First year students participating in "Day of Service" in the City of Chester.

First year students participating in "Day of Service" in the City of Chester.

Want to get involved?

There is no shortage of great volunteer opportunities awaiting Swarthmore students on campus and beyond. But sometimes it can be tricky to decide which type of service suits you best. As you start your volunteer search, consider...

Who or what am I most passionate about?

Consider the issue(s) that motivate you and the population you'd most like to serve. The links below will connect you with partnerships and placements available through Swarthmore College. Contact Cynthia Jetter (cjetter1) for advisement about reaching out to the organizations listed.

What are my time constraints?

As big-hearted and altruistic as folks may be, there are - alas - only so many hours in a day and so many days in a week. Considering your time constraints is an important step in selecting a volunteer opportunity. For example, if you are overcommitted this fall but could foresee having time to dedicate to volunteer efforts in the spring, you might consider an alternative spring break program. The point is, consider your time commitments in sum - academics, athletics, clubs, sports practices and games, family obligations, job, and so on - when determining what type of volunteer opportunity makes sense for you. Be sure you are able to commit to the necessary amount of volunteer time before you agree to serve.

How much time am I willing to offer a cause or group?

Would you like to participate in a one-time service activity? Are you able and willing to commit one day per week? Could you envision yourself dedicating a semester, school year or even multiple years to the same cause or group? However you answer the questions above, Swarthmore College is ripe with volunteer opportunities of all kinds of durations.

In what ways do I hope to contribute? To gain?

This question asks you to consider your unique skill set and experience. Not all volunteer opportunities are created alike. Some may need volunteers to assist with tutoring like Dare to Soar, or tax assistance like the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program. Others invite students and staff into unique partnerships like Learning for Life (L4L). Explore the many ways in which you are unique to help you identify how you could contribute. Also, think about areas where you'd like to learn more or develop new skills. Volunteering can help you learn vital skills for the future.

How will I get to/from the volunteer site?

The Lang Center can provide mass transit assistance in the form of bus tokens and/or train tickets for local community service and volunteer opportunities. Learn about how to obtain such transportation assistance.

Where do I want to serve?

From Chester to Philadelphia and from China to Ghana, volunteer opportunities abound. View the Lang Center bulletin boards (one in Parrish, one at the Lang Center) which list additional upcoming volunteer opportunities in the U.S. and abroad.

For volunteer opportunities that are available in the City of Chester, search Widener University's "Service with a Purpose" database.

For volunteer opportunities in the City of Philadelphia, check out Mayor Nutter's Office of Civic Engagement & Volunteer Service database.

For volunteer opportunities with community service, activism and poltics at Swarthmore College, contact the students affiliated with the groups listed below:

  • Achieving Black & Latino Leaders of Excellence (ABLLE), Andres Cordero '16, Julian Randall '15, and Joshua Asante '14
  • Allyship in Action, Isabella Smull '16
  • Chester Youth Court Volunteers , Naudia Williams '14 and Ciara Williams '16 
  • College Access Center of Delaware County, Paul Bierman '15
  • College Democrats, Jesse Bossingham '16 and Molly Petchenik '16
  • Dare to Soar, Michele Martinez-Gugerli '14 and Sarah Timreck '14
  • Deshi, Samiul Haque '15, Shashwati Rao '15, and Nikhil Paladug '16
  • Enlace, Michelle Castellanos '16, Uriel Medina '16, Alejandra Barajas '15, Katie Goldman '14, Olivia Perez '15, Dilcia Mercedes '15
  • Farepath, Jason Heo '15
  • Fashion Forward, Bryan Chen '15
  • Global Health Forum, Randy Burson '15 and Claudia Lujan '15
  • Global Neighbours, Heidy Wang '14
  • High School Conversations, Htet Moe Nwe Win '16
  • Learning 4 Life, David Zhou '15 and Wantian Qiu '16
  • Let's Get Ready, Karanbir Padda '14 and Angela Oh '15
  • Rotaract, Jen Hu '14 and Caitlin Sequira '14
  • Saturdays of Service, Hope Brinn '15, Olivia Edwards '16, and Rachel Vogel '16
  • Students for Justice and Peace in Palestine, Benjamin Bernard-Herman '14 and Daniel Hirschel-Burns '14
  • Swarthmore in Solidarity with Immigrants, Patricia Gutiérrez '15, Emma Waitzman '14, Pendle Marshall-Hallmark '14
  • Swarthmore Labor Action Project (SLAP), Ben Wolcott '14
  • Swarthmore Queer Union, Joyce Wu '15, Bryan Chen '15, Cristian Taborda '14, and Alexander Noyes '15
  • Swarthmore African-American Student Society (SASS), Bolutife Fakoya '17, Steve McFarland '15, Jareema Hylton '16, Summer Sloane-Brit '16, Taylor Clark '16, and Jannette Alston '16
  • Swat STAND, Sierra Eckert '14
  • Swatties for a DREAM, Michelle Castellanos '16 and Uriel Medina '16
  • TOP Soccer, Henry Kietzman '14, Kai Richter '16, and Brennan Klein '14
  • Trash to Treasure, Paul Bierman '15
  • Village Education Project
  • Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA), Reece Liang '14, Alexis Zavez '15, and Chengying Wang '15
  • War News Radio, Chloe Wittenberg '14
  • White Students Confronting Racism, Mike Lumetta '15 and Abigail Henderson '14
  • Womyn's Resource Center (WRC), Hannah Armbruster '15 and Leah Gallant '15