Arts & Social Change

Course Offerings | Fall 2016 – Spring 2017

At Swarthmore:
ANTH 020J / DANC 025A : Dance and Diaspora, Fa 16
ANTH 039C: Food and Culture, Fa 16
ENGL 079: What is Cultural Studies? Fa 16
PEAC 039: Social Entrepreneurship for Social Change, Fa 16

SPAN 051: Cuba contemporánea: Utopía, revolución y reforma

At Bryn Mawr:

ANTH B249: Culture, Power, Politics, Sp 17
ARTD B139: Dance Ensemble - Outreach, Fa 16
ARTD B250: Performing the Political Body: Dance and Power, Fa 16
CITY B185: Urban Culture and Society, Fa 16
ENGL B236: Latina/o Cultural Migrations, Sp 17
HART B281: Museum Studies, Fa 16
HART B350: Topics in Art: Mirroring the Self, Fa 16
PSYC B322: Culture and Development, Sp 17
SOCL B102: Society, Culture, Individual, Fa 16, Sp 17
ENGL B361: Literature of Dissent, Sp 17

At Haverford:

ICPR H313: Social Justice: A Workshop on Ethics and Social Change, Fa 16
SPAN H385: Pop Culture, Identity, and the Arts in Latin American Culture, Fa 16

At the University of Pennsylvania:
ANTH 141: Policy, Museums, and Cultural Heritage, Fa 16
FNAR 074: A Virus in the Culture: Social Critique in Media Arts, Fa 16
FNAR 222: Big Pictures: Mural Arts in Philadelphia, Fa 16
FNAR 330: Making Space & Public Art, Fa 16

Volunteer & Internship Placements
Asian Arts Initiative
Chester Arts Alive 
Chester Children's Gamelan Project
The Community Arts Center
Hedgerow Theater
First Person Arts
Move this World

Philadelphia Mural Arts Program
Pig Iron Theatre 
Spiral Q Puppet Theater
Ten Thousand Villages
The People's Light & Theater Company
Theater of Witness
Wallingford Community Arts Center