Mobile Device Support

The help desk supports a wide variety of portable and wireless devices. Before you purchase a device, see our list of supported devices below. Not all devices synchronize seamlessly with Swarthmore College resources. Appointments are required for all mobile device setup, configuration, and synchronization.

Configuring Mail, Contacts, and Calendar

Apple Devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch)

iPhoneSynchronizes with mail, contacts, and calendar server
How-to connect to Swarthmore's email, contacts, and calendar using your iPhone or iPod:

  1. Install the latest version of  iTunes on your computer and upgrade your device to the latest firmware.
  2. On your iPhone/iPod Touch go to Settings, choose Mail, Contacts, Calendars and select add account.
  3. Select "Microsoft Exchange". (We do not have an exchange server but it acts as one for syncing with iPhones & iPads)

Configure your account information:

  1. Enter your email address (e.g. "") in the Email box.
  2. Server name is
  3. Domain is blank.
  4. Enter your email address (e.g. "")
  5. Enter your password.
  6. Give this account a description to distinguish it from other email accounts on your device ( example "SwatMail").
  7. Use SSL must be on.
  8. Press Done.
  9. Press next. If you receive the error "Unable to Verify Certificate" press accept. If you receive the error "Cannot Verify Server Identity," press Continue.
  10. The next screen allows you to select whether you want to sync Mail, Contacts, and/or Calendar. note: if you have existing Contacts in your iPhone, choosing contacts may overwrite them, please make sure you have backed up or exported them.
  11. Set Mail Days to Sync. Select how far back you would like to synchronize your email messages. To retrieve all email in your Exchange mailbox, select No Limit. To limit how far you wish to go back, select the number of days or weeks of your choice.
  12. Press done.

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Moto DroidSynchronizes with mail, contacts, and calendar server
Navigate to your "Settings" menu.

  1. Choose the "Accounts" or "Accounts & Sync" option.
  2. Select the "Add account" option at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Choose the option for "Corporate Sync" or "Corporate".
  4. Enter your email address (e.g. "") in the Email box.
  5. Leave the "Domain" field blank or let it be automatically filled.
  6. Enter your password and username in the next fields.
  7. In the "Exchange Server" field enter "".
  8. Check the box next to "Use secure connection (SSL)"
  9. Select the next button.

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Treo 755/Centro (and higher)

CentroSynchronizes with mail, contacts, and calendar server

How-to connect to Swarthmore's email, contacts, and calendar using your Treo/Centro:

  1. In Versa mail go to Accounts and account setup. Choose new.
  2. Under mail service choose Exchange Active Sync hit next.
  3. Enter your username and password. Hit Next.
  4. Enter your full email address.
  5. Enter for mail server. Hit next.
  6. Hit Advanced. Enter port number 8080 Use SSL should be unchecked. Hit next.
  7. Proxy Server Port number is 80. Proxy Authentication should be unchecked.
  8. Hit Done.

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College-supported* Blackberry

BlackberrySynchronizes with  contacts, and calendar using Swarthmore's Blackberry server, this service requires departmental approval, and an appointment, contact the helpdesk at x4357.

How-to connect to Swarthmore's email (only), using your Blackberry:

  1. Click the Blackberry setup icon.
  2. Scroll over to Personal email setup.
  3. Enter your Swarthmore email address in the address field.
  4. Scroll down to the Email password field, enter your password.
  5. Click Next
  6. You have successfully added your Swarthmore email account
  7. Scroll to and select Close.

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*There is an additional fee to connect Blackberries to the calendar system, so this service is only available to College-supported Blackberries.