Lang Center Associates

Headshots of Lang Center Associates

(From left to right, top row to bottom row) Amal Sagal, David (Dawei) Ding, Taylor Morgan, Mohammed Bappe, Simran Sing, Lydia George-Koku, Mariam Bahmane, Lindsay Holcomb, Maria Castaneda Soria, Brittni Teresi, Therese Ton, and Rachel Yang. 

The Lang Center Associates (LCAs) are student liaisons who assist students in their application of curricular interests and passions to practical action, social innovation, and real-world impact by connecting them to resources and opportunities through the Lang Center. Throughout the year, they will be hosting events and workshops, looking to providing information and inspiration to students looking to take their education and impact to the next level. Want to get connected? Send them an email, catch them around the Lang Center front desk, and look for their door signs in the dorm! Apply to be a LCA.

Mariam Bahmane
Lang Center Associate for Social Innovation

Mohammed Bappe
Lang Center Associate for Identity, Place, and Social Change

Maria Castaneda Soria
Lang Center Associate for Peace & Conflict Studies

Lydia George-Koku
Lang Center Associate of Education for Social Change

Taylor Morgan
Lang Center Associate for Genders & Sexualities

Amal Sagal
Lang Center Associate for Race & Class

Simran Singh
Lang Center Associate for Political Engagement & Public Policy

Brittni Teresi
Lang Center Associate for Environment, Food, & Sustainability

Therese Ton
Lang Center Associate for Health & Societies