Lang Center
for Civic & Social Responsibility

Lang Center students with Bryan Stevenson

Bryan Stevenson meets with Swarthmore Inside-Out students during his visit to campus on March 1, 2017.

All Signature Programs

In order to increase faculty engagement and autonomy, the Lang Center has created four Signature Programs, convened by faculty leaders, around issue areas essential to the Lang Center’s mission. The faculty leaders have access to yearly budgets that can support speaker series, workshops, faculty collaborations, relevant student groups, and even faculty-staff journal publications. The faculty leaders, who possess more expertise and faculty connections in their areas than any individual staff member, are able to find collaborators, expand our network, and effectively “de-center” the Lang Center by spreading its reach across campus. Additional signature programs represent new and longstanding commitments to providing resources and expertise to support a broad range of social and civic engagement projects both in the U.S. and around the world.

Arts in Action

Global Affairs

Health & Societies

Urban Inequality & Incarceration

Lang Visiting Professorship for Issues of Social Change

Innovation Lab

Lang Opportunity Scholarship Program

Project Pericles Fund of Swarthmore College

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