Email & Calendar

Using SwatCal

"SwatCal" is the calendar part of the Zimbra Collaboration Suite. For more specific how-to's please visit our sister page Using SwatCal

Using Swatmail

All current faculty, staff, and students are provided with a College email account. The easiest way to get started using your Swarthmore email address is to login to our web-based interface, Swatmail.

Email Attachments Policy

Nearly all messages that have executable attachments are malicious. For this reason, Google and many other email providers block all executable attachments.

In June, 2011, Swarthmore College began diverting all incoming emails with attached .exe, .bat, .pif, etc. files to the Quarantine where individuals may then request that they be delivered. If you have quarantined messages, you will receive a daily summary report each morning.

This only applies to mail received from external email addresses. Mail sent between addresses, or sent from a address, is not affected.

Instructions for retrieving messages from the Quarantine can be found here: Spam Management

Swatmail FAQs

What is the difference between the Advanced and Standard Versions?

Advanced offers the full set of Swatmail features. Standard is a good option when internet connections are slow or if you are using an older web browser.

Where is the Bcc: field?

When composing a message, select "Show BCC field." to the right of the CC field.

How do I add an attachment?

  • Below the Subject field, click Attach and select My Computer.
  • Select the files and click Open. The file names displays below the Subject text box.
  • Click Send to send the message and the attachments.

How do I set up an Automatic Reply (Away) Message?

  • Click the Preferences tab in the Swatmail toolbar.
  • On the left click "Out of Office".
  • Check Send auto-reply message.
  • In the Auto Reply Message text box, type the response to send while you are out of the office.
  • If you want this message enabled for a specific time frame, select Send auto-replies during the following time period and enter the start and end dates to send the auto-reply message.
  • If you do not specify a specific time frame, auto-replies are sent until you select Do not send auto replies.
  • (Optional) If you want to send a different message to users outside of your domain, select External Senders.
  • Select the type of external users to receive the second message. The default is anyone outside my domain. If you want contacts listed in your address books to receive the first message, in the drop-down menu select anyone outside my domain except those in address book.
  • Click Save.

How do I sort e-mail?

Click on the header that will sort your messages as desired

  • From (Alphabetized by sender's name)
  • Subject (Alphabetized by Subject Title)
  • Received (Ordered by received Time/Date)

It doesn't work when I click on a browser email link to send a message to someone.

You will need to right-click (control-click for Mac users) and choose to copy the link, which you can then past directly into your Swatmail email message to send a message to that address.

How do I create a new mail folder?

  1. Go to the Mail>Folders page and click the Folders gear icon.
  2. Select New Folder.
  3. Enter the new folder Name and select a folder Color.

    Note: Folder names can include any character except a colon (:), forward slash (/), and quotation mark (").

You have the option to select to subscribe to RSS/ATOM feed?

  1. In the Folders tree, select the placement of the new folder.
  2. Click Folders to have the new folder displayed at the top of the list.
  3. Click an existing folder to place your new folder within that folder.
  4. Click OK.

Can I get a return receipt so that I know they have received the message?

You can flag a message that you write to have a return receipt message sent back to you when the recipient opens your message.  When you compose a message you select Return Read Receipt from the Options menu. The recipient can choose to return the read receipt or not.

Users set their Read Receipt Mail Preferences for messages that are flagged with a return receipt request. The following options can be set:

  • Never send a read receipt. This is the default. When a message is received with a return read receipt request, the request is ignored. The recipient is not aware of the request.
  • Ask me.  Recipients are asked if they want to send the return receipt.
  • Always send a read receipt message. A return read receipt message is automatically sent when the message flagged for return read receipt is opened. This option is not recommended for security reasons.

A return read receipt message is not sent if a recipient selects more than one message and right-clicks and selects Mark As Read.

The return read receipt flag does not work for messages that are sent to users on systems other than Swatmail

How do I set up automatic email forwarding?

  1. Go to the Preferences>Mail page.
  2. In the Receiving Messages>Message Arrival section, Forward a copy to: text box enter the email address where email messages should be sent.
  3. If do not want the messages saved in your mailbox, select Don't keep a local copy of the message.
  4. Click Save.

    Note: If you do not plan to continue to use your College email account, you may choose "Don't keep a local copy of messages". This will save the College from processing, storing, and backing up your mail unnecessarily

Is there a way to "Send Again" in Swatmail?

Yes. Right click (Mac users control click) and choose Edit as New.

How do I logout of Swatmail?

Click the down arrow in the upper right corner next to the Help link and click "Sign Out"

Using Other Email Clients

Alternatively, ITS supports a variety of email clients (Thunderbird, AppleMail, etc.) for reading and sending email.

Configuration steps vary by client, please contact the helpdesk for assistance. Follow the software instructions, and use the IMAP protocol. You will need the following information:


IMAP server:

SMTP server:

Turn on SSL for Incoming mail, Default Port 993
For Outgoing, choose SSL/TLS, default port 465(Thunderbird), SSL and use Custom Port 465(AppleMail).

Email Directory Service

Most email clients (for example, Thunderbird and Apple Mail) can be configured to look up email addresses as you type in a person's name. This service looks up a name in the College's email address directory if it doesn't find the name in your personal directory. Likewise, you can type in a faculty/staff/student email ID and see the name of the person associated with that ID. To set up your email client, follow these instructions.