College Access Center of Delaware County

The CACDC is the only facility of this type in Delaware County offering free programs and information to assist residents of the county who want to pursue higher education. CACDC is in the fifth year of operation and cumulatively has provided services to more than 6,000 individuals. 

In FY 13-14, CACDC successfully expanded Delaware County College Roundtable group to include two additional cyber-schools and Williamson Trade School; convened a committee consisting of institutional research officers from six member institutions to refine data collection processes which facilitated the purchase of new data collection program; increased number of student volunteers from Widener University by 10% and supported a graduate student from West Chester University; and was awarded third contract to provide career and college readiness programs for 50 high school student participants in the Blueprints program funded by the Office of Minority Health. The Lang Center was awarded for a second year a full-time Americorp Vista worker assigned to the CACDC for a one-year period.

Interested in volunteering with the CACDC? Contact Cynthia Jetter (cjetter1). 

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