Comprehensive Listing of Courses

The following courses and seminars are approved for Latin American Studies:

Art History
Course Number Course Name
ARTH 001P Objects of Empire (prior LAS approval required)
ARTH 023 Art of the Ancient Americas
ARTH 155 Picturing Colonialism
Course Number Course Name
ECON 028 Economics of Latin America
Course Number Course Name
EDUC 053 Language Minority Education
EDUC 068 Urban Education
EDUC 153 Latinos and Education
Course Number Course Name
HIST 001E Past and Present in Latin America
HIST 004 Latin American History
HIST 049 Race and Foreign Affairs *
HIST 051 Race and Poverty in the United States
HIST 063 Voices of the Past: Oral History and Memory
HIST 063S Swarthmore: Between Oral History and Memory *
HIST 064 Migrants and Migrations: Europeans in Latin America and Latinos in the U.S.
HIST 065 Cities of (Im)migrants: Buenos Aires, Lima, Miami, New York
HIST 066 Disease, Culture, and Society in the Modern World: Comparative Perspectives *
HIST 067 Peripheral Modernities: Latin American Cities in the 20th Century
HIST 068 The Self-Image of Latin America
HIST 084 Modern Addiction to Smoking in the 20th Century *
HIST 090O Digging Through the National Security Archive: South American "Dirty Wars" and U.S. Involvement
HIST 148 Issues and Debates in Modern Latin America
HIST 149 Reform and Revolution in Modern Latin America
Latin American Studies
Course Number Course Name
LALS 005 Introduction to Latino/a Studies 
LALS 006 Ethnic and Latino Studies: Me, Myself, and the Otro
LALS 010 (B)orders and (Dis)orders: (Im)migration, and Imagined Communities [FYS] [W]
LALS 025 In Quest of God: Latin American Religious Arena [RELG 043]
LALS 030 Drugs, Gangs and U.S. Imperialism
LALS 040 Social Movements in Latin America: Gender and Queer Perspective [ANTH 040J]
LALS 080 Mexican Pennsylvania: The Making of a Transnational Community
LALS 090 Thesis
LALS 093 Directed Reading
LALS 097 Independent Study
LALS 180 Honors Thesis
Course Number Course Name
LING 030 Language and Identity in the African Experience: From Kenya to Mexico
Course Number Course Name
LITR 009S A New World: Conquests in Latin America
LITR 015S Introduction to Latino/a Literature [W]
LITR 040S Colonial Latin America and Its New World
LITR 060S Mexican and Central American Literature in Translation
LITR 070S The Persistent Power of Central American Literature
LITR 071S Latin American Society Through Its Novel
LITR 074S Queer Issues in Latin American Literature and Cinema
LITR 075S Borges: Aesthetics and Theory
LITR 076S Latino and Latin American Sexualities
Political Science
Course Number Course Name
POLS 057 Latin American Politics
POLS 081 Politics of Schooling in Latin America and the Middle East*
POLS 109 Comparative Politics: Latin America
Course Number Course Name
RELG 043 In Quest of God: The Latin American Religious Arena
RELG 109 Afro-Atlantic Religions
Sociology and Anthropology
Course Number Course Name
ANTH 040J Social Movements in Latin America: Gender and Queer Perspective
ANTH 041B Visions of Latin America
ANTH 051B Drugs and Governance in the Americas
SOCI 024B Latin American Society and Culture
SOCI 024C Latin American Society Through Its Novel
Course Number Course Name
SPAN 010 En busca de Latinoamérica
SPAN 023 Introducción a la literatura latinoamericana [W]
SPAN 050 Afrocaribe: literatura y cultura visual
SPAN 051 Cuba contemporánea: utopias, revolución y reforma
SPAN 053 Memorias a la deriva: El Caribe y sus diásporas
SPAN 055 La comida, los deportes y la música en el Caribe hispánico
SPAN 057 El Caribe hispánico a través de la literatura, la musica y el cine
SPAN 061 El "otro": voces y miradas múltiples
SPAN 070 Género y sexualidad en Latinoamérica
SPAN 072 Seducciones literarias - traiciones filmicas
SPAN 073 El cuento latinoamericano
SPAN 074 Queer Issues in Latin American Literature and Cinema
SPAN 076 La novela latinoamericana
SPAN 080 Los hijos de la malinahe
SPAN 081 Movimientos sociales y literatura en México
SPAN 082 México lindo y maldito: representaciones culturales de la Ciudad de México
SPAN 083 El tirano latinoamericano en la literatura
SPAN 084 Mexico, 1968: la violencia de ayer y hoy
SPAN 085 Pasados desgarradores: trauma y afecto en la literature centroamericana de posguerra
SPAN 087 Cruzando fronteras: migración y transnacionalismo en el cine mexicano
SPAN 088 Pasados desgarradores: Trauma
SPAN 103 Horacio Castellanos Moya: Centroamérica en las venas
SPAN 106 Visiones narrativas de Carlos Fuentes
SPAN 110 Politica y póetica: los mundos de Pablo Neruda, Octavio Paz y Ernesto Cardenal

* All papers and projects must focus on Latin American Studies