Live Backup Mac

Once the Atempo Live Backup software is installed on your computer, you will see the  Atempo Live Backup icon and status indicators in your Finder menu bar.

Live Backup status menu


You do not need to do anything to maintain the software or initiate the backup process. However, you may wish to recover files (or previous versions of files) or check the status of your computer's backup.

Mac Atempo Live Backup FAQ

What is backed up?

Atempo Live Backup is configured to backup files in your Desktop and Documents folders.   Files not in one of these two locations will not be backed up.   In addition, the software backs up bookmark files and local mail folders from standard web browsers and email clients.

How do I recover a file?

1) Launch Recovery Assistant:

From the Live Backup status menu, chose Recovery Assistant, then Recover a file and Continue.

2) Find the file to recover:

Answer the questions as prompted. The Recovery Assistant will provide a guide of steps to narrow down the number of files to consider by indicating the its location, file type, or last time saved.

When the Matching Files page appears, select the file that you want to recover and click Continue. (Or Go Back to try again if you cannot locate the file.)

3) Select which version of the file to recover:

Atempo Live Backup saves a new version of your file each time you change it. When the Available Versions page appears, select the version you wish to recover and click Continue. (Note: You can select a version of the file and click Preview to check its contents before choosing.)

4) Chose where to restore the file:

Would you like to overwrite your current file or save the recovered version to a new location? Select Choose the destination folder to chose a new location.  It is not recommended to overwrite your current copy.

Click Recover, then Finish.

How do I recover a folder?

1) Launch Recovery Assistant:

From the Live Backup status menu, chose Recovery Assistant, then select Roll back a folder and click Continue.

2) Find the folder to recover:

Click Browse and locate the folder. To locate a deleted folder, click Shift + Browse (hold the Shift key and click Browse) to include deleted folders in the browse view. Select the desired folder and click Open. Then Continue.

3) Choose the date and time to which you want to roll back

Indicate the date and time to which you would like to roll back and click Continue.

4) Chose where to restore the folder:

On the Save As page, decide where to save the restored folder.

To recover the folder to a new location, choose Recover the entire folder and contents to a new location, and then indicate the new location.

It is not recommended to simply roll back the folder to a previous date, unless it was deleted.

Click Recover, then Finish.

How do I recover folders & files from the Finder?

To recover a saved version of any file:

Control-click on the file and then chose Live Backup > Recover Version.

To recover or "roll back" a folder:

Control-click the folder you want to restore, and then click Live Backup>Roll Back Folder.

How do I check the Status of my computer's backup?

check backup status

Click the Atempo Live Backup status menu to see the current status of your computer's backup.

These statuses are normal:

  • Initializing: Live Backup is in the initial phase of connecting to the server. Check back later.
  • Protected: All files have been copied to the server for safekeeping.
  • Scanning: Live Backup is searching your computer for new or changed files.
  • Processing: Live Backup is preparing your files for backup.
  • Caching Complete: Your files have been prepared for backup and are waiting to be copied to the server.
  • Pending: Live Backup has not yet processed some tasks. Some files may not yet be fully protected.

These statuses may indicate a problem. Please contact the Help Desk ( if you are not sure.

  • Paused: You have paused Atempo Live Backup and it is not protecting files.
  • Not Enough Space in Cache: Atempo Live Backup has run out of the disc space it needs to prepare your files before copying them to the server. Wait for some files to transfer to the server and check again. If this status persists, notify the Help Desk.
  • Disconnected: Atempo Live Backup's connection to the server has been disabled.

What do the Colored Badges Mean?

colored badges

The colored badges that appear next the Atempo Live Backup icon are another indication of your computer's backup status. Green and Blue are generally good. Yellow and Red could indicate a problem.

  • Green = your files are completely backed up.
  • Blue = backups are in process.
  • Yellow = warning. If the top badge is yellow, Atempo Live Backup is disabled or unable to connect to the server. (This is normal if your computer is not connected to the Internet.) If the bottom badge is yellow, Atempo Live Backup is disabled or paused.
  • Red = Error. Please report this to the Help Desk (
  • White = No status. Atempo Live Backup may be paused, disabled, or in the process of starting. Check later and report this status to the Help Desk if it persists.

Additional Information

For more detailed documentation: Atempo Live Backup Client for Mac User Guide [pdf]