Mini Grants


What kinds of internships, research experiences, and projects can I apply for through Lang Center? Can I see examples?

Summer experiences like internships, research experiences, and social action projects can be a crucial bridge between your academic pursuits and the people and issues you care about. Lang Center staff is here to help you build such bridges! And yes, there are many examples to share. For instance, here is a digital list of past Swarthmore Foundation pilot projects that received funding. Here is a sample of past internship placements. The Swarthmore Scholarship section of our website provides a snapshot of community-engaged research or public scholarship by faculty and students. All grantees of the Lang Center write short reports and reflections that you are welcome to review. Contact Jennifer Magee (jmagee1) for more.

What’s the difference between a pilot project and an internship?

A pilot project is a small scale, preliminary step towards implementing a larger project. When piloting, students can evaluate feasibility, assess community interests and needs, conduct further research, and so on. An internship is on-the-job training in which a student focuses on the attainment of specific learning goals. Another way pilot projects and internships differ is funding: Pilot projects generally have material needs (for instance supplies and/or equipment) in addition to the living expenses incurred by the proposer (for instance, room, board, travel). With an internship, funds are offered to offset personal expenses and financial aid obligations, but there is no provision for materials.