Preparing For Graduation

Swarthmore network accounts for the graduating class are deleted around June 30th every year (one month from commencement).

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What do I need to do prior to June 30th?

Back up files stored on Swarthmore servers:

  • Transfer or save all files you may want to keep from Google Drive ( to another location.
  • Moodle accounts will be deleted. All posts, discussion board posts and attachments you added to Moodle will be permanently deleted from Moodle courses and organizations. If you wish to save any materials on Moodle please copy them to a personal storage device.
  • Student files on the video editing workstations in Beardsley will be deleted. Please save a copy to a personal storage device or DVD.

Saving files from Google Drive

If you have documents that need to remain with a department or student group after your leave, copy or move them to your departmental or organization folder in Google Drive. These files will be available to your colleagues even after your Swarthmore account is deleted.

If you're migrating from Swarthmore to a personal Google account, transferring your Google Docs is easy. Just select all the documents you want to migrate, go to the Share menu, and grant your personal Google account Edit access to the files.

Next, log into your personal Google account. The files you just shared should appear under "Shared with Me". Select all the documents, right-click (or control-click)on them and choose Add To My Drive. This will copy the files permanently to your other Google account.

(Alternate Method) Select all the documents you want to transfer, go to the More Actions drop down, and click on Download. This will compress all the documents into a zip file and download it to your hard drive. Afterward, you can go to your external Google account and hit the New > Folder Upload button in the top left corner, and re-upload all the documents you just downloaded.

Note that any documents for which you are a collaborator but not the owner will not transfer correctly with either of these methods; you'll need to contact the owner of those documents and tell them to re-share them with your new account.


  • Your access to your MySwarthmore account, using your student identification number, will not expire. However, you should update your security question and answer so that you can return to MySwarthmore and set up a new PIN at any time in the future.

Migrating your Email:

  • Obtain another email account. If you do not have another email address already, you can obtain a free account with Gmail.
  • In addition, we suggest setting up a permanent Swarthmore Alumni alias account which provides an easy way to distribute your email address as your future addresses change. For more information, visit the Alumni website.
  • Notify people about your new email address before your Swarthmore email account is disabled. To make the transition easier, you have a few options in Gmail. You can set up an auto-reply (vacation responder) that includes information about your new email address. You can also set up mail forwarding to your new email account until the account is disabled.
  • How do I set up an Automatic Reply (Away) Message?
    Pull down the gear icon [Settings] to Settings. Scroll down in the General section. Under "Vacation responder" there is a check box for "Vacation responder on". When you check the box you are presented with a text box to compose your message as well as a first day to start sending the auto reply message.  Click Save Changes at the bottom of screen to confirm your changes.
  • How do I set up automatic email forwarding?
    Pull down the gear icon [Settings] to Settings. Scroll down in the General section.  Under "Forwarding and POP/IMAP" there is a check box to "Forward a copy of incoming mail to".  Check the box and enter the address you want to forward mail to.  We recommend keeping the default of "Keep's mails copy in the Inbox".    A confirmation email will be sent to your forwarding email address.   You need to accept the forwarding from the confirmation email before it will begin.

Archiving your Gmail Inbox

There are two ways to back up your existing Swarthmore email. You can download it to local mailboxes on your computer using a mail client (we recommend Thunderbird, but any local client will work), or you can import your Inbox into an personal Gmail account using Mail Fetcher (If you want more than your Inbox, like Sent mail, you will need to move the contents of that folder into your Inbox).

To set up Thunderbird and archive your mail to your personal computer:

Download and install Thunderbird

  1. In Thunderbird, open Tools-->Account Settings from the pull-down menu.
  2. Click Add Mail Account from Account Actions.
  3. Enter Your Name, your Swarthmore Email Address, and your password, click Next or Continue.
  4. Choose the radial button for POP3 (keep mail on your computer).
  5. Select the Manual Config button.
  6. Under Incoming: Make sure POP3 is selected.
  7. Choose Create Account. Your Swarthmore mail will download to the local hard drive.

Exporting emails to another Gmail account

  1. Open the Gmail account you want to import to.
  2. At the top right, click the gear  [Settings] .
  3. Select Settings.
  4. Select the Accounts and Import tab.
  5. In the "Check mail from other accounts (using POP3)" section, click Add a POP3 mail account you own.
  6. Enter your full Swarthmore email address, then click Next Step.
  7. Enter your password. If you use 2-Step Verification, you’ll need to enter a new app password.

    Now you have a few options to choose from. Here are our recommended settings:

    • Leave a copy of retrieved messages on the server - Leave unchecked. This setting is controlled in the POP settings of your other account.
    • Always use a secure connection (SSL) when retrieving mail - Keep checked.
    • Label incoming messages - Check the box if you’d like to easily see which emails in your inbox came from this account. Recommended.
    • ​Archive incoming messages - Leave unchecked. Only check if you don’t want to mix the imported messages from the other account with your inbox.
  8. Click Add Account.

If you get an error message while getting set up, click the Show error details link to find out more about what’s not working. Once your account has been added successfully, you'll be asked if you want to be able to send mail as this address. This lets you compose messages in Gmail, but have them appear to be sent from your other email account. This will only work while your Swarthmore account is still active.

Gmail will check your other account for new emails periodically. You can see when the other account was last checked from the "Accounts and Import" tab.

To export contacts from your Swarthmore Gmail

  • At the top left, click Mail > Contacts.
  • Click More > Export...
  • Choose whether to export all contacts or only one group.
  • Select the format in which you'd like to export your contacts' information. Note that some of these formats can lose some contact information.

To transfer contacts between Google Accounts, use the Google CSV format. This is the recommended way to back up your Google Contacts.

  • Click Export.
  • Select a location to save your file, and click Save.

To import contacts to your external Gmail account

  • Sign in to Gmail.
  • At the top-left corner, click Gmail > Contacts.   Above the contacts list, click More > Import....
  • Click Choose File.
  • Select the file you'd like to upload.
  • Click Import.

What do I need to think about after leaving campus?

Virus Scan:

The McAfee Virus Scan software that we provide for use on Windows and Mac OS X platforms are only licensed to you while you are a student at Swarthmore College, and you will no longer receive updates after you graduate. You should remove the software after leaving campus.

McAfee Removal Instructions for Windows machines

  • go to the Programs and Features option under control panel.

McAfee Removal Instructions for Mac OS X

  • run the McAfeeSecurityUninstaller script from your Applications folder.

Alternative Anti-virus Software

We highly recommend you install an alternative anti-virus software. There are plenty of good anti-virus programs available for paid subscription, and two free antivirus programs ITS recommends to community members are

SafeConnect and Bradford Persistent Agent (Mac and Windows):

The program(s) needed to register on the campus network can also be removed.

  • On Windows, both programs can be removed through the Programs and Features option under control panel.
  • Mac users can download the Bradford uninstaller here: Mac Bradford Uninstaller. Run the "Uninstall SafeConnect" program to remove SafeConnect.