Public Policy

Course Offerings | Fall 2016

At Swarthmore:
ECON 001. Introduction to Economics, Fa 16, Sp 17
ECON 015. Economic Poverty and Inequality, Sp 17
ECON 035. Econometrics, Fa 16
ECON 041. Public Economics, Sp 17
ECON 055. Behavioral Economics, Fa 16
ECON 075. Health Economics, Fa 16
ECON 081. Economic Development, Fa 16
ECON 135. Advanced Econometrics, Sp 17
ECON 155. Behavioral and Experimental Economics, Fa 16
ECON 162. Regulating Markets: How and Why the US Government Intervenes, Sp 17
ECON 181. Economic Development, Fa 16
ECONB213001. Taming the Modern Corporation, Sp 17
PEAC 039. Social Entrepreneurship for Social Change, Fa 16
POLS 002. American Politics, Fa 16
POLS 036. Policy and Practice, Sp 17
POLS 043B. Env.Justice: Theory & Action, Fa 16
POLS 045. Disaster Politics and Policies, Sp 17
POLS 048. Politics of Population, Fa 16
POLS 062. The Politics and Practice of Humanitarianism, Sp 17
POLS 068S. Politics, Economics, Environment, Health, and Security, Sp 17
POLS 070B. Politics of Punishment, Sp 17
POLS 106. The Urban Underclass and Public Policy, Sp 17
POLS 116. Intern'l Political Economy, Fa 16

At Bryn Mawr:
ECONB208001. Labor Economics, Sp 17
ECONB217001. Health Economics, Sp 17
ECONB225001. Economic Development, Fa 16
ECONB236001. The Economics of Globalization, Fa 16, Sp 17
ECONB313001. Industrial Organization and Public Policy, Fa 16
ECONB324001. Economic Discrimination and Inequality, Fa 16
ECONB385001. Democracy and Development, Sp 17
POLSB222001. Environmental Issues – Movement, Controversy, Policy, Sp 17
POLSB251001. Democracy, Politics & Media-Global Era, Fa 16
POLSB283001. Politics of International Law and Institutions, Sp 17
POLSB321001. Technology and Politics, Sp 17
POLSB350001. Politics and Equality, Fa 16
POLSB356001. Topics in American Politics-Debates in the Discipline, Fa 16
POLSB391001. International Political Econ, Fa 16

At Haverford:
POLSH171A001. Introduction to Political Theory: Power, Freedom, and (Dis)obedience, Fa 16
POLSH265A001. Politics, Markets and Theories of Capitalism, Fa 16
POLSH282A001. Inequality and Public Policy, Fa 16
POLSH315A001. Public Policy Analysis, Fa 16
POLSH320A001. Democracy in America, Fa 16
POLSH336A001. Democracy and Democratization, Fa 16
POLSH261A001. Global Civil Society, Fa 16
ECONH334A001. Natural Resource Economics, Fa 16
EDUCH275A001. English Learners in U.S. Schools: Policies and Practices, Fa 16

At the University of Pennsylvania: PPE 203. Behavioral Econ and Psych, Fa 16
PPE 232. Political Economy, Fa 16
PSCI 135. The Politics of Food, Fa 16
PSCI 152. International Political Econ, Fa 16
PSCI 221. Comparative Health Politics, Fa 16
PSCI 374. Communication and Congress, Fa 16 
PSCI 411. Political Economy of Gender, Fa 16
PSCI 413. Evidence Based Policies, Fa 16 
PSCI 535. Inequality and Race Policies, Fa 16
PSCI 692. Stats for Public Policy, Fa 16
PUBH 507. Public Health Law and Ethics, Fa 16 
PUBH 505. Public Health Policy and Admin, Fa 16
SWRK 798. Social Impact Strategy, Fa 16
SWRK 968. Social Welfare and Economics , Fa 16

Volunteer & Internship Placements
Chester Community Improvement Project
Chester Economic Development Authority
Chester Housing Authority
Community Action Agency of Delaware County
Delaware County Housing Coalition
Education Law Center 
Kensington Welfare Rights Union
Philadelphia Committee to End Homelessness
Philadelphia District Attorney's Office


Student Groups
College Democrats
College Republicans
Swarthmore Feminists

Trainings & Workshops
Debating for Democracy on the Road
Debating for Democracy National Conference
Organizing Skills Institute