.


Group Leaders

Gretchen Trupp
Maya Henry