Award Winning Students

The Ivy Award is given to "the man of the graduating class who is outstanding in leadership, scholarship, and contributions to the college community." 

  • Lang Scholar, Nicholas Allred '13 
  • Lang Scholar, Anson Stewart '10 

The Lang Award is given to "a graduating senior in recognition of outstanding academic accomplishment."

  • Lang Scholar, Tianyu "Tom" Liu '12 

The Naomi Kies Award is given in her memory by her classmates and friends to a student who has worked long and hard in community service outside the academic setting, alleviating discrimination or suffering, promoting a democratic and egalitarian society, or resolving social and political conflict. It carries a cash stipend.

  • Trash 2 Treasure Coordinator, Paul Bierman ’15 
  • Lang Scholar, Ariel Finegold '13
  • Lang Scholar, Adam Bortner '12

The Newman Civic Fellows Award, named for Campus Compact founder Frank Newman, honors inspiring college student leaders who have demonstrated their investment in finding solutions to the challenges that face our communities throughout the country.

  • 2015: Amy Di Pierro '15
  • 2014: Nimesh Ghimire '15
  • 2013: Patrick Ammerman '14
  • 2012: Ariel Finegold '13 

The Oak Award is given to "the woman of the graduating class who is outstanding in leadership, scholarship, and contributions to the college community."

  • Learning 4 Life Coordinator, Roseanna Sommers '10

Project Pericles Debating for Democracy (D4D) awards: 

  • 2011 Legislative Hearing Finalists Ariel Finegold ‘12 and Tyler Hanson ‘12: Both economics majors, they submitted a letter written to U.S. Representative from Pennsylvania Allison Schwartz which highlighted the negative consequences of financial illiteracy, especially among lower income citizens, and proposed a bill in Congress which would incentivize financial education by offering a $100 U.S. Savings Bond to individuals who successfully complete a federally-sanctioned financial literacy course administered through the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program (VITA), a program for which they have both volunteered.
  • 2013 Legislative Hearing Winners Amanda Epstein ’15 and Alexandra Willingham ‘15: Amanda and Alexandra were selected as finalists for–and eventually won– the legislative hearing competition at the national Debating for Democracy Conference held at Eugene Lang College, The New School for Liberal Arts, in New York City in March 2013.  In their letter, “A Letter to State Senator Edwin B. Erickson (R-PA) Concerning the Parental Notification Section of the Pennsylvania Abortion Control Act,” the pair urged Sen. Erickson to advocate in the Pennsylvania General Assembly for the repeal of the parental notification section of the Pennsylvania Abortion Control Act. 
  • 2014 Letter-Writing Competition Winners Mackenzie Welch ‘15 and Jason Mendoza ‘16 won first place for their letter “Human Rights Considerations and Effectiveness of U.S. Sponsored Coca Fumigation in Colombia.