Swat Survey

SwatSurvey is Swarthmore's online survey system. Based on the open source LimeSurvey project, SwatSurvey lets faculty and staff create and administer surveys.

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About SwatSurvey

SwatSurvey is a Swarthmore-hosted survey system that can be used to administer surveys. It is a powerful and flexible program and it is possible to create surveys that contain logic, require custom behavior, and let survey administrators control access to surveys.

SwatSurvey has been used for faculty and student research, informal polls, online voting for committees, and course evaluations.


For very simple surveys (10 questions or less, less than 100 respondants, and no conditional logic), SurveyMonkey is an quick, easy way to get started. SurveyMonkey is a company that hosts surveys. You can get a free account that lets you create simple surveys.

For simple surveys that you will administer to an academic class, the built-in survey tools in Moodle and Blackboard are useful because they are set up to limit access to people enrolled in the class.

You can also visit the Survey Tools page on Swarthmore's Institutional Research department for more information.

Access and Accounts

Contact ITS to set up an account (help@swarthmore.edu, x4357)

For existing users, the SwatSurvey login page is survey.swarthmore.edu/admin


LimeSurvey is the program the runs SwatSurvey. There is extensive documentation available online at docs.limesurvey.org.

For additional questions, please contact the Help Desk or one of the Academic Technologists.

Other Information

If you are thinking of administering a survey to Swarthmore students, you should visit the Insitutional Research page on upcoming surveys.

If you are conducting reasearch using human subjects, you will want to be aware of the Institutional Review Board and its policies.