Free Round Trip Home

Swarthmore College provides one free round trip home for students with F-1 visas who receive financial aid.

Please complete the Round Trip Travel Voucher form before you purchase tickets.

Students are advised to be mindful of the following guidelines when applying: 

Eligibility Guidelines:

  • The trip is available after the third or fifth semester.
  • The trip must be from Philadelphia to the "gateway city" nearest the parents' home. 
  • The form must be completed before your travels. 

Travel Arrangement Guidelines & Restrictions: 

  • Park Avenue Travel will make the travel arrangements.  The request must be submitted to them in time to get the lowest fare. (An occasional exception may be made--e.g., request comes in too late for lowest fare and student is willing to pay the increased cost.) 
  • Park Avenue Travel will collect student share (if any) of costs and send invoice to College for payment. (If they have any questions they will call the International Students Office.) 
  • Please try to get a few prices on line to make sure you are getting a competitive rate.
  • Ticket purchase may not be used retroactively. 
  • Students are responsible for any land transportation or additional fees, such as re-ticketing, baggage, and other changes in travel plans after ticket is purchased.

Double check your final exam schedule. Additionally, please make sure that you book your flight on a date before the residence halls close for the semester, you may not stay in the residence halls after the resident hall are closed.

Transit Visas/ Direct Airside Transit visa (DATV)

You may need a Direct Airside Transit visa (DATV) if you’ll be changing flights without going through immigration control. If you are planning to transit through certain countries, make sure to check if you are required to obtain an "airport transit visa" in advance based on your country of citizenship.  It is crucial to check the relevant web site of the embassy for each country that you are traveling through before you depart the United States.

This is your responsibility to research this concern in advance. This type of visa requires a processing fee and may take weeks to process. Travel agencies and Swarthmore College are not responsible for transit visas.