Lab Members

Howard group Summer 2015

During Summer 2015, the Howard lab worked closely with the research groups of Catherine Crouch (Physics Department) and Jessica Sarver (Chemistry and Biochemistry Department). Pictured here are members of the Howard, Crouch and Sarver groups. Front, Left to right:  Grace Kim '17, Terry Yu '17, Alice Herneisen '17, Aditi Kulkarni '17.  Back, Left to right: Professor Catherine Crouch, Meghan Bost '17, Professor Jessica Sarver, Bryan Green '16 and Professor Kathleen Howard.    

Current Lab Members:

Kathleen Howard - Short CV [pdf]
Bryan Green '16
Shenstone Huang '16
Stuart Arbuckle '17
Alice Herneisen '17
Grace Kim '17
Hayley Raymond '18

Howard Research Group Alums:

Shawn Kim '14:  Medical School, UCSD
Tae Kim '14:  MD-PhD Program, Southwestern University
Megan Thompson '14:  Brown University Biostatistics Graduate Program
​Matt Elkins '14:  PhD Program, Chemistry, MIT
Mary Alice Upshur '12:  PhD Program, Chemistry, Northwestern University (Awarded NSF and NASA Graduate Fellowships)
Patrick Hartnett '11:   PhD Program, Chemistry, Northwestern University
Kei Saotome '11:  PhD Program, Biochemistry, Columbia University
Jessica Thomaston '10:  PhD Program, Biophysics, UCSF
Laura Wang '10:   Columbia University Teacher's College, KSTF Fellow
Julia Wrobel '10:   PhD Program, Biostatistics, Columbia University  
Danny Lascano '10:   Medical school, Columbia University
Emily Brown '09:   PhD Program, Biophysics, Rockefeller University
Ani Nguyen '08:   PhD, Harvard University, Chemical Biology (Awarded HHMI Graduate Fellowship)
Barry Zee '08:   PhD, Princeton University, Molecular Biology (Awarded NSF Graduate Fellowship)
Melonie Jalloh '07: Graduate program, Instructional Technology and Media, Columbia University
Natalie Negrey '07:  PhD, University of Virginia, Biological Physics (Awarded American Heart Association Graduate Fellowship)
Emily Ullman '06:   Graduate of Harvard Law School
Jessica Wong '06:  Research Scientist, Bristol-Meyers Squibb
Krisna Duong-Ly '05:   PhD, Johns Hopkins University, Biophysics (Awarded NSF Graduate Fellowship)
Dina Aronzon '05:   PhD, Harvard University, Applied Physics
Karen Lloyd '00:  PhD, UNC - Chapel Hill, Assistant Professor University of Tennessee Knoxville
Margaret Parker '00:   MD, UNC - Chapel Hill
Valencia King '99:  MD, Cornell University
Seth Garber '99:  MD, George Washington University
Danielle Wall '98:  MD, University of California, Davis