Discussion Groups

Lax attendees between sessions

Discussion groups provide conference attendees with the opportunity to engage with the ideas raised in the panel discussion, share their expertise, and ask questions of the facilitators and one another.

  • How Are "Doing Good" and "Doing Well" Blurring and What Does that Mean for Entrepreneurship in the Future?
    Science Center 104
    Facilitated by Jude M.D. O'Reilley ’94, senior director for social entrepreneurship, Skoll Foundation and Gorka Espiau, director of places and international affairs, The Young Foundation
  • How Do Organizations, Big and Small, Embody the Concept of Shared Value and What Lessons Can We Learn Going Forward?
    Science Center 105
    Facilitated by Eleanor Joseph ’07, co-founder and CEO of Ubuntu Capital; Ibon Zugasti, director of social innovation research and development at MONDRAGON Corp.; and Denise Crossan, Lang visiting professor, Swarthmore College.
  • How Do We Build Social Equity and Economic Development in Communities? A Conversation on Fostering the Narrative, Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships and Delivering Change at the Place Level in Order To “Do Well By Doing Good”.
    Science Center 181
    Facilitated by Christopher Leinberger ’72, real estate developer, professor, and president of LOCUS and Baroness Glenys Thornton, chief executive, The Young Foundation.
  • How Can the Private and Public Sectors Collaborate to Foster Greater Social Impact Investing Practices?
    Science Center 183
    Facilitated by Nate Schaffran ’00, senior vice president of lending, Root Capital and President Juan José Ibarretxe, former president of Spain's Basque autonomous community (1999–2009).