Race & Class

Course Offerings | Fall 2016 – Spring 2017

At Swarthmore:
ANTH 039C. Food and Culture, Fa 16
EDUC 023/PSYC 023. Adolescence, Sp 17
ENGL 009D. First-Year Seminar: Nation and Migration, Sp 17
ENGL 052A. Core Course: U.S. Fiction, 1900-1950, Fa 16
ENGL 079. What is Cultural Studies?, Fa 16
ENGL 117. Theories and Literatures of Globalization, Sp 17
FMST 009. First-Year Seminar: Women and Popular Culture, Fa 16
GMST 008. Texts in Context: Topics in German Culture and Society from the Reformation until Today, Sp 17
HIST 057. History v. Hollywood, Sp 17
HIST 060. The East India Company, 1600-1857, Fa 16
LITR 015S/SPAN 015. Introduction to Latino/a Literature, Fa 16
MUSI 005. U.S. Pop Music History, Fa 16
MUSI 027. Divas, Sp 17
PEAC 053. Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Fa 16
PHIL 089. Philosophy and Science Fiction: Time and Consciousness, Sp 17
POLS 002. American Politics, Fa 16
POLS 022. American Elections: Ritual, Myth, and Substance, Fa 16
POLS 024. American Constitutional Law, Sp 17
POLS 070B. Politics of Punishment, Sp 17
POLS 105. Constitutional Law in the American Polity, Sp 17
PSYC 105. Research Practicum in Psychology and Neuroscience: Social Imitation, Fa 17
RELG 002. Religion in America, Sp 17
SOAN 020M/ENGL 089. Race, Gender, Class and Environment, Sp 17
SOCI 048I. Race and Place: A Philadelphia Story (Inside-Out Exchange Course), Fa 17
SOCI 068B. Class Warfare: Politics, Culture and Economic Inequality, Sp 17
SPAN 023. Introducción a la literatura latinoamericana, Sp 17
SPAN 051. Cuba contemporánea: utopía, revolución y reforma, Fa 16


At Bryn Mawr: 


COMLH398A001-Gender Dissidence in Hispanic Writing, Fa16
EALCH120A001 Chinese Perspectives on the Individual and Society, Fa16
PEACH101A001 Intro to Peace, Justice, and Human Rights, Fa 16
PEACH201A001 Applied Ethics of Peace, Justice, and Human Rights, Fa 16
WRPRH109A001 Perspectives on Immigration and Education in the United States,  Fa16
ANTHB102001 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology, Sp17
EDUCB2595001 Advocating Diversity, Sp17
ENGLB236001 Latina/o Cultural Migrations, Sp17
ENGLB362001 African American Literature, Sp17

At Haverford:

ANTHH214A001 Race, Crime, & Sexuality, Fa16
COMLH233A001 Topics in Caribbean Literature, Fa16
SPANH221A001 Narrating Modern Mexico, Fa16
WRPRH109A001 Perspectives on Immigration and Education in the U.S., Fa16
WRPRH167A001 Globalization in the 21st Century, Fa16
WRPRH170A001 On (Non) Violence, Fa16

At the University of Pennsylvania:

AFRC-006 Race and Ethnic Relations Cultural Diversity in US, Fa16
SM 011 Urban Sociology, Fa16
SM 041 Homelessness & Urban Inequality, Fa16
URBS525- Prisons, Politics, and Activism, Fa16
AFRC112-Discrimination, Fa16