Survey Support

ITS maintains a site license for Qualtrics, a full featured on-line survey tool. Qualtrics is supported by most of the top colleges and universities in the country. It offers a simple, easy to understand interface, along with the power and flexibility of the best online survey tools.

To get started, simply browse to Log in with your campus network username and password. You'll be able to create new surveys and explore the system, but you'll need to check in with us before you distribute your surveys. Please let Academic Technologists Doug Willen or Andrew Ruether know when you're ready to use College survey templates and distribute your surveys. Students will need faculty approval to distribute surveys, but can also draft surveys on their own.

Resources from Qualtrics to help you learn are available:

  • The Five-Step Program will teach you all you need to know to get started. It includes recorded trainings and survey building activities that can be completed in less than 3 hours.
  • Qualtrics University Online has over 100 articles with videos, step-by-step guides and tips ready to answer any question you can think of.
  • Experts have also written a few Free eBooks that are available for download. Be sure to check them out as they cover everything about Qualtrics and provide an introduction to Market Research concepts.

Another great resource is the College's Institutional Research team. Please consult with Institutional Research before you begin any work that might overlap or duplicate existing surveys of the campus population.  In particular, you might want to check out their survey resources page, which contains information and links to best practices, frequently asked questions, alternatives to surveys, the institutional review board, discussion of privacy concerns, survey research tools, sample surveys, and other information. The page also has a link to register your own survey with IR.

For more information about online survey tools, contact Academic Technologists Doug Willen or Andrew Ruether .