Lang Center Associate

Job Description

Hours per week: 4-6

Reports to:  Civic Education & Engagement Fellow, Hana Lehman; Administrative Assistant, Delores Robinson

Pay Grade Category:  Category III $9.79


The Lang Center Associates serve ambassadors for the Lang Center for Civic and Social Responsibility whose mission is "to inspire and provide vision, leadership and support toward fulfilling an essential dimension of the liberal arts mission of Swarthmore College: to prepare and motivate students to understand and engage issues of civic and social concern set their own paths towards shaping a more just and compassionate world." LCAs also serve stewards of the building, its furnishings, and resources. Working at the front desk of the Lang Center, LCAs will greet visitors, research issues they are passionate about, and acquaint fellow students with the pathways to link their passion, curricular choices, and community engagement opportunities together.


1. LCAs will assist students by providing valuable information about resources and advice on how to navigate the opportunities for engagement and chart paths that show students how to integrate their curricular and co-curricular activities, such as:

  • Connect with a local community based organization,
  • Join or start a student organization,
  • Take a community-based learning course,
  • Do a community based research project,
  • Participate in a public service internship,
  • Co-create a socially valuable project, and otherwise
  • Link their passion, curricular choices, and community engagement opportunities.

2. Maintain a 4-6 hour shift at the front desk per week through the end of the semester, (Monday-Friday, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM)

  • Ensure that groups using the center are safe and that they understand what spaces they may or may not use and that they use any/all spaces respectfully and leave them in good condition.
  • Assist with set-up/clean-up for events/classes taking place at the Lang Center during your shift.
  • Take responsibility for finding a replacement for your scheduled shift if you are unable to make your shift.  Contact your fellow Building Host and the Lang Center Staff member (Hana Lehmann, hlehman1 or x3599; Delores Robinson, drobins2 or x5742) that a replacement is needed and found and provide the name of your replacement.  Any shift changes should be reported at least 12 hours in advance or ASAP in cases of emergency.  We are aware that emergencies do arise otherwise, you are expected to cover your scheduled shift.
  • Take responsibility for completing and submitting your time worked in a timely fashion.  Submit your hours worked on a daily basis to avoid being late thru the on-line timesheet submission system.  All time will be check by Delores then sent to payroll for approval and payment. 
  • Contact Public Safety if you detect any breach of safety for people in the building and security of its occupants, then contact a Lang Center Staff member.
  • 4. LCAs will report their activities weekly to their Lang Center supervisor, and at the end of each term to the Lang Center staff, members of the Lang Center Advisory Board, and interested others.

5. LCAs will come together as a cohort of LCAs throughout the year to brainstorm ideas, share best practices, and suggest improvements to Lang Center programming, outreach efforts, etc.


  • Track record of community engagement
  • Interest in issues related to social responsibility and in helping others to integrate curricular and co-curricular opportunities
  • Passion for and knowledge of a particular issue area: Arts & Culture; Community Service; Education; Environment & Agriculture; LGBTQ; Language & Literacy; Peace & Justice; Public Health; Social Entrepreneurship; and/or others.
  • Organized and reliable
  • Strong communication skills


Email Hana Lehmann (hlehman1) a cover letter that demonstrates how you have/plan to integrate your academic interests with co-curricular activities; a resumé; and the name, phone number, and email address of up to three references.