How to Obtain a PA Child Abuse Clearance

This is a two-step process that takes 3 to 8 weeks.

First, obtain a Pennsylvania criminal background check.

Second, attach a print copy of your criminal background check to your application for a child abuse clearance.

  • The child abuse clearance application is at the following web address:
  • The child abuse application cannot be filled out on line. You must print it out and mail it.
  • Check Volunteer in the box that asks for the purpose of the clearance.
  • You must list everyone you have lived with since 1975. Be sure to include parents, roommates, former spouses, grandchildren, stepchildren, and foster children.
  • Remember to sign the form.
  • Send a $10 money order with the application. Checks and credit cards are not accepted.

You will receive this clearance in about two to four weeks.