Course Offerings | Fall 2016 – Spring 2017

At Swarthmore:
ANTH 039C. Food and Culture, Fa 16
ARTH 032. Crafting Nature: The Arts of Japanese Tea Culture, Sp 17
ARTH 039. Contemporary Japanese Visual Culture, Fa 17
BIOL009/ENVS009. Our Food, Fa 16
ENGR 010. Fundamentals of Food Engineering, Sp 17
ENGR 057/ECON 032. Operations Research, Fa 16
HIST 001M. First-Year Seminar: History of Food in North America, Fa 16
POLS 043B. Environmental Justice: Theory and Action, Fa 16
RELG 019. First-Year Seminar: Religion and Food, Fa 16

At Bryn Mawr:
BIOLB210001. Biology and Public Policy, Sp 17
BIOLB220001. Ecology, Fa 16
ECONB234001. Environmental Economics, Sp 17
ECONB242001. Economics of Local Environmental Programs, Fa 16
GEOLB206001. Paleobiology, Fa 16
POLSB22200. Environmental Issues-Movement, Controversy, Policy, Sp 17

At the University of Pennsylvania:
ENVS-325 Sustainable Goods, Fa 16