Resources and activities include faculty-student dialogues, lectures, concerts, films, poetry slams and dialogue groups that explore issues of race, class gender, sexuality, globalization, inter-ethnic relations and cultural identity, with a particular emphasis on social justice education and leadership development. Supplementary reading material and videos on these and other topics are available in the Cobo Resource Library in the IC.

IC programming supports the exploration of diverse heritages, political perspectives and social and cultural experiences by offering a wide range of co-curricular activities and programs throughout the academic year. These include:

  • The Annual Forum on Social Justice and Activism
  • The IC Speaker Series on Race, Class, Gender and Sexuality, (co-sponsored by the Black Studies Program in 2006-2007)
  • Asian/Pacific Islander American (APIA) Heritage Month
  • Latino/a Heritage Month
  • Diya Week
  • Coming Out Week 
  • Class Awareness Month 
  • The Sager Symposium on LGBTQ History, Politics and Culture
  • The Jerry Wood Memorial Lecture, in collaboration with the Black Cultural Center
  • Special events such as the September 30, 2006 performance of "Hip Hop Theater: An Evening with Danny Hoch", funded by the William J. Cooper Foundation.