Course Offerings | Fall 2016 – Spring 2017

At Swarthmore:
BIOL 036. Ecology, Fa 16
EDUC 023A. Adolescents and Special Education, Fa 16
EDUC 037 / LING 037: Foreign Language Learning: Signed Language, Fa 16
EDUC 042. Teaching Diverse Young Learners, Sp 17
EDUC 092. Curriculum and Methods, Fa 16
LING 011. American Sign Language I, Fa 16
LING 025: Sociolinguistics: Language, Culture, and Society, Fa 16
LING 034: Psychology of Language, Fa 16
LING 038. Bimodal Bilingualism of Children of Deaf Parents, Sp 17
LING 095: Independent Study - Literacy and Deafness, Fa 16

At Bryn Mawr:
EDUC B200-001: Critical Issues in Education (Fall 2016)
ENGL B217-001: Narratives of Latinidad (Fall 2016)
GNST B103-001: Introduction to Swahili Language and Culture I (Fall 2016)
EDUC B210-001: Perspectives on Special Education (Fall 2016)
CITY B185-001: Urban Culture and Society (Fall 2016)
EDUC B220-001: Changing Pedagogies in Math and Science (Fall 2016)
SOCL B235-001: Mexican-American Communities (Fall 2016)
ANTH B281-001: Language in Social Context (Spring 2017)
SOCL B246-001: Immigrant Experiences: Introduction to International Migration (Spring 2017)
GNST B105-001: Introduction to Swahili Language and Culture II (Spring 2017)
ENGL B234-001: Postcolonial Literature in English (Spring 2017)
ENGL B362-001: African American Literature: Hypercanonical Codes (Spring 2017)
EDUC B266-001: Schools in American Cities (Spring 2017)
POLS B321-001: Technology and Politics (Spring 2017)
EDUC B244-001: Unsettling Literacy (Spring 2017)

At Haverford:
EDUC H275-A001: English Learners in U.S. Schools: Policies and Practices (Fall 2016)
WRPR H109-A001: Perspectives on Immigration and Education in the U.S. (Fall 2016)
RELG H107-A001: Vocabularies of Islam (Fall 2016)

At the University of Pennsylvania:
EDUC-516: Teaching Second Language Writing (Fall 2016)
EDUC 525: Fieldwork in Language in Education (Fall 2016)
EDUC-528: TESOL Practice Teaching (Fall 2016)
EDUC-527: Approaches to Teaching English and other Modern Languages (Fall 2016)
EDUC-535: Literature for Children and Adolescents (Fall 2016)
EDUC-537: Educational Linguistics (Fall 2016)
EDUC-546: Sociolinguistics in Education (Fall 2016)
EDUC-593: Experimental Learning Design for Intercultural Communication (Fall 2016)
EDUC-629: Teaching English/Language & Literacy in Middle & Secondary Schools (Fall 2016)
EDUC-661: Language Diversity in Education (Fall 2016)
EDUC-670: Second Language Development (Fall 2016)
EDUC-671: Adult Literacy (Fall 2016)
EDUC-674: Curriculum and Materials Development for English Language Teaching (Fall 2016)
EDUC-676: Discursive Approaches in Intercultural Communication (Fall 2016)
EDUC-679: Language for Specific Purposes (Fall 2016)
EDUC-730: Medical Education (Fall 2016)
EDUC-911: Issues in Second Language Acquisition (Fall 2016)

Volunteer & Internship Placements
Coffee Cup Senior Center
On Lok Social Service Center for Seniors

Chester Blind Center
Children and Adult Disability Education Services (CADES)
Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Student Group(s)
Global Neighbours