IC Groups 2017 - 2018

Student Group Leaders
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Patrick Houston Achieving Black and Latino Leaders of Excellence (ABLLE) phousto1@swarthmore.edu
Gilbert Guerra

Achieving Black and Latino Leaders of Excellence (ABLLE)

Abdul Kemal

Achieving Black and Latino Leaders of Excellence (ABLLE)


Atousa Nourmahnad Arab and Middle Eastern Students Association (AMENA) anourma1@swarthmore.edu
Celine Anderson Arab and Middle Eastern Students Association (AMENA) canders3@swarthmore.edu
George Abraham Arab and Middle Eastern Students Association (AMENA) gabraha1@swarthmore.edu
Nathalie Baer-Chan Anti-Racism Coalition of Swarthmore (ARCS) nbaerch1@swarthmore.edu
Saskia Bock Anti-Racism Coalition of Swarthmore (ARCS) sbock1@swarthmore.edu
Sarah Caitlin Dobbs Anti-Racism Coalition of Swarthmore (ARCS) sdobbs1@swarthmore.edu
Kyle Richmond-Crosset Anti-Racism Coalition of Swarthmore (ARCS) krichmo1@swarthmore.edu
J. Smack Queer Students of Color (COLORS) jsmack1@swarthmore.edu
Byron Biney Queer Students of Color (COLORS) bbiney1@swarthmore.edu
Romeo Leuvano Queer Students of Color (COLORS) rleuvan1@swarthmore.edu
Siddharth Srivatsan South Asian Students Organization (DESHI) ssrivat1@swarthmore.edu
Malini Kohli South Asian Students Organization (DESHI) mkohli1@swarthmore.edu
Yash Kewalramani South Asian Students Organization (DESHI) ykewalr1@swarthmore.edu
Gursimran Pannu South Asian Students Organization (DESHI) gpannu1@swarthmore.edu
Pavan Kalidindi South Asian Students Organization (DESHI) pkalidi1@swarthmore.edu
Diana Martinez LatinX Students Organization (ENLACE) dmartin4@swarthmore.edu
Ricardo Espino LatinX Students Organization (ENLACE) respino1@swarthmore.edu
Mirayda Martinez LatinX Students Organization (ENLACE) mmartin1@swarthmore.edu
Alejandra Sandoval LatinX Students Organization (ENLACE) asandov1@swarthmore.edu
Stephanie Andrade LatinX Students Organization (ENLACE) sandrad1@swarthmore.edu
Roberto Jimenez Vargas LatinX Students Organization (ENLACE) rjimene1@swarthmore.edu
Mishel Figueroa LatinX Students Organization (ENLACE) mfiguer1@swarthmore.edu
Jesus Hernández LatinX Students Organization (ENLACE) jhernan3@swarthmore.edu
Hunter (Hyong Hark) Korean Student Organization (HAN)  hlee6@swarthmore.edu
Cindy (So Jeong) Lim Korean Student Organization (HAN)  slim1@swarthmore.edu
Aaron Kang Korean Student Organization (HAN)  akang2@swarthmore.edu
Lauren (Hee Won) Chung Korean Student Organization (HAN)  hchung1@swarthmore.edu
Adam Agustin Korean Student Organization (HAN)  aagusti1@swarthmore.edu
Nicole Banales Korean Student Organization (HAN)  nbanale1@swarthmore.edu
Chris (Dong Shin) You Korean Student Organization (HAN)  dyou1@swarthmore.edu
Christine Lee Korean Student Organization (HAN)  clee3@swarthmore.edu
Elise Kim Korean Student Organization (HAN)  ekim4@swarthmore.edu
Charlotte Iwasaki Multiracial Students with Asian Ancestry (HAPA) ciwasak1@swarthmore.edu
Gina Goosby Multiracial Students with Asian Ancestry (HAPA) ggoosby1@swarthmore.edu
Dominic Sonkowsky Multiracial Students with Asian Ancestry (HAPA) dsonkow1@swarthmore.edu
Nerissa Nashin International Students Organization (i20) nnashin1@swarthmore.edu
Yichuan Yan International Students Organization (i20) yyan1@swarthmore.edu
Ayaka Yorihiro Japanese Cultural Appreciation Club (Kizuna)  ayorihi1@swarthmore.edu
Liam Packer Japanese Cultural Appreciation Club (Kizuna)  lpacker1@swarthmore.edu
Han Huang (Bill) Japanese Cultural Appreciation Club (Kizuna) hhuang2@swarthmore.edu
Dakota Gibbs MULTI (for students of multicultural identities) dgibbs1@swarthmore.edu
Clarissa Phillips MULTI (for students of multicultural identities)  cphilli1@swarthmore.edu
Jessica Hernandez MULTI (for students of multicultural identities) jhernan3@swarthmore.edu
Veronica Douglin MULTI (for students of multicultural identities) vdougli1@swarthmore.edu
Yasmeen Namazie MULTI (for students of multicultural identities) ynamazi1@swarthmore.edu
Meghan Kelly MULTI (for students of multicultural identities) mkelly2@swarthmore.edu
Yousaf Razvi Muslim Student Association (MSA) yrazvi1@swarthmore.edu
Asma Noray Muslim Student Association (MSA) anoray1@swarthmore.edu
Ramish Azadzoi Muslim Student Association (MSA) razadzo1@swarthmore.edu
Zain Talukdar Muslim Student Association (MSA) ztalukd1@swarthmore.edu
Mohammad Boozarjomehri  Muslim Student Association (MSA) mboozar1@swarthmore.edu
Hanan Ahmed Muslim Student Association (MSA) hahmed1@swarthmore.edu
Mohammed Bappe Muslim Student Association (MSA) mbappe1@swarthmore.edu
Nader Helmy Muslim Student Association (MSA) nhelmy1@swarthmore.edu
Alliyah Lusuegro Quest Scholars alusueg1@swarthmore.edu
Linda Lin Quest Scholars llin1@swarthmore.edu
Hriju Adhikari Quest Scholars hriju1@swarthmore.edu
Zena Ebrahim Quest Scholars zebrahi1@swarthmore.edu
Nancy Awad Quest Scholars nawad1@swarthmore.edu
Natalie LaScala Quest Scholars nlascal1@swarthmore.edu
Reham Mahgoub Quest Scholars rmahgou1@swarthmore.edu
Josie Hung Swarthmore Asian Organization (SAO)


Shuang Guan Swarthmore Asian Organization (SAO) sguan1@swarthmore.edu
Seimi Park Swarthmore Asian Organization (SAO) spark7@swarthmore.edu
Michelle Ma Swarthmore Asian Organization (SAO) mma1@swarthmore.edu
Grace Zhang Swarthmore Asian Organization (SAO) gzhang1@swarthmore.edu
Alex Jin Swarthmore Asian Organization (SAO) ajin2@swarthmore.edu
Chris Youn Swarthmore Asian Organization (SAO) cyoun1@swarthmore.edu
Yin Xiao Swarthmore Asian Organization (SAO) yxiao1@swarthmore.edu
Sophie Song Swarthmore Chinese Society (SCS) ssong1@swarthmore.edu
 Leren Gao Swarthmore Chinese Society (SCS) lgao1@swarthmore.edu
Candy Yin Swarthmore Chinese Society (SCS) cyan1@swarthmore.edu
Haochen Wang Swarthmore Chinese Society (SCS) hwang12@swarthmore.edu
Diep Nguyen Southeast Asian Student Association (SEASA) dnguyen4@swarthmore.edu
Nhu Vu Southeast Asian Student Association (SEASA) nvu1@swarthmore.edu
Minhn Nguyen Southeast Asian Student Association (SEASA) mnguyen1@swarthmore.edu
David Chan Southeast Asian Student Association (SEASA) dchan1@swarthmore.edu
Davis Logan Swarthmore Indigenous Student Association (SISA) dlogan1@swarthmore.edu
Julia Wakeford Swarthmore Indigenous Student Association (SISA) jwakefo1@swarthmore.edu

Valeria O. (Ochoa)

Swarthmore Organization for Low Income Students (SOLIS) vochoa1@swarthmore.edu
Guillermo Barreto Corona  Swarthmore Organization for Low Income Students (SOLIS) gbarret1@swarthmore.edu
Gretchen Trupp Swarthmore Queer Union (SQU) gtrupp1@swarthmore.edu
Maya Henry Swarthmore Queer Union (SQU) mhenry1@swarthmore.edu
Shayne Rothman Swarthmore Queer Union (SQU) srothma1@swarthmore.edu
Elizabeth Flores Underrepresented Students in STEM (US in STEM) eflores1@swarthmore.edu
Jesus Hernandez Underrepresented Students in STEM (US in STEM) jhernan3@swarthmore.edu
Byron Biney Underrepresented Students in STEM (US in STEM) bbiney1@swarthmore.edu
Joelle Bueno Women of Color Kick Ass (WOCKA) jbueno1@swarthmore.edu
Samira Saunders Women of Color Kick Ass (WOCKA) ssaunde2@swarthmore.edu
Niyah Dantzler Women of Color Kick Ass (WOCKA) nmorgan3@swarthmore.edu
Soumba Traore Women of Color Kick Ass (WOCKA) straore1@swarthmore.edu
Amal Sagal Women of Color Kick Ass (WOCKA) asagal1@swarthmore.edu
Celine Anderson Women of Color Kick Ass (WOCKA) canders3@swarthmore.edu
Veronica Douglin Women of Color Kick Ass (WOCKA) vdougli1@swarthmore.edu
Jasmine Rashid Women of Color Kick Ass (WOCKA) jrashid1@swarthmore.edu