Peace & Conflict

Course Offerings | Fall 2016 – Spring 2017

At Swarthmore:
ANTH 003G. First-Year Seminar: Development and its Discontents, Sp 17
ECON 051. International Trade and Finance, Fa 16
ECON 081. Economic Development, Fa 16
ECON 082. Political Economy of Africa, Sp 17
ECON 151. International Economics, Sp 17
HIST 027. Living with Total War: Europe, 1912-1923, Sp 17
HIST 090O. Digging through the National Security Archive: South American "Dirty Wars" and the United States' Involvement, Fa 16
PEAC 003. Crisis Resolution in the Middle East, Sp 17
PEAC 015. Introduction to Peace and Conflict Studies, Fa 16
PEAC 043. Gender, Sexuality, and Social Change, Sp 17
PEAC 053. Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Fa 16
PEAC 071B. Research Seminar: Strategy and Nonviolent Struggle, Sp 17
PEAC 103. Humanitarianism: Anthropological Approaches, Sp 17
PHIL 021. Social and Political Philosophy, Fa 16
POLS 004. International Politics, Fa 16
POLS 004. International Politics, Sp 17
POLS 043B. Environmental Justice: Theory and Action, Fa 16
POLS 067. Great Power Rivalry in the 21st Century, Sp 17
PSYC 035. Social Psychology, Sp 17
RELG 023. Quakers Past and Present, Fa 16
SOCI 010J. War, Sport, and the Construction of Masculine Identity, Sp 17
SOCI 025B. Transforming Intractable Conflict, Sp 17

At Bryn Mawr:
ANTH B281-001. Language in Social Context, Sp 17
ECON B385-001. Democracy and Development, Sp 17
ECONH206 B001. Microfinance: Theory, Practice and Challenges, Sp 17
POLS B141-001. Introduction to International Politics, Fa 16

At Haverford:
COMLH 322 Politics of Memory in Latin America, Fa 16
EALCH 268 War and Military Culture in China, Fa 16
ECONH 298 Impact Investing, Fa 16
EDUCH 275 English Learners in U.S. Schools: Policies and Practices, Fa 16
ENGLH 207 Cruising Home: Queer Kinship in Theory and Practice, Fa 16
HLTHH 302 Bodies of Injustice:Health, Illness and Healing in Contexts of Inequality, Fa 16
ICPRH 225 Bring Your Own Body: Transgender between Archives and Aesthetics, Fa 16
ICPRH 313 Social Justice: A Workshop on Ethics and Social Change, Fa 16
PEACH 201 Applied Ethics of Peace, Justice and Human Rights, Fa 16
SPANH 322 Politics of Memory in Latin America, Fa 16
WRPRH 170 On (Non) Violence, Fa 16


At the University of Pennsylvania:
GSWS 249. Affirmative Action, Fa 16
GSWS 555. Women and Incarceration, Fa 16
INTR 101. Transnational Issues, Fa 16
EDUC 514. Ed in Developing Countries, Fa 16
EDUC 545. Theorizing Activism and Aid, Fa 16
ENGL 794. Radical India, Fa 16
LALS 397. Gender, Sexuality, Identity Cross Cultural Analysis, Fa 16
LALS 388. Crossing Borders, Fa 16
LGST 206. Negotiation/Conflict Resolution, Fa 16
NPLD 561. Nonprofit Branding, Fa 16
NPLD-580  Nonprofit Governing Boards, Fa 16
NPLD-589  Ethics & Social Impact, Fa 16
NPLD-783  Social Impact Measurement, Fa 16
NPLD-784  The Nonprofit Sector, Fa 16
PHIL-376  Justice, Fa 16
PPE -475  Crime and Corruption, Fa 16
PSCI-252  War, Strategy & Politics, Fa 16
PSCI-398  Pol Inter'l Negotiations, Fa 16
PSCI-535  Inquality & Race Policy, Fa 16
PSCI-598  The Idea of Freedom, Fa 16
PSCI-798  Decolonizing Theory, Fa 16
PUBH-535  Urban Poverty & Violence, Fa 16
SWRK-603  American Racism, Fa 16
SWRK-798  Social Impact Strategy, Fa 16
SOCI-006  Race & Ethnic Relations, Fa 16
SOCI-041  Educational Inequality, Fa 16
SOCI-112  Discrimination, Fa 16
SOCI-860  Global Media Activism, Fa 16
URBS-160  Race & Ethnic Relations, Fa 16

Volunteer & Internship Placements
City of Chester Anti Violence Coordinator's Office
Community Action Agency of Delaware County
Delaware County Wage Peace and Justice
FAIR Deal Coalition
Kensington Welfare Rights Union
Mothers in Charge
Pendle Hill Quaker Study Center
Witness to Innocence
Women's Law Project

Student Group(s)
Amnesty International
Chester Youth Court Volunteers
Class Activists
J Street U
Students for a Democratic Society
Students for Justice and Peace in Palestine
Swarthmore in Solidarity with Immigrants
Swarthmore Labor Action Project
Swatties for a DREAM
White Students Confronting Racism

Trainings & Workshops
Debating for Democracy on the Road
Debating for Democracy National Conference
Organizing Skills Institute

Other Opportunities
Davis Projects for Peace