Inequality & Justice

Course Offerings | Fall 2016 – Spring 2017

At Swarthmore:
ANTH 133. Anthropology of Biomedicine, Sp 17
ECON 015. Economic Poverty and Inequality, Sp 17
ECON 054. Global Capitalism Since 1920, Sp 17
ECON 083. East Asian Economies, Sp 17
ECON 155. Behavioral and Experimental Economics, Fa 16
ENVS 001. Introduction to Environmental Studies, Sp 17
HIST 060. The East India Company, 1600- 1857, Fa 16
HIST 135. Labor and Urban History, Sp 17
LALS 025. In Quest of God: The Latin American Religious Arena, Sp 17
PEAC 015. Introduction to Peace and Conflict Studies, Fa 16
PEAC 053. Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Fa 16
PEAC 071B /SOAN017B/POLS 081. Strategy and Nonviolent Struggle, Sp 17
PHIL 121. Social and Political Philosophy, Sp 17
POLS 058. Contemporary Chinese Politics, Fa 16
POLS 070B. Politics of Punishment, Sp 17
POLS 100. Ancient Political Theory: Plato to Hobbes, Fa 16
SOAN 020M/ENGL 089. Race, Gender, Class and Environment, Sp 17
SOCI 026B. Class Matters/The Class Ceiling, Fa 16
SOCI 048L. Urban Crime and Punishment, Fa 16
SOCI 068B. Class Warfare: Politics, Culture and Economic Inequality, Sp 17

At Bryn Mawr:
ANTHB249 Culture, Power, and Politics, Sp 17
ARCHB104 Agriculture & Urban Revolution, Sp 17
ARTDB329 Dance Ensemble: Special-Hip-Hop, Sp 17
CITYB185 Urban Culture and Society, Fa 16
CITYB190 Form of the City, Sp 17
CITYB318 Topics in Urb Soc/Cult Theory-"Public" in Policy & Planning, Sp 17
CITYB335 Topics in City and Media-Public/Private/Control/Freedom, Sp 17
CITYB365 Topics: Techniques of the City-City and Military, Sp 17
ECONB208 Labor Economics, Sp 17
ECONB213 Taming the Modern Corporation, Sp 17
ECONB236 The Economics of Globalization, Fa 16
ECONB242 Econ of Local Environ Programs, Fa 16
ECONB313 Industrial Org & Public Policy, Fa 16
ECONB324 Econ Discrimination & Inequality, Fa 16
ECONB33 Human Capital Accum & Devel, Sp 17
ECONB385 Democracy and Development, Sp 17
ECONB393 Res Sem: Industrial Regulation, Sp 17
ECONB395 Res Sem: Economic Development, Sp 17
EDUCB266 Schools in American Cities, Sp 17
EDUCB295 Advocating Diversity, Sp 17
ENGLB215 Early Modern Crime, Fa 16
ENGLB234 Postcolonial Lit in English, Sp 17
ENGLB236 Latina/o Cultural Migrations, Sp 17
ENGLB262 African American Literature, Fa 16
ENGLB279 Intro to African Literature, Sp 17
ENGLB362 African American Literature, Sp 17
ENGLB364 Slum Fiction, Sp 17
ENGLB381 Post-Apartheid Literature, Fa 16
GERMB231 Cultural Profiles Modern Exile, Sp 17
HARTB279 Exhibiting Africa, Fa 16
HISTB357 Topics in British Empire - Land, Labor, Migration, Fa 16
ITALB211 Primo Levi, Holocaust & Aftermath, Fa 16
ITALB398 Insiders and Outsiders, Fa 16
POLSB241 Pol of Intl Law & Institutions, Sp 17
POLSB283 Modern Mid.East/North Africa, Sp 17
POLSB35 Politics and Equality, Fa 16
POLSB36 Islam and Politics, Fa 16
POLSB39 International Political Econ, Fa 16
SOCLB102 Society, Culture, & Individual, Fa 16, Sp 17
SOCLB205 Social Inequality, Fa 16
SOCLB217 The Family in Social Context, Fa 16
SOCLB246 Immigrant Experiences, Sp 17
SOCLB313 Soc of Terror and Counterterror, Sp 17
SOCLB318 Soc of Terr and Counterterror, Fa 16
SOCLB331 Global Sociology, Fa 16
WRITB120 Wrkshp for Multilingual Writer, Fa 16

At Haverford College:
AFSTH233 Topics in Caribbean Literature, Fa 2016
ANTHH200 Viruses, Humans, Vital Politics: An Anthropology of HIV & AIDS, Fa 16
ANTHH213 Bioethics & Social Justice, Fa 16
COMLH322 Politics of Memory in Latin America, Fa 16
COMLH334 Gender Dissidence in Hispanic Writing, Fa 16
ECONH255 Crises, Fa 16
ECONH282 Inequality and Public Policy, Fa 16
ECONH297 Economic Sociology, Fa 16
EDUCH275 English Learners in U.S. Schools: Policies and Practices, Fa 16
ENVSH172 Ecological Imaginaries: Identity, Violence, and the Environment, Fa 16
HISTH114 Origins of the Global South, Fa 16
HLTHH302 Bodies of Injustice: Health, Illness and Healing in Contexts of Inequality, Fa 16
ICPRH298 Impact Investing, Fa 16
ICPRH301 Human Rights, Development and International Activism, Fa 16
ICPRH313 Social Justice: A Workshop on Ethics and Social Change, Fa 16
IPRH302 Bodies of Injustice:Health, Illness and Healing in Contexts of Inequality, Fa 16
PEACH101 Applied Ethics of Peace, Justice and Human Rights, Fa 16
PEACH101 Intro to Peace, Justice and Human Rights, Fa 16
PEACH317 International Law: History, Structure, Principles, Fa 16
PHILH257 Critical Approaches to Ethical Theory, Fa 16
PHILH370 Topics In Ethical Theory: Race, Fa 16
POLSH171 Introduction to Political Theory: Power, Freedom, and (Dis)obedience, Fa 16
POLSH226 Social Movement Theory, Fa 16
POLSH261 Global Civil Society, Fa 16
POLSH265 Politics, Markets and Theories of Capitalism, Fa 16
POLSH282 Inequality and Public Policy, Fa 16
POLSH315 Public Policy Analysis, Fa 16
POLSH317 International Law: History, Structure, Principles, Fa 16
POLSH336 Democracy and Democratization, Fa 16
WRPRH101 Finding a Voice: Identity, Environment, and Intellectual Inquiry, Fa 16
WRPRH109 Perspectives on Immigration and Education in the United States, Fa 16
WRPRH118 Portraits of Disability and Difference, Fa 16
WRPRH167 Globalization in the 21st Century, Fa 16
WRPRH170 On (Non)Violence, Fa 16

At the University of Pennsylvania:
001. (ENGL071, HIST007, RELS007, SOCI027) Introduction to Africana Studies.
014. (HIST161) American Capitalism. (C)
024. Development Economics. (C)
033. (PPE 033) Labor Economics. (B)
036. (PPE 036) Law and Economics. (C)
070. (HIST070, LALS070) Colonial Latin America.
071. (AFST071, ENGL071) Literatures of Africa and the African Diaspora.
071. (HIST071) Latin America 1791-Present. (B)
072. (HIST072) Introduction to Latin American and Latino Studies. (B)
075. (AFST075, HIST075) Africa Before 1800.
076. (AFST076, HIST076) Africa Since 1800.
081. (ENGL081) African-American Literature.
084. (ENGL084) Theories of Race and Ethnicity.
100. (SOCI233) Criminology. (C)
112. (GSWS114, SOCI112, URBS114) Discrimination: Sexual and Racial Conflict.
116. (ANTH116) Caribbean Culture and Politics. (M)
136. (HIST136) Chicano History in the United States. (M)
174. Reform and Revolution in the Americas. (C)
200. (SOCI200) Criminal Justice. (C)
210. Economics of Family. (M)
211. Social Choice Theory. (M)
213. (PSCI213) Latin American Politics. (C)
235. (SOCI235) Law and Social Change
235. (SOCI266) Special Topics in Sociology/Latinos in the United States. (C)
237. Urban Fiscal Policy. (M)
251. (PSCI251) Inter-American Relations. (C)
260. Crime and Human Development. (C)
261. Topics in Development. (M)
269. (PSCI271) Constitutional Law: Public Power & Civil Rights to 1912.
274. (ARTH274) Facing America. (M)
275. Race and Ethnicity in U. S. Latino/a Literature. (C)
300. Law and Criminal Justice. (C)
303. (HIST303) Social Movements in Latin America. (C)
330. Drugs and Gangs. (A)
345. (HIST345) Race and Sex in Early America. (A)
363. (HIST363) The Civil War and Reconstruction. (B)
L/R 006. (ASAM006, SOCI006, URBS160) Race and Ethnic Relations.
L/R 120. (SOCI120) Social Statistics. 
L/R 172. (HIST170) The American South.
L/R 232. (PSCI231) Race and Ethnic Politics.
L/R 252. (SOCI252) Human Rights.
SM 011. (SOCI011, URBS112) Urban Sociology.
SM 041. (SOCI041, URBS010) Homelessness & Urban Inequality
SM 133. (ANTH133) Native People and Their Environment. (M)
SM 167. (AFST167, HIST167, URBS167) The New African Diaspora: African Immigrant Lives in West Philadelphia
SM 271. (URBS270) Ethnicity:The Immigrant City. (M)
SM 280. (SOCI380, URBS280) Neighborhood Dynamics of Crime. (B)
SM 322. (HIST322) American Slavery and the Law. (B)
SM 331. (PSCI331) Latino Politics.
SM 410. (CRIM610, SOCI410) Research Seminar in Experiments in Crime and Justice. (A)
SM 419. (PSCI419) Democracy and Decentralization. (M)
SM 425. (SOCI425) Latinx Cultural History
SM 433. (PSCI433) Social Movement. (C)
SM 435. (PSCI434) Modern Presidency & Race (M) 
SM 437. (AFRC638, PSCI437, PSCI638) Race & Criminal Justice. (M)
SM 480. (URBS480) Liberation and Ownership. (A)
SM 527. (AFRC527) Spring 2015: Race, Gender & Auto/Biography. (C)
SM 600. (SOCI680) Pro-Seminar in Criminology. (A)
SM 677. (SOCI677) International Migration. (M)