Course Offerings | Fall 2016 – Spring 2017

At Swarthmore:
BIOL 002. Organismal and Population Biology, Sp 17
BIOL 020. Animal Physiology, Fa 16
BIOL 034. Evolution, Fa 16
BIOL 036. Ecology, Fa 16
BIOL 037. Conservation Biology, Sp 17
CHIN 087. Water Policies, Water Issues: China/Taiwan and the U.S., Sp 17
ECON 032/ENGR 057. Operations Research, Fa 16
ENGL 089. Race, Gender, Class and Environment, Sp 17
ENGR 063. Water Quality and Pollution Control, Fa 16
ENGR 066. Environmental Systems, Sp 17
ENVS 001. Introduction to Environmental Studies, Sp 17
ENVS 002. Human Nature, Technology and the Environment, Fa 16
ENVS 004. Sustainable Community Action, Fa 16
LITR 086R. Nature and Industry in Russian Literature and Culture, Fa 16
MATH 056. Modeling, Fa 16
POLS 043B. Environmental Justice: Theory and Action, Fa 16
POLS 048. The Politics of Population, Fa 16
POLS 087. Water Policies, Water Issues: China/Taiwan and the U.S., Sp 17
RUSS 086. Nature and Industry in Russian Literature and Culture, Fa 16
SOAN 020M. Race, Gender, Class and Environment, Sp 17

At Bryn Mawr:

BIOLB111002. Biological Exploration II: Global Changes and Ecosystems, S17
BIOLB332001. Global Change Biology, S17
EALCB362001. Environment in Contemporary East Asia, F16
ECONB234001. Environmental Economics, S17
ECONB253001. Economics of Local Environmental Programs, F16
ENVSB101001. Introduction to Environmental Studies, S17
GEOLB101002. How the Earth Works, F16
GEOLB202001. Mineralogy/Crystal Chemistry, F16
GEOLB203001. Paleobiology, F16
GEOLB206001. Energy Resources and Sustainability, F16
GEOLB26001. Tectonics, F16
GEOLB350001. Adv Topics in Geology: Seminal Ideas in Earth Science, F16
GEOLB204001. Structural Geology, S17
GEOLB205001. Sediment, Materials, and Environments, S17
POLSB222001. Environmental Issues: Movement, Controversy, and Policy, S17

At Haverford: 

BIOLH375E001.Advanced Topics in Biology, F16 
ECONH334A001. Natural Resource Economics, F16 
WRPRH172A001. Ecological Imaginaries: Identity, Violence, and the Environment, F16
ENVSH101A001.Case Studies in Environmental Issues: Concepts, Contexts, and Conundrums, F16 

At the University of Pennsylvania:
ENVS150-401. Water Worlds, F16
ENVS204-001. Global Climate Change, F16
ENVS301-001. Environmental Case Studies, F16
ENVS305-401. Bioremediation, F16
ENVS325-001. Sustainable Goods, F16
ENVS326-001. GIS Mapping Places and Analyzing Spaces, F16
ENVS400-305. ENVS Seminar: Environmental Policy, F16
ENVS404-001. Urban Environments: Speaking about Lead in West Philadelphia, F16
ENVS408-001. Urban Asthma Epidemic, F16
ENVS411-001. Air Pollution: Sources and Effects in Urban Environments, F16
ENVS507-660. Wetlands, F16
ENVS541-660. Modeling Geographic Objects, F16
GEOL100-001. Introduction to Geology, F16
GEOL103-001. Natural Disturbances and Disasters, F16
GEOL109-001. Introduction to Geotechnical Science, F16
GEOL130-601. Oceanography, F16
GEOL201-401. Mineralogy, F16
GEOL205-401. Paleontology, F16
GEOL206-401. Stratigraphy, F16
GEOL411-001. Introduction to Soil Science, F16
GEOL418-001. Geochemistry, F16
GEOL422-401. Rates and Dates, F16
GEOL453-001. Introduction to Hydrology, F16
GEOL528-690. Aqueous Geochemistry, F16



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