Background Clearances

Attention Swarthmore College staff, and faculty: The following is the process you'll need to go through first before you can work with minors (children under the age of 18) either on or off campus. Read the Volunteer Clearance Instructions [pdf].

After reading the Volunteer Clearance Instructions, complete the Volunteer Consent Forms [pdf], and then return to them to the Public Safety office for processing:

Public Safety
Swarthmore College
Phone: (610) 328-8000

Student Groups:

Each Volunteer Student group coordinator will send the list of all Volunteer students names in that program to Public Safety Office to Sandra Briggs Edwards or MaryLou Lawless.

The Students will pick up the Volunteer Applicant Notice and Consent Forms from Public Safety Office. In that package there are instructions that the Student have to follow to complete their own Volunteer PA Criminal and Child Abuse Clearances for themselves (NO CHARGE), and give us a copy of the both clearances when its completed.

Public Safety will register the student for Fingerprinting. Once they are registered Public Safety will email them with the Registration # and instructions on the days and time of fingerprinting in Public Safety.

The student should get back their fingerprinting results within 2-3 weeks. The results goes directly to the students and they have to provide Public Safety with a copy to complete their clearances.

When the students in that particular group complete their clearances we will notify the Coordinator of that group.

If there is any further investigation on an individual, it will be referred to Zenobia Hargust for review.